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date41 October 2014 (1), 2017-05-24 (1), 21 November 2020 (1), 29 June 2012 (1),
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delivery50no (9), yes (40), yes 861499944 (1),
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demolished:highway1service (1),
denomination266apostolic (1), muslim (7), orthodox (8), russian_orthodox (23), shia (12), sufi (1), sunni (214),
denotation5alley (2), natural_monument (1), street (1), urban (1),
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depot4bus (2), fuel (1), railway (1),
depth:m11999 (1),
description263#90 средняя школа #90 90-njy orta mekdep (1), (the village of the Ural Cossacks, Old Believers) (1), (ПГГЭ) Приаральская Гидро Геологическая Экспедиция (2), 0-10-0 steam locomotive built in Kuybyshev (Samara), USSR, in 1938, on static display as a museum piece (1), 10-meter high cross, painted white with black edging, erected in 1913 in honor of the 300th year of the Romanov dynasty, one of four in the Russian Empire (N, E, W, and S). This is the only surviving cross of the four. (1), 15th floor of Hotel Ashgabat, panoramic view of city (1), 18 meters tall, depicts a blossom inside of which are an ink well and giant quill pen, symbols of poetic inspiration (Neytral'nyy Turkmenistan, 30 March 2017, page 2) (1), 19th-century architectural monument, protected by the government. (1), 20 meters tall, symbolic tongues of flame, 30 meters in diameter. Source: Neytral'nyy Turkmenistan, 30 March 2017, page 2 (1), 3800-meter by 60-meter runway (1), 3rd floor 3й этаж 3-nji gat (1), 5 microdistrict, 3 group, bldg #7 (1), 68 four-story apartment buildings, total of 2,540 apartments. Construction completed July 2017. New phase to south begun 2019. (1), 8, 9, 42, 55, 57, 58 (1), A satellite orbits Earth with the sine waves of its orbital path (1), A small green park with various attractions for children and a handful of restaurants. (1), Adobe fortress of Basmachi leader Juneyt Han. Mud brick construction. (1), Ahal welaýatynyň, Ak bugdaý etrabynyň 27-nji orta mekdebi (1), Akfa cex (1), Ali is specializes on plastic/wood frames and he has a little workshop at his house. He workshop/house in Hitrovka area. (1), Archway to welcome visitors to Serhetabat arriving at the north end of the town. (1), Automobile bridge on 17 piers across the Amu Darya, designed for maximum speed of 100 kph. Structure includes sidewalks on each side of the bridge. (1), B-29 in Berkarar Mall, first (ground) floor, gym and fitness equipment and clothing (1), Badghis Province (1), Banquet hall (events venue) in former Parahat Cinema. (1), Basic shashlyk and kebap restaurant. (1), Baş Saka oba turn right (1), Bosch and Siemens home and kitchen appliances Бытовая техника марок Bosch и Siemens (1), Burial site of winged horse. (1), Bus from Nukus to Muynak at 9:00, 12:00 and 3pm. Come early to get a good seat. In reverse bus are starting from Muynak at 8:50 and 3pm. In both way the bus is passing by Kungrad. (1), Cemetery of earthquake victims (1), Construction of 14.4 KM of Gravel Road and Drainage Structures, Qala-e-Naw to tor-i-Shaikh, RRD/ WB/ NERAP/ WEST/ BDS/ 007, Constructed/ Rehabilitated by NRAP/MRRD (1), Construction of 30 Km Gravel Road,Two 20m Long RCC Bridge and Drainage structures from Sangi Atash to Mami Village, RRD/ TF/ NERAP/ WEST/ BDS/ 001, Constructed/ Rehabilitated by NRAP/MRRD (1), Convenience shop operated by Halk Market ion ground floor ofthe Gulistan (Russian) Bazaar, Azady kocesi side. Same selection as supermarkets but smalller quantities. (1), Customs Service Head Office of Ashgabat 744205, Turkmenistan, Ahal Province, Ak Bugday Province, 3000 m north of the Karakum river, to the east of Annau-Dashoguz beltway Tel.: 57-49-00, Fax: 57-49-85 (1), Dealer in Johh Deere and Belarus tractors and other farm implements, both sales and service (1), Decorative sign marking the city limit of Aşgabat (1), Discover original Turkmen paintings & artwork. (1), E 40 Calais - Ridder (1), EOGPC (2), Espresso bar with menu of burgers, pizzas, Turkish pide. Breakfast is served. Located in the Joşgun building in the park bounded by Nowayy, Mati Kosayew, Berdi Kerbabayew, and Azady. Staff speak English. (1), Failed natural gas mining operation now has been burning since 1971. (1), Faryab Province (1), First LEED Gold building in Turkmenistan. Completed in 2011. (1), First passport border control check (1), Fish farm (1), Fish place where you can choose your own fish and ask them to grill or fry for you. Also, they do delivery. (1), Flows 1100 km from the mountains of central Afghanistan to Turkmenistan, where it disappears in the Kara-Kum desert. Rud means "river" in Persian. (5), Former Balkanabat passenger station, now used as a switching control center for the Balkanabat rail yard. Ground truth 17 Feb 2019. (1), Former hunting lodge of Turkmenistan's first president, Saparmyrat Niyazov. Current status unknown. (1), Former state-owned paper mill privatized in 2014 and repurposed as an aluminum smelter (1), Former village annexed by Madaw after independence. (1), Foundation was poured for two buildings, but was then jackhammered up and covered with dirt. Future plans are unknown. (1), Four primitive outhouses. Bring your own paper and moist towelettes. (1), Gilded horseman atop a marble-faced boulder, dove of peace on right hand, resting on a plinth in the form of the eight-pointed star of Oguzhan. Total height 21 meters, statue height 6.2 meters. Sculptor: Saragt Babayew. (1), Gilded statue of seated Saparmurat Niyazov (modern Turkmen spelling Saparmyrat Nyýazow) (1), Hardware & Software Company. Official Distributor of "EIZO" monitors in Turkmenistan. Software (iOS, Android, Web, Windows) development. Equipment procurement. Wholesale computer hardware procurement. Technology consultancy. (1), Has had asphalt, gone in most places. (1), Herat Province (1), I you need diesel or petrol, you have to ask for it. (1), In disrepair. Next to an abandoned Train Station along still used rail line. Names are faded and illegible. Several kilometers from the nearest village. This is very near the location where the 26 Baku Commissars were executed on 22 September 1918. (1), Independent city until annexed by Ashgabat circa 2010. Now considered a neighborhood of Ashgabat and subordinate to the Büzmeýin etrap mayor's office. (1), Inside Çandybil Shopping Center, ground floor, near the Belarusian store (1), Instagram: @nuranafitness OK: nuranafitness VK: nuranafitness . BIZ barada: "Nurana" holding . Size biziň Restoranymyza hem-de Markedimize gelip görmegiňizi uly sabyrsyzlyk bilen garaşýar. Mebel we Mahabat Hyzmatymyz hem Siziň hyzmatyňyzda. (5), It is a public organization whose main goal is to provide social support to people with disabilities, orphans and other socially vulnerable segments of the population. (2), It is located in Russian Bazaar, opposite side of Watan and it is easier to come from Gorogly street. You should enter from "Sergi-выстовка" sign (1), It is two floor the cultural business center like cultural palace. In the center there is a variety of Amateur groups, clubs, ensembles of folk dances. (1), It is two floored building with many stores and back side of the building is service and maintenance for vehicles (1), Jowzjan Province (1), Khiva city wastewater (sewage) treatment plant (1), Longest track of dinosaur footprints in the world, left in cooling lava several tens of millions of years ago. Plateau is on a roughly 30-percent slope. No technical work required, just ability to walk up a steep hill about one kilometer. (1), Longest track of dinosaur footprints in the world. (1), MAGNUM GAME CLUB Геймерская атмосфера⚠️ Fast food 🍔 Работаем 24/7⏰ Бронируйте: 91 387 88 87🔒 (1), Man made cave system in the side of the mountain. (1), Mary is Turkmenistan's fourth-largest city, and a large industrial centre, for the natural gas and cotton industries. (1), Mausoleum (1), Meat place "Мясье" where you can buy pork meat, beef or chicken. (1), Memorial marker commemorating legendary rescue of forty maidens ("kyrk gyz" in Turkmen), who according to legend hid in this cave to avoid being raped and murdered by bandits. Inscription in the modern Turkmen alphabet would be "Kyrk Gyz" öwülýäsi (1), MiG-15 jet fighter mounted on a pedestal (1), Mine and processing plant for potash (Potassium Chloride) fertilizer, owned by Turkmenhimiya and built by Belarusian OAO Belgorkhimprom. (1), Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry facility, but not a hospital or clinic. (1), Monument built in 1979 by Bulgaria in honor of Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship. Signs in Russian say: "ПОСТРОИЛИ В 1979 Г." (Constructed in 1979) and "ПУСТЬВЕННО ТЕЧЕТ ЭТОТ ИСТОЧНИКИ ПУСТЬ НИКОГДА НЕ УССОХНУТ КОРНИ БОЛКАГО-СОВЕТСКОЙ ДРУЖБЫ" (1), Monument of architecture built 1888 by order of Russian Emperor Alexander III, currently used as administrative office of the Bayram Aly Sanatorium. Known as Kyrk Işik (Forty Doors) as its design originally included 40 interior and exterior doorways. (1), Mosque consists of three separate rectangular roofed areas (1), N37deg40min, E65deg30min (1), Natural gorge associated with a legend about 40 maidens (kyrk gyz in Turkmen) who disappeared here. A memorial to them is at the end of the gorge. (1), New covered parking lot dedicated 9 Sep 2016 as park-and-ride facility to reduce vehicle congestion in the Awaza resort zone. (1), New/widened street improved as part of Ashgabat urban renewal. Opened week of 1 May 2017. (1), Non-resident diplomatic mission. Diplomatic staff are resident in Teheran. Listed by Turkmen Ministry of Foreign Affairs as consular and commercial section of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. (1), Nukus ko'chasi (1), Official newspaper "Neytral'nyy Turkmenistan" reported 14 July 2016: total area of cargo terminal is 17,174 square meters, annual capacity is 200,000 metric tons of freight. Terminal includes two refrigerated units and a postal distribution center. (1), Oldest bridge in Dashoguz, dating to the 1870s. (1), Paxta punkti (1), Pedestrian Underpass (1), Plastic Recycling (1), Police officer blocks access to this section of Galkynyş köçesi (1), Police officer blocks this section of Galkynyş köçesi (1), Police officers guard the entrance to this street and bar unauthorized traffic (1), Police officers guard this street and bar unauthorized traffic (1), Possible Sluice Gate (1), Possibly crashed and came to rest at location. Fuselage and engine (1), Possibly crashed and came to rest at location. Horizontal and vertical stabilizer. (1), Possibly crashed and came to rest at location. Wing and tail section (1), Radar Speed Camera 60 kph (1), Radar speed camera 60 kph (6), Radar speed camera 60km/ h (1), Reahabilitation center for spine and skeletal problems. (1), Rehabilitation of 15.03 km road From Chobil Tepa to Qumandani,RRD/ WB/ NEEP1/ NTH/ JWN/ 002,Constructed-Rehabilitated by NRAP-MRRD (1), Rehabilitation of 23.07 km road From Qarqin to Andkhoy,RRD/ WB/ NEEPRA/ NTH/ JWN/ 006,Constructed-Rehabilitated by NRAP-MRRD (3), Residential development sponsored by the City of Ashgabat and which constitutes a jurisdiction of the Bagtyyarlyk Borough (häkimlik) of the Ashgabat municipality. (1), Restaurant/patisserie/coffee shop on 2nd floor of Berkarar Mall Ресторан/кондитерская/кофейня на 2м этаже ТЦ "Беркарар" (1), Ruins of a 19th-century medresse. Mud-brick construction. (1), Ruins of a 9-th-10th century city that includes a Sufi mosque and medressa. (1), Russian-style banya with sauna, hairdresser, manicure, pedicure, massage (1), Sales, service and repair of personal computers, peripherals, and accessories. Owner speaks English. (1), Salzsee / Badesee (1), Samandepe and Hojambaz straight ahead, turn left for national border (döwlet serhedi) (1), Samara - Uralsk - Atyrau - Beineu - Shetpe - Zhetybai - Fetisovo - Bekdash - Turkmenbashi - Gyzylarbat - Border of Iran (1), Samara – Kurlin – Pogodaevo – Ural’sk – Atyrau – Beyneu – Oazis – Nukus – Bukhara – Guza (1), Sanatorium utilizing local salt lake for therapy. (1), Second floor of the Turkmenistan Univermag, east side, enter from the central courtyard. (1), Several private construction firms store equipment and materials here. (1), Shop number 93 in the trading stall on the south side of Teke Bazaar. Also carries some art and office supplies. (1), Sign indicates Serdar etrap (district) is straight ahead and Etrek etrap (district) is to the left. (1), Site of ceremony marking start of Afghanistan phase of construction of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline on 23 February 2018 (1), Site of the Gokdepe Massacre of 1881. (1), Small shop selling fishing gear, some hunting supplies, aquariums, bird cages, and pet fish. (1), Spherical construction of six columns in the shape of the moon, symbolizing the six sons of Oguz Han. (1), Static Display of MiG-15/17 in the vicinity of pieces of a crashed MiG-15/17. Located on a raised earthen mound, easy visible from the road. (1), Static Display of MiG-15/17 in the vicinity of pieces of a crashed MiG-15/17. Located on a raised earthen mound, easy visible from the road. Three pieces of a aircraft are also in the area. (1), Statue of a mother holding her child, a reminder of the mothers who protected their children during the October 1948 Ashgabat earthquake. (1), Statue of idealized Soviet soldier commemorating World War II. (1), Steak house. Beer available. (1), Stone sculpture placed over graves of Japanese POWs who died before being repatriated. Three plates in Japanese and Russian. No individual graves. (1), Temporary train stop built to handle special trains for the TAPI ceremony held February 23, 2018. Stop has no name and consists of a parking lot and high curb to allow passengers to disembark from the railcars. (1), Testing laboratories of the MInistry of Health. (1), The building has been designed primarily as an Indoor Athletics Arena. However, there are other sports and activities which can be housed in this building comprising Ten Pin Bowling, Chess and E Games. (1), This is a private art gallery/studio of Turkmen artist Allamyrat Muhammedov (1), This is the Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline (1), This monument, a monastic complex and pilgrimage site founded in the 11th Century, is one of the great religious and architectural monuments from Central Asia’s medieval history. (1), Top floor of Bagtyyarlyk Shopping Center (2), Total height 27 meters. Race horse head, crescent, and five stars form the upper part of the monument, representing the Fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. (1), Total height 36 meters. Five columns decorated with eight-pointed star of Oguzhan. Side view reveals a crescent; seen from above it represents a star. The ensemble resembles a space rocket, and represents technical progress. (1), Total height 36 meters. Columns merge to form blossoming flowers, which symbolize the blossoming of Turkmen science. Atop this are globes representing a molecule. (1), Total height 36 meters. Ensemble of columns represents the hearths of the 24 grandsons of Oguzhan, Two-meter wheat spikes represent white wheat. (1), Total height 47 meters. Columns are encircled by rosettes of the five major Turkmen tribes, symbolizing unity. Doves of peace represent the peaceful foreign policy. (1), Trains nurses and paramedics, but not physicians. (1), Travel agency that also offers chauffered cars for hire. Guide services in English, Russian and Turkmen. (1), Turkmen Gas and Oil Construction Company office in Balkanabat. (1), Turkmen border crossing. Visited February 23, 2016. This side of the border is called Garabogaz. (1), Turkmenisches Restaurant mit englisch sprechenden Koch (1), Two-year vocational secondary school of tourism. (1), Türkmenbaşy bank branch in northeast corner of Candybil market. ATM (1), USD (1), Underground Lake (1), Unterkunft im Café (1), Very broken surface - Aug 2015. (1), Visited on February 23, 2016. Called Temir Baba in Kazakh. (1), Wabrum является лидирующей онлайн платформой Туркменистана по продаже одежды, обуви и аксессуаров. Мы обеспечиваем наших клиентов широким выбором товаров и доставкой до двери во всех пяти велаятах страны. (1), Warehouses (1), Water filled (1), ZYÝARATYŇYZ KABUL BOLSUN! ADAMLAR! GAYRAT EDIŇ ÜLKÄMIZI ÖSDÜRMEKDE ELIMIZIŇ BARYNY EDELIŇ! Lysh. (1), a platform in the shade of some big trees, close to a streem with clear water. (1), allergy and vaccination center, including influenza, hepatitis A and B, MMR, DTP, Gardasil, payment is required (1), apparently part of the "Five Star" (Bäş Ýyldyz) organization. Small supermarket. (1), artificial island created as part of contract to construct the new Turkmenbashy International Seaport, intended for use as a habitat for migratory birds. Island is in the Guinness Book of World Records as largest artificial island below sea level. (1), banquet hall for ritual islamic banquets (sadaqah) (1), banquet hall of the Ak Altyn Hotel (1), border crossing (1), building with an interior courtyard (1), bust on a pedestal (1), coin-operated pay phone (1), complex is described in Turkmen here: (1), contemporary model town (1), electronic advertising signboard (1), english speaking and open for breakfast before 9am (1), former Gas Station 40, which has been demolished for residential construction; do not redraw this gas station based on obsolete imagery! (1), former dacha community being redeveloped as a neighborhood of metropolitan Ashgabat (1), former residential area of single-family dwellings, demolished in Spring 2017 (1), former village, (aul) annexed by City of Ashgabat (1), gravesite monument of Academician Boris Leonidovich Smirnov, neurologist and translator of the Mahabharata. (1), ground station for communication with the Älem 52E satellite (1), headstone of the grave of Turkmen composer Nury Halmammedow, consisting of a sculptural portrait head on a pink granite pillar, under a pink granite archway. (1), height and width barrier which restricts traffic to passenger vehicle size; large vehicles cannot get through. (1), height barrier to enforce ban on truck traffic (1), indoor Ferris wheel (1), inside Türkmenistan Söwda Merkezi (Универмаг), ground floor (1), k (1), language school (1), located behind Practice Field 3 at Ashgabat Stadium. Steakhouse plus retail sale of raw steaks for grilling at home. No alcohol or pork. (1), located in Berkarar Business Center, Office M-2, 13th Floor (1), near Town Atayap (1), no sign outside(sept 2017) (1), obelisk bearing a bas relief image of Saparmyrat Türkmenbaşy (1), office which issues residence permits (propiska) (1), official vehicles only (1), open-air bazaar for automobiles (1), plaque affixed to external wall of Clinic No. 9. English translation of text: Street is named in memory of Halmyradow Juma brigade commander notable government and political activist 1901-1938 (1), pontoon bridge, 2-manat bridge toll (1), primitive outhouse (1), private clinic offering outpatient services including diagnostics and laboratory analyses (1), pub with banquet hall and outdoor seating (1), rack rates: double room 52 manat local, 104 manat foreigner; single room 32 manat local, 64 manat foreigner; luxe 104 manat local, 208 manat foreigner (1), reopened on 9 May 2017 under new management. Renamed Bagtyyarlyk Market early in 2018. (1), residence camp for gas field workers (1), restaurant and coffee shop on 2nd floor of Berkarar Mall / ресторан и кофейня на 2м этаже ТЦ "Беркарар" (1), road construction (2), salt-pond (1), shopping center with multiple small retail outlets (1), small food court on 3rd floor of Children's World shopping mall (1), steel smelter operating on scrap metal (1), surface gravel quarry (1), three steel columns reaching upwards in the shape of flames, representing a communal hearth, prosperity and sufficiency, evincing the Turkmen people's deep respect for "dastarhan", the tablecloth of abundance (1), training field 3 (1), training field 4 (1), turn point (1), turn point of modified midlineAserbaijan-Kazakhstan on seabed (1), view of Kiyanly Petrochemical Plant (1), wedding palace (1), wedding pavilion (1), Автоматизированные газораспределительные станции (1), Аэродром ГУЛаг и "Средазгипрострой" ведших строительство Главного Туркменского канала. Позднее на нем совершали посадки самолеты АН-2 обеспечивавшие работу геологических экспедиций. (1), Выдача готовых документов 9:00-13:00; прием документов 14:00-16:00 (1), Городище Амуль-Чарджуй - представляет собой развалины крепости правителя Амуля, датирующиеся 10-11 веками. Находится совсем недалеко от въезда в Туркменабад – всего в 10 километрах. В 10 веке городище представляло собой обширную квадратную глинобитную кре (1), Интернет-магазин автозапчастей в Туркменистане (1), Материал: металлический (1), Нукусское Монтажное Управление «Спец Электра Монтаж» ОАО № 93-Махсус трест (1), ООО "НУКУС АВТОКОЛОННА ТРАНС" (1), Образовательно-Консультационный Центр (ЕАС) является источником открытой и бесплатной информации о возможностях получения образования в США и располагает информацией о стандартизированных тестах: (1), Объект разместится на площади в 6,9 гектара, будет состоять из 9 этажей, в нем предусмотрено наличие 90 номеров, а также торгового центра, ресторана и залов, предназначенных для проведения свадебных торжеств и других мероприятий, рабочие кабинеты. (1), Талимарджанский_участок/Юго-заподный_КИП (1), Торговый центр (1), Фото на документы (1), автомойка-шиномонтаж (1), военное общeж (1), главная дорога (2), заброшенные остатки строительства моста (1), парикмахерские, спа салон, массажные (1), поворот на право (1), поворот направо (1), آموزشگاه آزاد فني و حرفه اي ارتباط (افشين) (1), سهند رايانه (افشين) - نمايندگي صبانت درگز (1),
description:en4Northern section: Najm-ad-Din al-Kubra Mausoleum complex (1), Southern section comprising the minaret and most of the monuments (1), Turkmen restaurant with English speaking cook (1), Western section: comprising the Ibn Khajib mausoleum and medressa (1),
description:fr4E 003 Uchkuduk - Gaudan (1), E 121 Samara - Frontière iranienne (1), E 40 Calais - Ridder (1), E 60 Brest - Irkeshtam (1),
description:ru1подземное озеро (1),
desert3salt (1), semi_arid (1), yes (1),
design1896asymmetric (1341), barrel (311), delta (2), flag (2), guyed_h-frame (131), h-frame (54), portal (13), three-level (38), y-frame (4),
designation1335/6 rV (1), 500 rV Open Switch Yard (1), Border Fence (7), Main Transformer 24/220kV (1), PYGG (2), Turkmenistanyn Milli Muzey (1),
destination94Abadan;Gökdepe;Türkmenbaşy (1), Aeroport;Airport (1), Airport Traffic Circle (2), Altyn Asyr Gundogar basary (1), Aral Sea (1), Arcabil (4), Arçabil;Saglyk ýoly;Türkmenbaşy (1), Arçabil;Türkmenbaşy (1), Asgabat Arcadil (1), Asgabat;Mary (19), Atamyrat Nyyazow North (2), Atamyrat Nyýazow (2038) şaýoly (2), Aşgabat (1), Aşgabat;Mary;Daşoguz (2), Bajgyran (4), Balkanabat;Dashoguz;Mary;Turkmenabat;Turkmenbashy (1), Bekrewe (3), Beýik Saparmyrat Türkmenbaşy (1966) şaýoly (3), Bitarap (3), Choganly;Çoganly (1), Dasoguz (2), Daşoguz (1), Gurbansoltan eje şaýoly (1), Gökdepe Levee (1), Gül Zaman Restaurant (1), Iran (1), Kuliyew (2127) East (1), Kuliyew (2127) West (2), Kuliyew (2127) kocesi (4), Kulyýew (2127) East (2), M37 (2), Merkez (1), Merkez;Bajigiran (1), Nurmuhamed Andalib (1958) kocesi (4), P-39 (1), S.A. Nyýazow köçesi (2), Telewizion minarasy;Bajgyran (1), Turkmenabat;Bayramaly (1), Turkmenbasy;Mary (3), en:Karakum Desert (1), sign (1), Änew;Mary (1), Çoganly;Bokurdok;Daşoguz (2), Çoganly;Choganly (1), Şaýdakow köçesi (1), Şäher Merkezi;Konstitusiýa binasy (1),
destination:backward1Weilheim;Andechs (1),
destination:forward1Inning am Ammersee;Breitbrunn am Ammersee (1),
destination:lanes1National Tourist Zone Awaza|National Tourist Zone Awaza|National Tourist Zone Awaza|Airport "Turkmenbaski" (1),
destination:lang:ru1Геоктепинская дамба (1),
destination:ref1P-18 (1),
destination:street9Baba Annanow (1916) köçesi (1), Görogly (2009) köçesi (2), Hydyr Derýaýew (2052) köçesi (1), Magtymguly (2033) Exit (1), Magtymguly (2033) şaýoly (2), Mäti Kösäýew (Mopra, 2023) köçesi (1), Nurmuhammet Andalyp (1958) köçesi (1),
destination:symbol4airport (3), centre (1),
diameter11422 (1),
diet:halal1yes (1),
diet:vegan1yes (1),
diet:vegetarian6no (1), yes (5),
diplomatic56consulate (5), embassy (51),
diplomatic:services:citizen_services1yes (1),
diplomatic:services:immigrant_visas1yes (1),
diplomatic:services:non-immigrant_visas1yes (1),
direction320-10 (4), -100 (4), -105 (2), -135 (1), -180 (1), -190 (1), -195 (1), -31 (1), -45 (3), -50 (3), -90 (3), -95 (1), 0 (1), 10 (1), 100 (1), 110 (1), 115 (1), 118 (1), 120 (2), 125 (3), 126 (1), 127 (1), 130 (2), 145 (1), 160 (2), 165 (1), 170 (1), 177 (1), 200 (1), 205 (1), 210 (1), 215 (3), 220 (1), 225 (2), 240 (2), 270 (3), 275 (2), 280 (3), 285 (2), 287 (1), 290 (2), 295 (1), 306 (1), 315 (1), 325 (1), 40 (1), 45 (4), 5 (1), 50 (1), 70 (2), 75 (2), 80 (5), 85 (2), 90 (2), 95 (2), 96 (1), Aşgabat (1), Magtymguly (1), Merkez (3), backward (71), both (54), forward (93),
dispensing106yes (106),
display4analog (4),
distance290 (7), 1 (2), 155 (1), 16 (1), 17 (1), 18 (1), 2 (4), 222 (1), 3 (3), 37 (1), 4 (1), 401 (1), 5 (1), 767 (1), 769 (1), 798 (1), 865 (1),
district1Parahat 6 (1),
disused13aerodrome (1), farmyard (1), rail (2), runway (1), yes (7), Çärjew etraby (1),
disused:aeroway5aerodrome (2), runway (1), terminal (2),
disused:amenity3cafe (3),
disused:building2yes (2),
disused:highway7residential (1), unclassified (5), yes (1),
disused:landuse1farmyard (1),
disused:railway13level_crossing (8), rail (5),
disused:route2trolleybus (2),
disused:shop2greengrocer (1), mall (1),
dock1yes (1),
dog1yes (1),
door270hinged (260), no (1), overhead (2), sliding (7),
drink:water1yes (1),
drinking_water10no (8), yes (2),
drive_through48no (47), yes (1),
duration217:00 (2),
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