dance:style10ballet (3), ballet;acro;hiphop (1), ballet;hip_hop;zumba (1), break_dance;hip_hop (1), contemporary (1), irish (1), jazz;ballet;commercial;lyrical (1), modern_ballroom; latin_american; other (1),
dance:teaching22yes (22),
dataset1 (1),
date48481179 (1), 1218 (2), 1313 (1), 1318 (1), 1348 (1), 1595 (1), 1616 (1), 1618 (1), 1620 (1), 1706 (2), 1726 (1), 1730 (3), 1734 (1), 1738? (1), 1742 (1), 1743 (1), 1751 (1), 1752 (1), 1757 (1), 1763 (1), 1771 (1), 1775 (1), 1778 (1), 1780 (10), 1785 (1), 1798 (1), 17th July 1941 (1), 1804 (1), 1829 (2), 1831 (1), 1836 (16), 1837 (1463), 1838 (82), 1839 (97), 1840 (18), 1849 (14), 1850 (2), 1853 (1), 1857 (13), 1858 (1), 1860 (1), 1864 (5), 1869 (1), 1874 (1), 1875 (72), 1878 (4), 1880 (2), 1881 (2), 1885 (1163), 1886 (3), 1888 (4), 1898 (3), 1900 (131), 1901 (107), 1911 (851), 1911;1901 (1), 1917 (4), 1918 (5), 1920 (4), 1923 (3), 1926 (12), 1929 (21), 1930 (2), 1935 (4), 1936 (25), 1937 (2), 1937–1948 (1), 1938 (1), 1939 (3), 1941 (1), 1942 (2), 1945 (9), 1946 (36), 1947 (8), 1953 (2), 1954 (21), 1959 (8), 1961 (8), 1967 (12), 1969 (10), 1970 (182), 1974 (9), 1976 (2), 1979 (11), 1986 (15), 2006 (3), 2008 (2), 2009 (60), 2010 (3), 2017 (3), 2018 (72), 2018-09-07 (1), 2019 (37), 2021 (1), 2108 (1), 29 September 2021 (1), 5th August 1847 (1), C19 (6), Saorstat Eireann (1), at 1976 (1), c.1798 (1), c.1900 (2), c.1915 (1), c1910 (1), early c17 (1), no (64), pre 1938 (1), uncertain (49), unknown (1), yes (8), ~1900 (1),
date:19012yes (2),
date:19112yes (2),
date:end11953 (1),
date:planted211648 (1), december 2021 (20),
date:start11952 (1),
date_de_val12021 (1),
date_planted62021 (6),
day_off5Sunday (1), friday (1), sunday (3),
day_on4monday (1), saturday (3),
days4Mo; We; Fr (2), Tu; Th; Sa (2),
daytime_headlight1yes (1),
de:amtlicher_gemeindeschluessel301055046 (1), 02000000 (1), 05122000 (1),
de:place1city (1),
de:regionalschluessel3010550046046 (1), 020000000000 (1), 051220000000 (1),
de:strassenschluessel113003000000003160 (1),
deanery5Dekanat Boguchwała (3), Dekanat Gryfice (2),
deciduous16no (14), yes (2),
deconsecrated1yes (1),
dedication1Saint Paul (1),
default_language25ca (1), de (1), en (6), es (1), fr (4), fr - nl (1), gl (1), id (1), ko (2), lv (1), mn (1), pl (1), pt (1), ru (1), tr (1), zh (1),
defensive_works1caponier (1),
defibrillator2automatic (1), yes (1),
defibrillator:location2634 Lanterns (1), A94 E7K8 Glenalbym Sports Club (1), A94 R2Y4 North wall of church car park on The Rise, Mount Merrion. (1), Abbeyquarter Centre (1), Analog Devices (1), As you walk south east from Lumville House (abandoned) along the footpath there is a publicly accessible defibrillator outside a private house. (1), At McGills Brewery (1), At reception (1), At the North East corner of the village green (the crossroads with the road to Portlaoise). The defibrillator unit is fixed to the fence beside the water pump. (1), At the side of the Church as you enter the pedestrian gate. The unit is inside a green metal box with key pad. You must call 999 and specify your location. The emergency services operator will then give you the code. (1), Attached to outside of Gallagher's Gastropub. Code available from 112. (1), Attached to south-east wall in bright yellow box (1), Attached to the Changing Room Portacabins. List of first responders telephone numbers available (1), Attached to the Wall beside the entrance to the Credit Union offices (1), Attached to the Wall beside the entrance to the main doors of School, access via Church carpark/gate. (1), Back of the old shop - Barrels Cross (1), Ballinrobe Community School, Convent Road, Ballinrobe, CO. Mayo (1), Ballinspittle National School (1), Bandon Co-Op (1), Bandon GAA Pavilion (1), Barryroe Co-Operative - Ballinspittle Branch (1), Beside the main entry doors to EuroSpar. Fixed to the wall beside the PostOffice. The device is within an enclosed box which is opened by key code (displayed) (1), Centra (1), Clayton Hotel (1), Coffee Dock Level 1 (1), Corner of the school building (1), Courcey Rovers G.A.A. Clubhouse (1), David simons Barber, Cornmarket, Ballinrobe, CO. Mayo (1), Doheny GAA Club (1), Drumkeeran Old Phone Box. Located next to Eircode N41 R9F6 (1), Emergency Defibrillator (1), External wall beside front door (1), External wall of Parish Centre (1), External wall on Ballinagappa Road (1), External wall on Medical Centre (1), External wall opposite apartments (1), Fixed to the farmyard wall beside graveyard entrance. Harris's farm wall. (1), Fixed to the outside wall of the filling station. In a secure box. (1), Fixed to the trellis fencing outside of Furey's Pub on the greenway path of the Royal Canal. The Defibrillator unit is fixed to the fencing and accessible 24/7 (1), Fixed to the wall of McLoughin's Garage. Beside the ATM machine. Close to the shop entrance. (1), Fixed to the wall of Pennys/Primary on Oliver Plunkett Street at the corner of Robert Street and Morgan Street. (1), Fixed to the wall outside Supervalu. Near the entrance/exit doors (1), Flanagan Park, Station Road, Kilmaine Road, Ballinrobe, CO. Mayo (1), Front wall of community centre (1), Galvin's Service Station (1), Holy Trinity Church - Ballinspittle (1), In entrance porch (accessible from outside). Note that club gates may be locked at night. (1), In hallway (1), In the South County (1), In the main lobby (1), In the small outdoor hallway at the entrance to the Monastery Inn Pub and Restaurant. The apparatus is on in a secure cage attached to the wall here. (1), Inside BT phone box (1), Inside Buttercrane main door, beyond foyer, on wall (1), Inside Club House (3), Inside Tesco mounted on the wall to the left of the entrance to the cafe. (1), Inside centre building (2), Inside club house (3), Inside front door (1), Inside main entrance (1), Inside main office building (1), Inside museum building (1), Inside old telephone kiosk (1), Inside on the wall opposite the Reception (1), Inside public red phone box, Lurganare (1), Inside the Tesco building on the right wall in between the door to the bathroom and the customer service desk. Find member of staff. (1), Inside the attraction building (1), Inside the forum building (1), Inside the pharmacy shop. (1), Inside, near tills (1), Just inside the wall, but accessible from outside the wall using the keypad to gain access (1), Kilmurry Parish Hall (Crookstown Hall) (1), Kinsale Tourist Office (1), Lakeside sports centre, Station road, Kilmaine road, Ballinrobe, CO. Mayo, Consult member of staff at reception. (1), Left-hand end of outside wall of Top filling station shop (1), Lifeboat Station Wall (1), Located inside Dunnes Stores on the ground floor at mid height to the left of the main entrance door as you are facing the entrance doors from the inside i.e. with your back to the store. (1), Located on ground level on the bandstand. Access code: "123" (1), Located on the side of the toilet (1), Located on the wall outside facing the road (1), Located on the wall outside the door of Enfield Credit Union. The machine is enclosed in a secure box and there is a key code provided for access. (1), Located on the wall outside the main doors of the Supervalu Store. The machine is fixed to the wall and a key-code is required for access. (1), Located on the wall to the left inside the main entrance to Dunnes (1), Located outside on the external wall of Ryans Sandymount House adjacent to a private door and beside the Sandymount Pharmacy (1), Located to the right of the front door of Gala (formerly The Max) (1), MJ Conroy construction, Industrial estate, Kilmaine road, Ballinrobe, Co Mayo (1), McHales, Castlebar Road, Ballinrobe, CO Mayo Consult member of staff at reception. (1), McNeills (1), Mounted externally on fence (1), Mounted on a wall outside and to the right of the entrance to Life Pharmacy (1), Mounted on outside face of gatepost to the left of the entrance way to the Community Centre. (1), Mounted on right hand side of entrance gate to Gaelscoil Chorain Eochaill. Code to open: 0814 (1), Mounted on road side of wall. (1), Mounted on the wall beside the pavement on the left hand end of the building. (1), Mounted on the wall to the right of the entrance to the public toilets. (1), Mounted on wall to left of entrance to Spar Code to open: 0814 (1), Mounted outside at the entrance to the Spellman Centre (1), Mounted to external wall in locker (1), On a post in Middle Square. (1), On exterior wall (1), On gable wall of barn opposite church. (1), On outside wall of Blackwater Parish Hall, facing the main road (1), On outside wall of post office (1), On outside wall to the left of the pub entrance. (1), On south facing wall of main Spar building (1), On street outside SuperValu (1), On the wall to the right-hand side of the shop building. (1), On the exterior wall of the property (1), On the external wall of McCabes Pharmacy on the Anne Street side. Call 999 / 112 for access. (1), On the external wall outside Excel Gymnastics door (1), On the external wall outside the front door (1), On the external wall outside the pharmacy door (2), On the fence of recycling centre compound (1), On the front wall of Duffy's (1), On the inside wall, next to the pedestrian entrance. (1), On the left-hand side of the building when looking in from the roadway, attached to the wall. (1), On the outside of Leander Lodge B&B, facing the main road (1), On the outside wall of the Centra filling station. There is no key or lock, easy access to all who need this AED. Free to take, but please leave back when finished. Available 24/7 (1), On the outside wall of the building behind a gate. (1), On the second pillar to the right of the main entrance. (1), On the side of the pavement just above the wall line, near the right-hand corner of the hedge. (1), On the the wall just to the right-hand side of the entrance. (1), On the wall at the corner of the building closest to the roadway. (1), On the wall beside Post Office (1), On the wall of Browne's Supermarket. Left of the entrance. (1), On the wall of Carson's Chemist (1), On the wall of Lyon's Pub - visible easily from the entrance to Ardagh Post Office. There is a code on the box. There is also a list of contact numbers for first responders. (1), On the wall of Swifts Eurospar (1), On the wall of shop (1), On the wall of the Courthouse (1), On the wall of the Credit Union (1), On the wall of the Millennium Hall (1), On the wall of the building yard (1), On the wall outside Daybreak. (1), On the wall to left of the entrance door. (1), On the wall to right-hand side of the Funpalace arcade. (1), On the wall to right-hand side of the shop entrance. (1), On the wall to right-hand side of the shop. (1), On the wall to the right of the entrance door to Lacken Community Hall (1), On the wall. Outside Broadford House door. (1), On wall in center of building facing Mill Street (1), On wall in center of building facing carpark (1), On wall in center of building facing the road (1), On wall next to street light on main road outside the gates of Ardgillan Castle and Demesne (1), On wall of convenience store. to the left of the entrance. (1), On wall of school (left side of building when standing at the road). (1), On wall of shed at front of school. (1), On wall on left hand side of building facing Main Street, next to the Post office (1), On wall outside Emerson's shop (1), On wall outside chemist (1), On wall to left side of main entrance to Credit Union (1), On wall to right of shop entrance. (1), On wall to the right after entering main door from street into CCG reception. (1), Outside of a private house on this road. The unit is publicly accessible from the road. (1), Outside on the wall of Haven/Gildea's Pharmacy. Beisde the side exit door off the main street. In a locked cage fixed to the wall. (1), Outside the Rising Sun Bar, door entrance. (1), Outside the door of the Daybreak shop at the south end of this block of buildings. (1), Outside the entrance doors to Longwood Credit Union. Aavailable 24/7 (1), Outside the pub (1), Primary Care Centre (1), Quayside Shopping Centre (1), Revenue Office (1), Right of the entrance into the pub. (1), School, Front Entrance (1), Scoil Eoin (1), Sean McGrath (1), Side of building - outside Winners Enclosure. (1), Sligo Bus Station (1), Sligo City Hall (2), Sligo Gardai Station (1), Sligo Library (1), Sligo Park Hotel (1), Sligo Rail Station (1), Sligo Sports Complex (1), Spar (1), Sportbahnen Elm Talstation (1), The Belfrey (1), The Embassy (1), The Green, Bridge Street, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo (1), The Speckled Door (1), The defibrilator is available in the 24/7 security hut at the main road. This is open to the public and the security staff are there at all times. (1), The defibrilator is fixed to the wall at the entrance to the Preston Brook housing estate. The unit is fixed to the wall at the end of the footpath to the north of the entrance. (1), The unit is fixed to the wall of the Bank of Ireland at the Traffic Lights. The Unit is beside the ATM machine (1), This unit is placed on the wall of the building right opposite the canal harbour wall. Currently, August 2022 this is a Fianna Fail office (with posters on the window). The building is directly beside the small raised roundabout. (1), Vivo (1), Wall mounted to the right of the entrance to The Riverfront Pub (1), Wall of GAA Club house (1), Wall of Youth Club (1), Waterford Castle Golf Pro Shop (1), Within courtyard at Marlay House. (1), at entrance to shop (1), at reception (2), at the outside wall of the hut next to the small car park (1), behind counter in McDonalds (1), behind reception desk (1), behind the reception desk (1), beside reception (1), canteen (1), coffee dock (2), fixed extenally to wall (1), fixed to external wall of house (1), fixed to front wall of NWRA (1), fixed to wall along roadside (1), fixed to wall at side of Village Inn (1), fixed to wall of house (1), health science corridor (1), in Willie Walsh's Barber shop (1), in canteen (1), inside Quirke's Pharmacy (1), inside Telefon phone box, West Beach, Cobh - opposite Kennedy Pier (1), inside a shed visible from the N76 (1), inside cream and green Telefon box (1), inside old telefon box outside St Mary's Church, Church Road, Carrigaline (1), inside old telefon box, Crosshaven Road, Carrigaline (1), inside old telefon phone box (1), inside replica Telefon phone box next to Chaplin mural (1), inside replica old telefon phone box at junction of Aughrim Street and Manor Street, Stoneybatter (1), inside replica old telefon phone box in Castlefin (1), inside the old refurbished telephone box (on northside of R415) outside walls of the church (1), inside the pub (1), just right of the shop entrance (1), library (1), lobby (1), located inside Tesco at the 4 items or fewer checkout counter, next to the store entrance (1), located to the left of the steps leading to the upper lavel at the end of the east pier (1), mounted on the outside wall, to the right of the entrance (1), mounted on the wall to the right of the women's toilet entrance (1), near entrance to shop (1), next to postbox outside the building (1), on external wall of building (1), on old school, community centre. combination lock (1), on outside of wall to Stitches (1), on the outside wall of the shed (1), on the road facing outer wall of the filling station shop (1), on the wall next to entrance (1), on the wall of Cadamstown National School gate entrance (1), on wall of Rathmore Community Centre (1), outdoors, mounted on wall (1), outside Medical Centre (1), outside Spar, North Street, Ballycastle (1), outside hall entrance (1), outside toilets, Courtmacsherry - opposite Pier House Bar (1), outside wall to the left of entrance (1), portable (1), post security check (1), reception (3), second floor (1), telephone booth (1), to the right side of the exit from SuperValu (1), wall mounted next to the entrance of Tesco (1), wall outside Ladies toilet (1), wall-mounted next to shop entrance (1), yes (1),
defibrillator:location:en3Mounted on right hand side of entrance gate to Gaelscoil Chorain Eochaill. (1), mounted on the outside wall, to the right of the entrance (1), to the right of entrance (1),
defibrillator:mount2wall (2),
deis_school1no (1),
deli2yes (2),
deliveries1yes (1),
delivery375We-Su (1), We-Th,Su 17:00-22:00; Fr-Sa 17:00-23:00 (1), deliveroo (1), no (124), only (1), yes (247),
delivery:covid1922no (3), only (2), yes (17),
delivery:fee1yes (1),
demolished291975 (1), Former Location of Farm Buildings (9), Location of house (1), building (13), house (3), yes (2),
demolished:access1destination (1),
demolished:addr:city1Dublin (1),
demolished:addr:street1Ratoath Road (1),
demolished:aerialway1yes (1),
demolished:aeroway8hangar (1), runway (3), taxiway (3), yes (1),
demolished:amenity10cinema (1), clock (1), parking (5), place_of_worship (1), police (1), pub (1),
demolished:animal1horse_walker (1),
demolished:barrier6fence (1), hedge (1), lift_gate (3), wall (1),
demolished:bridge2movable (1), yes (1),
demolished:building913Former Location of Buildings (1), Former Location of farm building (7), Former Location of house (3), apartments (23), barn (1), church (2), cinema (1), commercial (21), detached (4), farm_auxiliary (37), garage (8), grandstand (1), greenhouse (6), hangar (1), horsewalker (5), hospital (1), hotel (2), house (54), industrial (106), office (2), public (1), residential (1), retail (16), roof (4), ruins (10), school (30), semidetached_house (1), service (3), shed (30), terrace (7), university (4), warehouse (3), yes (517),
demolished:building:colour3grey (1), red (2),
demolished:building:levels41 (1), 2 (1), 4 (2),
demolished:building:material2brick (2),
demolished:cables33 (3),
demolished:colour1white (1),
demolished:floating1no (1),
demolished:frequency450 (4),
demolished:generator:method1wind_turbine (1),
demolished:generator:output:electricity1small_installation (1),
demolished:generator:source1wind (1),
demolished:generator:type1horizontal_axis (1),
demolished:highway175footway (2), path (2), primary (10), residential (6), secondary (3), service (49), tertiary (15), tertiary_link (1), track (6), trunk (13), trunk_link (8), turning_circle (1), unclassified (55), yes (4),
demolished:historic9archaeological_site (9),
demolished:house1yes (1),
demolished:landuse1grass (1),
demolished:layer11 (1),
demolished:leisure12pitch (10), playground (1), sports_centre (1),
demolished:man_made74bridge (1), crane (1), goods_conveyor (1), mast (7), pier (3), pipeline (7), reservoir_covered (2), storage_tank (46), tank (2), tower (1), wastewater_plant (2), water_works (1),
demolished:name4Dromada - Athea - Trien 110kV (2), O'Connors Shopping Centre (1), Tarbert - Trien 110kV (1),
demolished:natural1water (1),
demolished:operator4ESB Networks (1), EirGrid (3),
demolished:operator:wikidata4Q1310503 (3), Q3050566 (1),
demolished:operator:wikipedia3en:EirGrid (3),
demolished:power527generator (10), line (17), minor_cable (2), minor_line (48), pole (363), portal (16), substation (2), tower (69),
demolished:railway2rail (2),
demolished:roof:colour1grey (1),
demolished:roof:material1roof_tiles (1),
demolished:roof:shape3flat (2), gabled (1),
demolished:shop1supermarket (1),
demolished:source3Bing (2), bing (1),
demolished:tower:construction1tube (1),
demolished:tower:type1communication (1),
demolished:transformer1distribution (1),
demolished:voltage3110000 (3),
demolished:voltage:primary120000 (1),
demolished:voltage:secondary1230 (1),
demolished:water1wastewater (1),
demolished:waterway3canal (3),
demolished:wires3single (3),
denomination10107adventist (1), aglipayan (1), ahmadiyya (1), amish_mennonite (1), anglican (3515), anglican;methodist (5), anglican;roman_catholic (1), apostolic (3), apostolic_pentecostal (1), assemblies_of_god (1), baptist (102), brethren (20), catholic (13), christ_scientist (2), christian_fellowship (2), church_of_god (3), congregational (22), coptic_orthodox (5), elim_pentecostal (33), episcopal (1), evangelical (32), free_presbyterian (1), gospel (45), gospel_hall (2), greek_orthodox (1), hare_krishna (3), huguenot (1), independent (9), independent_evangelical (4), indian_orthodox (1), interdenominational (2), jehovahs_witness (44), lutheran (2), methodist (209), methodist;presbyterian (3), moravian (8), mormon (21), multi (2), muslim (1), nazarene (12), new_church_of_southern_africa (1), new_testament (1), nondenominational (11), none (2), orthodox (5), pentecostal (26), plymouth_brethren (3), presbyterian (805), progressive (3), protestant (21), protestant reformed (2), protestant;roman_catholic (3), quaker (33), roman_catholic (4989), romanian_orthodox (2), russian_orthodox (5), salvation_army (13), serbian_orthodox (1), seventh_day_adventist (6), soto (1), spiritualist (1), sunni (4), tridentine (1), triratna (1), unitarian (5), unknown (24), vaishnavism (1), vineyard (1),
denotation8078Ash (1), agricultural (178), alley (4), avenue (572), barrier (2), beech_trees_200_years_old (1), border_farm (1), cemetery (2), cluster (2), decoration (142), fallen (1), garden (447), landmark (10), natural_monument (13), orchard (83), park (831), parkland (2), part_of_fence (12), riparian (2), single (32), street (298), urban (5441), wooden sign for bridleway (1),
department9Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (1), Biology (1), Computer Centre (1), Computer Science (1), DHSSPS (1), Open teelten (1), geography (1), history (1), society (1),
department_11DOJ (1),
departures2Mo-Fr 05:55, 06:25, 06:55, 07:25 (1), Mo-Fr 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:30 (1),
departures_board894no (356), realtime (117), realtime on phone (5), realtime_multiline (1), timetable (381), yes (34),
depot21bus (1), cars (1), fuel (1), power (16), service (1), vehicle (1),
depth180.1 (1), 0.2 (1), 1.2m (3), 18 m (1), 25 (1), 25.1 (1), 6.2 (1), 63 (1), 88 (1), 89 (1), 90 (1), 92 (1), 94 (1), 98 (1), 99 (2),
derelict8Yes (1), yes (7),
derelict:building2commercial (1), yes (1),
descent111091 (1), 120 (1), 1902 (1), 220 (1), 3270 (1), 467 (1), 552 (1), 600meters (1), 784 (1), 970 (1), Abandoned Aluminium Factory (1),
description4878 Map 1880 3 Gun Emplacements Map 1939 4 Gun Emplacements (1), The original house dates from the mid-18th century. in 1834 John Cromie extended it. It recently served as a nursing home, closing in 2014. (1), "A" (1), "Aesthetics and Training Academy" (1), "B" (1), "B" v (1), "Based in Benburb, Co. Tyrone, "CraigMillar." has worked alongside many companies, creating content for media outlets, through the use of Film, Photography, Social Media Content Creation and Vlog Type Videos." (1), "Derries" refering to the oak trees, see townland's name "Kilderry". O'Kelly has it as "Far Doire" (p. 83). (1), "Derries" refering to the oak trees, see townland's name "Kilderry". O'Kelly has it as "Near Doire" (p. 83). (1), "Explore the hidden country-side of County Monaghan." (1), "In memory of Jim Lawlor, late of Killininny and Old Bawn, in deep appreciation of his lifetime of voluntary community giving for his beloved Tallaght" (2), "Middletown Centre for Autism designs and delivers training programmes cognisant of the needs of Parents, Education Professionals and those who traverse these groupings. " (1), "National Route 93 of the National Cycle Network is formed of sections of traffic-free route between Derry and Larne." (most of the route was de-designated in Summer 2020) (1), "The Kilfane stream rising above Bram blestown and joining the Nore at Thomastown is called the Cuilithe" (O'Kelly p. 71) (1), "The Ulster Way Link Sections are not waymarked and mainly on public roads some of which can be very busy. Walkers are actively encouraged to make use of public transport along these sections" (1), "The memorial trail reflects in a maritime manner the experience of loss and the journey to recovery." (1), "This carpark is only for people visiting King Johns Castle" Open May-Sept 10:00 to 17:30 (1), "This ride is definitely for the more experienced cyclist. Recommended to only follow this route in good weather. Part of this route follows the Leitrim Way." (1), "This section of the trail is dominated by the Cuilcagh Mountains and the lake-lands of Lough Erne and Lough Melvin." (1), "This stunning 23-mile cycle route runs along the North Atlantic coast from Castlerock to the Giant's Causeway via Coleraine and takes in part of National Cycle Network Route 93. " (1), "Turfman" illustrates one of Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney's best known poems "Digging" (1), "VOR Der Verkehrsverbund" (1), "offers cyclists a pleasant three or four days cycling around Lower Lough Erne." (1), "recycled stone products" (1), "the bard" (1), "through the rural uplands of County Fermanagh" (1), #5 Inchy Bridge, info on Ballinascarty & Timoleague light railway which opened in 1890 (1), #CaifeNaTra, @caifenatra (1), #fieldnames (1), #mapCork (11), #vegtablebed (1), 'This post was placed here in 2008 to mark the opening of a shared-use path to encourage walking and cycling to school and in in the community. Funded by Sustrans.' Indicates left to Hezlett Primary School (½ mile) and right to Coleraine (3 miles) (1), (100 x 70) (1), (95 x 68) (1), (formerly Seomra Spraoi autonomous anarchist social centre) (1), (under construction Sept 2021) (1), ***UPDATE*** This path is now blocked by a housing construction project. South Dublin County could build a path along and across the M50 as there is a right of way, but it's currently blocked by a fence and dense tree cover. (1), /Т-03-08/ — Дубечне — Стара Вижівка — /М-07/ — Турійськ — Рожище — Ківерці — Піддубці — /Н-22/ (1), 03/2022: Hotel is closed and out of service (since 2019/2020). It looks like it won't reopen in the near future. (1), 09.11.2018 Our Castle Place/Royal Avenue 3912 has been removed for the foreseeable future, this is due to the recent Primark fire and resulting security restrictions. Please use our nearest stations at Royal Ave/Castlecourt 3925 or City Hall 3902. (1), 1 Fahrt pro Tag (1), 10 turbines = 25.3 MW (1), 100100163 (1), 10€ fee for overnight parking of campers (1), 12 No. Enercon E70 (2.3 MW) turbines, hub height of 64m. Met mast. Underground 38kV connection to 110kV substation. 20/38kV substation, transformer, 20kV switchgear. (1), 12 apartments planned, site notice dated 2019-08-27 (1), 127th Drumcondra Scouts (1), 137th Avenue cycling route, combination of multiuse, shared roads from Lois Hole park to Hermitage park (1), 14th century tower house built by deBurgo family. In ruins (1), 16 different departments, from Homewares and Furniture to DIY and Art Supplies (1), 17th Century Tower house (1), 17th century fort (1), 17th century plantation house and farm (1), 18 hole Par 72 (1), 1864-1923 (1), 1916 - 1966 (1), 1916 Commemorative Garden (1), 1939 Store (1), 19W TO CROOKLETS BEACH,UK (1), 1st Floor, over Honest to Goodness (1), 2 Fahrten am Tag bis Gaishofen (1), 2014-09-01: Monkstown Community (#321-0200) + Newtownabbey Community (#321-0279) High Schools amalgamated. (1), 2018 water level dropped to this position. (1), 20°W TO CROOKLETS (1), 20°WEST TO SAUNTON SANDS,UK. (1), 20°WEST TO SENNEN COVE (1), 20°WEST-UNITY FARM UK (1), 220kV GIS substation (1), 23-hour, outdoor self-service laundry. (1), 23°WEST TO BREAN,UK (1), 24 hour petrol station (1), 24 hour self-service laundromat (2), 24/7 (1), 25m pool. 5ASide pitches, weights gym, sauna, steam room, Yoga, Water aerobics, swimming lessons. (1), 2nd/3rd floors (1), 30 km/h Slow Zone sign, Sign F 403 on stand alone pole (5), 37,39,41 (1), 3B-Land: Besigheim-Ottmarsheim-Neckarwestheim-Lauffen-Kirchheim-Besigheim (1), 3B-Land: Bietigheim-Besigheim-Kirchheim-Bönnigheim-Löchgau-Bietigheim (1), 3ft deep stream (1), 4 - bed bungalow on ±1.5 acre (.43 ha). Mains water, septic tank, fixed telephone connection, optical broadband available, currently on wireless 50/15 Mb/s link. OFCH (1), 4 benches + open air chess paving (1), 4 fields had this name - some now combined (4), 4 km walk around Clare Lake, dog and child friendly. (1), 4 star hotel vith a great view of the lake (1), 400km long (2), 47-year old Company Sgt Dermot Butler, of James Stephens Barracks (Kilkenny), died two weeks after being hit by a car. (1), 48h kostenlos mit VE (1), 5 KM looproute (1), 5 glass containers (clear, green, brown), cans and clothes. (1), 5 life-size sheep around a pillar, signifying the farmers market held here for many years. (1), 5 upright Ogham pillars, Two water-rolled boulders, known as pulvinars, a cross slab and a bullaun (1), 5-a-side pitches (1), 54th/88th Dublin St. Michaels Scout Group (1), 6000 year old semi submerged dolmen across the channel. (1), 653 km long coal-transport railway from Datong, Shanxi to Qinhuangdao, Hebei. (1), 7 X Soldiers Gardens (1), 9 Loch/holes Par 58 (1), 96 high band antenna tiles (1), 96 low band antennas (1), ;Views of sea inlet into Youghal Harbour where the River Blackwater feeds into. Expanse of Sea to the South and South-East (1), A (1), A leading social and spatial sciences research institute in Ireland with a strong fundamental and applied research profile, an excellent record in knowledge transfer, and a long and successful history in graduate education. (1), A 'Noch' or 'Nock' is a thicket or overgrown piece of land, suggesting that this was once wasteland (1), A 'Nock' is a thicket or overgrown piece of land, suggesting that this field was once wasteland (1), A 2.5 km long beach which has great surf but is not suitable for swimmer’s due to shifting sand. (1), A 39km off-road walking and cycling route along a former railway line that connects Rathkeale, Newcastle West and Abbeyfeale (2), A American style restaurant with pizza. (1), A Celtic hill fort (ruins, only an earth bank left) (1), A Graifín was the name given to a small field that it was hard to get a horse and plough into. Also listed as Móinteán Lee by Lankford but Grafín more likely as it was given by the owner. (1), A Local Norman landowner Robert Fitzrichard Balrain built an Abbey adjacent to a well on this site around the year 1334 and dedicated it to the Blessed Virgin Mary. (1), A Mix of breath taking landscapes, from arid stone deserts, forest like dry river valleys, to white sand dunes and grass lands. (1), A Mullach is a peak or hill (1), A Mullach is a peak or hill. Beag = small (1), A PC shop (1), A Raheen man and later Lisavaird Co-op had a mill and shop beside the field. (1), A beautifully restored city centre bar, located in the heart of the shopping and dining quarter of Limerick city. Modern drinks in a traditional setting. (1), A big field at the edge of the sea. The name may derive from a ‘bollán’ (a large boulder - sometimes containing a hole) or from ‘ballán’ (a bare patch or hole or hollow in a field). (1), A bit overgrown but still worth a visit, as it's so beautifully reconstructed. Park at the roadside and then walking past the two huts there's a narrow path down to the ringfort. The entrance is around to your right to the back of the ringfort. (1), A brewery that's part of the Boxty House production facility. (1), A coastal lime kiln right on the sea shore. Quarried lime was brought up the inlet on boats to be burned here. (1), A country lane known in Ireland as a Boreen (1), A deconsecrated Church of Ireland church estimated to be built in 1723. Sits on the grounds of a medieval graveyard (1), A dessert restaurant with ice cream,waffles, pancakes and more. (1), A diversion of the Cannistown River into the walled garden of Daraghville House (1), A drive-on (fee) beach operated by the National Trust. (1), A family were evicted from Bodal farm near Gowran and came to live at the house at this cross roads. They bought the Bodal name with them. (1), A field formerly often used for growing oats - hence Páirc a’ Choirce ( the field of oats) (1), A flat field (1), A former resident of the area describes it as a "circular earthwork" and the adjacent field used to be known as "Moat Field".. (1), A funfair with many rides and attractions (1), A high hill (1), A historic estate which was home to the Ponsonby family from c. 1770 until 2008 (1), A horseshoe shaped pond (1), A leading centre for research in the field of Geocomputation, applying computational methods to large spatial data sets from acquisition to analysis, modelling and visualisation. (1), A life-size sculpture of a jaunting car, driver and horse. (1), A long distance walk of 56 miles (90km) from Taunton to Starcross on the Exe estuary. (1), A map and information of the area and guidance for case of emergency. (1), A modern Stonehenge-like structure (1), A modern reproduction, this statue of the god Bacchus stands in the lake at the site of an original 18th century statue of Meleager, which is now preserved from the elements in the Walled Garden. (1), A monument to former Alderman Arthur Morrison. (1), A motte (1), A móinteán is a soft boggy field (2), A name given to a field with a lios in it (1), A neighbourhood bar & kitchen located in the heart of Portlaoise. (1), A paddock type field used for holding cattle. it was never ploughed during the 1940s and 1950s but had been used for potatoes in earlier times. The ditches shown on the map had been removed by the 1940s. (1), A path once went through this field (1), A peaking power plant consisting of 3 Rolls Royce Avon engines installed by Boston Edison following the 1965 East Coast blackout. The station is Co-located with West Medway Generating Station II, a two-unit, 200 MW dual-fuel power plant. (1), A private garden that can be visited after making a reservation (1), A rectangular enclosure. Said to be the only square lios (fairy fort) around (1), A relatively modern limestone structure, illustrated in first Ordnance Survey map circa 1847 and described as a treshing mill. (1), A rocket pole used to stand at this point. It was part of a Rocket Life Saving Apparatus which was used to save sailors who had wrecked close to the shore. (1), A rough, informal path which is not longer used or visible . (1), A ruin of a small castle or tower house. Roof and floors are totally destroyed and nature is taking back the facility. Open access, seems to be safe to enter. (1), A school for Spanish students to learn english (1), A series of walking routes which encircles Northern Ireland. (1), A shallow ravine filled by a stream where cattle would take water. The stream may have been artificially diverted here. (1), A sloping field heading towards the sea (1), A small memorial dedicated to the memory of all those lost in Lusitania May 7, 1915. (1), A small playground was built here recently, it also has a football pitch beside it. (1), A statue of a DNA double helix transitioning into a flower (1), A statue of the Virgin Mary in the grounds. (1), A stream flows through the bog known as Ochalona stream (1), A style known as Black Stile was on the south boundary of this field (1), A tall ship on stilts (1), A tourist driving route that spans Ireland's scenic Atlantic coast (1), A triple arched open loggia in the northern border creates a cool room which was once lined with 18th century Antwerp tiles. The tiling, in addition to being ornamental, further supports the concept of this room being designed to represent a Dairy and co (1), A twin stile (1), A twin stile connecting the two graveyards (1), A very big field - origin of name unknown (1), A very big field. Made up of irregular small fields (1), A very steep field having aDrinkinh pool for cattle at the northern end (1), A windmill once stood on the south-western part of this field. It was demolished in the early 1900s. (1), A youth self-help organisation establish in 1990 in Derry. A multimedia arts centre along Derry’s walls with arts and live entertainment venue, hosting popular music, film, video, animation and interactive multimedia. (1), A2 cycle lanes (Sydenham Bypass). Mostly consists of cycle lanes painted onto the hard-shoulder. (1), AED mounted on central pillar of reception area, main entrance of school. (Alarmed) (1), AED outside pharmacy (1), AKA Gibson's Lane (1), AKA: Nenagh Road Cemetery (1), ALL MODULAR- 38kV Areva, 10kV NX+C (1), ALSAA Swimming Pool Complex (1), ALSAA sports complex parking (1), AO_Banana_Peel (1), AO_NW_Passage (1), ATM located inside supermarket (1), ATTENTION: Only the Visitor center requires an entry fee. The walks and rock formations can be visited for free. (1), ATTENZIONE: Sentiero inagibile da Forca Grifon a Dierico (1), Abandoned house (1), Abbeyleix Post Office building (1), Above Ground Installation (1), Above Ground Installation;compressor-regulator (2), Abschnitt Salzburg, Süd => Schönau am Königssee wird nur zwischen DO und SA bedient. (1), Abschnitt Salzburg, Süd => Schönau am Königssee wird wohl nicht mal mehr am Wochenende (Fr-So) ab München ZOB bedient. (2), Abweichung Spätverkehr über Feudenheim (1), Access (1), Access Road to Married Soldiers Quarters (1), Access Track (1), Access at Leopardstown Lawn is via a narrow stile. (1), Access for residents and Irish Rail staff only (1), Access gate (1), Access to Rathmore Clinic (1), Access to Spar via hatch to left of build entrance from 00:00-05:00, all other times full access available (1), Access to farmyard (1), Access to the island is only by written permission from Birdwatch Ireland, the area is a Nature Reserve (1), Access via guided tours. Tickets for guided tours can be purchased from the Hook Tourism tourist office. (1), Accessed from gate on High Street signed as 'Old Meeting House;. Keys available from Alexander Hanna's paint shop on Water Street. (1), Accessories, Home, Kids, Men, Shoes, Toys, Women (1), Accident & Emergency Room (1), According to Lankford it go this name as a lot of clover grew here (1), According to Lankford it got this name as a lot of furze bushes grew there (1), According to Lankford it is named because it was close to Pound Farm (1), According to Lankford it translates as The Smith's Nook (1), According to Lankford it was named as there were animal stalls on the edge of it. According to the Castlehaven Schools Collection it was also named as the Black-Walled Field (1), According to Lankford it was named because a house that was occupied by a priest was beside it (1), According to Lankford it was named because shamrock was grown there (2), According to Lankford there are also traces of an old church (1), According to Lankford there was a cluster of 5 houses built next to each other which was known as a "closh" which is Irish for enclosure or yard. Also noted in Lankford as Cloch. The location is unknown but there are a few fields known as The Murdering (1), According to Lankford there was always a pump in this field (1), According to Lankford this translates as Brown's Well (1), According to Lankford this was a field with a stone quarry. Used up to the 1980s but now empty of stone (1), According to Lankford unbaptised children were buried in the green between the roads (1), According to Lankford you can see 5 parishes from it (1), According to Lankford you had to be careful before it was drained due to boggy holes (1), According to Lankford, Nancy may have been the grandmother or great grandmother of Cardinal Conway (1), According to Lankford, fairs were held in this field overe hundred years ago. One of two adjoining fields with this name (2), According to Lankford, there was a house here that was used by the Somervilles for retreats but it fell into disrepair and was knocked. Local sources doubt the accuracy of this entry however as there is no memory of such a house ever having existed and th (1), According to Lankford, there was a school built in it (1), According to Lankford, this field has a well (1), According to Lankford, this field was also known as the Swing Field or the Craith (1), According to Lankford, this is now a reclaimed field (1), According to O'Kelly, human bones and rude head-stones were unearthed here. Local knowledge states: An reilig is the cemetery, graveyard or resting place. It is in the townland of Kilcronagh which is part of Bramblestown. Kilcronagh is Cill Cronach in Ir (1), According to Owen O'Kelly, the White family buried their members here (p. 59). (1), According to a local resident, a retired teacher, the name means "Well of the Serpent", because its water helped against ringworms. It was once the water supply for the whole village, according to him. (1), According to current (2022) owners, the roof was thatched until the 1940s, then a galvanised roof was put on top of thatch; in 1998, they decided to thatch it again. (1), According to, an annual fair waws held in Cullohill. (1), According to local oral tradition, this field is the site of lost Loughmeran Village. (1), According to owners, is meant to be demolished in the near future. (1), According to the literature, it is either dried up or where the big tree to the Southwest is, but on inspection, there was a patch of reeds or similar at the spot. Might have been a holy well at some point in time. (1), Acupuncturist (1), Added Carrigan according to British War Office map. (1), Added to the handball alley as part of Savour Kilkenny 2022. (1), Adjacent and parallel to L3213 road (1), AerLingus Staff Car Park (1), Aerial photo with description of all buildings in NUIM North Campus (2), Afro Carribean Store (1), Afro-Portuguese chain restaurant serving flame-grilled chicken in spicy chili sauce. (1), Aghamore not in 1911 census, but included to not leave encalve. (1), Agri products, hardware, garden, pet supplies, solid fuel, footwear, garden, clothing, gas (1), Agricultural shed for housing livestock and fodder. Constructed from galavanised steel. (1), Alan & Brian operates a scheduled service to Achill (Cloughmore) every Wednesday to collect the doctor. Visitors can also travel on this trip – the times differ from week to week so please call ahead to book. They also provide a charter service to Achill (1), Albert Heijn XL [Nijmegen] St. Jacobslaan 61 (1), Alder and Birch Apartments (2), Alexandrowka - Bornstedt - Persiusturm - Nedlitz - Alexandrowka (1), All Loops Turn Left at Next Junction. (1), All inclusive (1), All live sport shown over several large screens. Top DJs Friday and Saturday nights. Live Music Sunday nights. Great drink promos every night. (1), All that remains of the Brickworks. (1), Alleged burial place of St. Nicholas aka Santa Claus. (1), Allegedly, there is a tunnel from here to Kilkenny Castle. (1), Alleyway and right-of-way. (1), Almost completely covered by pavement. (1), Also a B&B (1), Also a cafe at the back (1), Also called Meahan's Field (1), Also decribed as Cathaoir Carney na Bluida. Carney was supposed to be a giant (1), Also described as Clais (1), Also described as Gairdín Clover (The Clover Garden) (1), Also described as The Back Road by Lankford (1), Also described in Lankford as Cnoc Shéain de Barra (Sean Barry's Hill) (1), Also has a cafe. (1), Also known as Gairdín na Coulaí. Translates to The Field Of Small Ruins. It was supposed to have contained ruins of houses. (1), Also known as Road Field, the grove used to be in the Southwestern corner. (1), Also known as the Swing Field or The Craigh (1), Also listed by Lankford as Coolroe and maybe An Cuas Ruadh (1), Also listed in Lankford as Inch (1), Also location of children's burial ground (unbaptised) (1), Also mentioned as The Sliabhín and both mean A Small Hill In A Field (1), Altar shaped stone to commemorate mass pit in the field behind. It is not used as an altar, though. (1), Alte Zirkuskoppel 37 (1), Amazon Logistics Ireland. Centre code DIS1 (1), An - The Charraig - Rock Mhór - Big A channel/road was cut on the West side of this rock so that horse and cars could access sand at low tide (1), An Clasheen or An Claisin translates as a ditch or a furrow (1), An Foras Feasa, the Humanities Research Institute at Maynooth University, provides a vibrant research environment for funded projects from across the faculty, visiting fellows, degree programmes, as well as postgraduate students from the Faculty of Arts, (1), An Irish chieftain’s stone chair bearing the legend ‘Briseadh Ceann tSaile’ ‘The Battle of Kinsale’ stands at Millwater crossroads, once a strategic ford crossing at a mill complex on the road to Bandon about two miles from Kinsale (1), An Móinéarín = the little meadow (1), An Plán Mór (the big plane - a large open field?) (1), An Post green post-box fixed to the bridge at Drehid Crossroads. (1), An Rinn can be interpreted as the headland or point. (1), An Schultagen über Schule Zuchering (2), An ancient Bronze Age standing stone. It was Christianised in 1675 when Johannes Healy carved "I. Healy" and a cross on the former pagan stone (1), An atmospheric spot for a relaxing drink. Bells Bar is a popular venue for both residents and the local community. Situated at the front of the hotel, it provides space, elegance and style. Sink and relax in our comfortable seating and enjoy a coffee with (1), An intermittent lough. It's original Irish name Loch Fuinseann means Lough of the Ash (tree) (1), An old archway still stands at the site. Legend has it that it was known as "Oliver's Arch" - perhaps a reference to Oliver Cromwell whose army were said to have camped here on their way from Gowran to Clonmel. (1), An old burial vault used by the Irish Volunteers to hold captured British soldiers, collaborators, and later common criminals during the Irish war of independence (1), An old name that the owners do not know the origin of. There was a dwelling in the field, where Walshs lived. A pier is still intact in the ditch. A shed was there in the 1950s. (1), An tOileán Mór would be interpreted as An - The tOileán - island Mór - big (1), An Ó Driscoll castle. Rinn Chúil Uisce can be interpreted as the the headland on the corner by the water. (1), Ancienne région fusionnée au 1/1/2016 (3), Ancient Stone Domed Wishing Well (1), Ancient pathway leading to St Bronagh's Church. Now in daily use. Not part of the Rostrevor MTB trails. (5), Ancient stone-built cottage (1), Angela Davidson Nee Meighan 1965 - 2005 (1), Animal Rescue Service (1), Ankara - Yozgat - Sivas - Refahiye (1), Annaghmurnin not in 1911 census, looks uninhabited on British War Office map. (1), Annual ticket €50. (1), Apartment Block (1), Apartments (1), Apparently an animal's horn (adharc) was found in the field when it was dug out (1), Apparently translates to The Small Old Field (1), Appears to be permanently locked. (1), Appears to be permanently open as of June 2016. (1), Apple orchard (1), Apple trees. Also contained bee hives at one stage (1), Ara macao (1), Architect's Office in Wexford (1), Architectural Bookshop and offices of the RIAI. (1), Architectural fragment used as art in the park (1), Ard Ráth can be interpreted as the high ráth or fort (1), Ardglass Area of Special Scientific Interest. Designated for its earth sciences / geological interest: the landscape exposes of a range of igneous rocks that together with a number of other sites describe the Newry Igneous Complex (1), Ardlougher (1), Area Consisting of local townlands the village of gulladuff also being a parish (1), Area of low-lying wet ground planted with forestry. (1), Area prone to inundation. (1), Argideen signpost for 2.3km & 5.6km (1), Armada Ship (2), Art studio space, youth group and 'art school' for kids. (1), Arts and Craft Centre / Shop (1), As I have fixed a lot of the wrong spot heights from the original mountainviews import, I decided to name one for the craic (1), Asian Fusion Restaurant & Sushi Bar (1), Asian Street Food & Sushi (1), Asian street food (1), Asikkala-Padasjoki-Kuhmoinen/Kuhmois-Jämsä-Petäjävesi (1), Asphalt path leading to steep steps down to beach, gate entrance to Tara Cove with outdoor shower between gates (1), Associated with the story of Diarmuid & Grainne ( (1), Astro Turf Football Pitch/Basketball Court (1), At Shields Dental & Implant Clinic Limerick, patients are treated by the third generation of a family of distinguished dentists. (1), At a well directly across the road from this rock, women used to wash their bare feet, and then put on their shoes on their way to Mass (1), At one time used for keeping horses (1), At the north west corner of the restored Walled Garden the Shell Tower is a three storey, battlemented tower with single arched Gothic windows. The lower rooms are decorated with shells laid in geometric patterns – presumably by the hand of a gifted lady (1), Attacked during the War of Independence. (19), Audio push button plays a recording of Seamus Heaney reading his poem "The Strand at Lough Beg" or recordings of the calls of local wetland birds. (1), Auditors and Auccountants (1), Auf den Spuren der Enztal-Flößer (1), Aughrim Street Scout Cabin (1), Autism Friendly Shopping in SuperValu Dun Laoghaire takes place on Wednesdays from 18:30-20:00 (1), Automatic Cleaning (1), Autoroute 30 diretion est (1), Available for summer rental - (1), Aviary (1), Award Winning Lagoon (1), Award winning traditional Ristorante Italiano (1), Award-winning Gastro Pub and Tea Rooms located in the middle of the city. (1), Award-winning whiskey bar in the heart of Cork's Victorian Quarter. (1), B (1), BALLINSKER TO CROOKLETS BAY (1), BALLYGRAN TO WHITESANDS (1), BU2 TO IRELAND (1), Backstop net (3), Bakery, patisserie, cafe. 2018 Award Winner CAFE OF THE YEAR 2018 in Ireland. (1), Ballinaboola Forest Trails (1), Ballinakelly headstones (1), Ballinamallard to Londonderry (1), Ballinduff Castle A Skerrett home in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is labelled Ballinduff Lodge on the Ordnance Survey maps though the 25-inch edition of the 1890s notes that it was in ruins by then. Web: (1), Ballybricken Parish (1), Ballycroneen glacia till of nattional importance, deposits from Irish Sea ice (1), Ballydavid, Woodstown Lower (1), Ballyhitt farmhouse. This house was built around 1900 by Furlong, the builder of nearby Broadway, using mud bricks. The mud was collected in the marl-hole to the south, shaped into bricks and then heated and hardened in the kiln beside the marl-hole. (1), Ballyhornan to Peel (1), Ballymena to Randalstown (1), Ballymoney Showgrounds (1), Ballymore Eustace Loop (1), Ballynure to Glenarm (1), Ballysimon North Commercial Area (1), Ballyvoreen, Kilcop Lower (1), Bamberg - Aub/Gollachgau (1), Bangor to Newtownards via North Down Coastal Path (1), Banqueting Hall (1), Bar and Lounge (1), Bar, lounge, grocery, lottery agent. (1), Barn (1), Barnett Demense - Red trail options (1), Barnett Demense Blue Trail. For confident through to experienced mountain bikers. (1), Barnett Demense Green Trail. Aimed at beginners. (1), Bars, restaurant. (1), Barytes mining was carried out here from 1894 to 1979. In the site ther are ruins of the old buildings and of the cable way. (1), Basic layout of new access road and carpark for new college site. (2), Basketball court on the grounds of Drom National School. (1), Bat species information (1), Bathroom & Kitchen showroom. (1), Bathroom and Tile showroom (1), Battle of Kinsale - Map 1 (1), Battle of Kinsale - Map 3 (1), Battle of Kinsale - Map 4 (1), Battle of Kinsale - Map 9 (1), Beach bye-laws are in place with horse riding and dogs prohibited between 11am and 6pm during the summer season. (1), Beach name probably comes for Carta or Cartadh and relates to spoil from the slate quarry/mine above the beach. (1), Beak of land between tow little rivers. (1), Bealach is the Irish for pass. Good views of surrounding countryside. (1), Beann - a grammatical form of Binn - peak tSídháin - fairy (Sí) mound Fairy here means "na daoine maithe"/ "good people" not type with wings! Much feared and respected in Ireland, they were usually referred to indirectly in placenames. (1), Bearna deoite = the burnt gap (1), Beautiful Fairy Trail in the park complete with a bench bridge and wishing tree and even it's own theatre (1), Beautiful Fairy Trail, starting at the little bridge over a stream flowing into the Shannon with a bench and dodie and wishing tree and also loads of fairy doors and fairy information and a little hut for fairy plays (1), Bed and Breakfast (3), Bed and Breakfast nestled on the banks of beautiful Lough Gill overlooking Parke's Castle with views to Knocknarea and the Lake Isle of Innisfree (1), Bedihošť — Tovačov — Troubky — Přerov — Lipník nad Bečvou (1), Beech hedge (1), Began as an outlying farm on the original Ballydonarea House estate (which later became Greyfort), this house became known as Ballydonarea House once the new house called Greyfort had been built (late 1800s). (1), Being built at the moment Monday 19 Sep 2022 (1), Being thatched by Matty Kelly 2022-09 (1), Belfast High School Playing Fields (1), Belfast to Newcastle (1), Belfast to Newry (1), Belfast;Swords (1), Believed to have been excavated to make bricks at the nearby brickworks starting in the 1700s. Shown on the 1838 Ordnance Survey map. (1), Belived to have a cure for sore eyes. Visited on February 1st. (1), Bell Tower (1), Beltoy part of Glynn ED and Raloo ED in both 1901 and 1911 census. (1), Ben Bulben Forest Walk (2), Bench (1), Benches and flowers layed out for walkers to rest. (1), Benchmark at grand entrance to fort (1), Bend on the road just before the road dips down the hill. Nice sea views in the distance (1), Bespoke Picture Framing Service (1), Betonklotz, weiße Fläche nach Westen (2), Bešeňová - Demänovská Dolina - Liptovský Hrádok - Biely Potok (1), Bicycle sales and repair shop. Trek dealership. (1), Bicycle signal within contra-flow lane (1), Bike Shop and Bike Hire Westport. Brands include Trek, Cannondale, Lapierre, Ridgeback. E-Bike Rental plus Hybrids, Kids and Accessories (1), Bingo hall (1), Bird species information (1), Birr - Portumna - Killimor - Loughrea - Galway (1), Birth place of artist Patrick Hennessy RHA. (1), Birthplace of artist James Barry, R.A. (1), Blacksmith's Cartwheel Mould (1), Blackwater (Avondhu) Way, Tipperary Heritage Way (1), Blessed Virgin Mary (1), Block B: Mapped as Officers Mess 1880 & 1939 - 5 Rooms with center room interconnecting (1), Blocked by new land-owner. (1), Bloomfield Presbyterian Church is an evangelical church that seeks to know Jesus Christ and share His love. Bloomfield is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and part of the universal Church. (1), Blue Badge holders and staff only (1), Blue Inlet/Blue Cave (1), Bluescope Technologies is a leading provider of IT services to businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries. (1), Boardwalk (1), Boats were pulled up here in bad weather (1), Boggy land. Apparently a small bit of turf grew there (1), Bollard row preventing aircraft access to closed taxiway C2. (2), Bolus Head (1), Bone Row Fishermen's Cottages (1), Bookmakers (1), Border Kazakhstan - Russia (1), Borna - Espenhain - Störmthal - Wachau - Probstheida (1), Boundary estimated from street names in 1911 census. (1), Box: Greystones Marina Village. Unlock with code C2379X (1), Branch to N.I. (1), Brandon Point (1), Bray South Beach is a gently sloping, shingle beach which leads onto clear waters with some growth of seaweed. The beach is not overly exposed with Bray headland to the south. The Special Conservation Area of Bray Head and seawaters beneath provide rich h (1), Bread baking oven as part of the Centre for Experimental Archaeology & Material Culture. (1), Breitenberg - Sonnen - Hauzenberg - Thyrnau - Passau (1), Brewery, Shopping & retail, Pizza Place (1), Bridge over a natural restriction in the bed of the River Liffey. Exceptional views from this bridge. (1), Broadstone Hall is a student apartment building situated in the northern area of central Dublin, which is really close to all of the excitement of local restaurants, bars, pubs, museums and shops. The universities and colleges in the city can be reached e (1), Brodské SK/CZ - Gbely - Petrova Ves (1), Bronze sculpture Famine Family by Niall Bruton (1997) (1), Bronze statue of St. John Baptist De La Salle with an open book in his hand, teaching a boy sitting on the flour with a book on his lap. (1), Budds' Field was originally owned by a family of that name, they lived in a house in that field. The remains of the house were extant until the 1980s. (1), Build in 1919 by Jim Nicky Downey to house a steam engine and threshing set (1), Build in progress. Short slalom double-track to single-track with short tight corners into straight with large GAP JUMP. Difficulty - Severe. (1), Building in SE corner was used as an apple house and dove cote (1), Building site for single 7-storey apartment tower, containing 51 1-bedroom apartments and 54 2-bedroom apartments. (1), Building used by Cuala (1), Built 1713, recontructed 1993 (2), Built 1776 (1), Built 2017-2018 (1), Built 2018-2019 (1), Built as a glebe-house for Church of Ireland ministers and stood on a glebe of 15 acres. (1), Built as a thatched chapel in 1723 and renovated in 1812 by Fr Matt Horgan (1), Built by Domhnall Ó Donnabháin some time after he was inaugurated in 1584. East wall destroyed by Cromwell's forces in 1649. (1), Built by Myles De Courcey in 1225. It was occupied by the Spaniards before the Battle of Kinsale. The De Courcey family lived here up to the early sixteenth century. The only remains today are the western wall and part of the north wall (1), Built by Patrick De Courcey and his brother Myles in 1230 (1), Built by Sir John Stratford in the 1770s, Woodstock House was designed by the architect Robert West who worked on many of the country’s great houses. The Tottenham family occupied the house in the late 1800s and early 1900s. (1), Built by the Walsh family in the mid 15th century. Extensive restoration work took place in 2004 (1), Built by the earl of shannon 1686 as private boathouse. Leased to RNLI in 1872. currenly looks like private dwelling. (1), Built in 1805 as a response to the threat of invasion from Napoleonic France. Its function was primarily as a station for passing urgent messages from its neighbouring stations west and east or from ships at sea by line of sight readings to Dublin (1), Built in the 16th or 17th Century by the De Burghs (1), Built in the late 16th or early 17th century. (1), Built on the site of earlier chuch with local stone from Oileáin Molua/Horse Island. Famous for it's Harry Clark windows. (1), Bumper boats, inflatable slide, bungee trampolines, racing track, regular trampolines, bumper cars, merry go rounds, merry-go-rounds, waltzers, kids roller-coaster. Train & crazy golf are permanent fixtures, other attractions get dismantled for winter. (1), Bun means The Bottom. This field runs downhill to the boundary with Dooneen (1), Bungalow built in the late 1970s. (1), Burnham House, is a detached seven-bay three-storey late-Georgian house, built c. 1800. 1 Originally the estate of Lord Ventry, it is now an Irish Language girls boarding school, Cólaste Íde. (1), Bus fährt während der Baustelle in der Ackerstraße über Hauptbahnhof (vorraussichtlich bis März 2020) (1), Bus only (1), Bus routes serving Maynooth University (2), Bus stop for all west bound Kearns buses (1), Bus stop for many bus companies (except Bus Éireann) e.g. Feda O'Donnell, John Mc Ginley, Northwestbusways, ... (1), Buses, taxis and Garda cars can use this section. (1), Business (31), Business Address For Local Professional Photographer MatthewPhotographs. (1), Business premises (2), Business registered on this address as a sole trader (1), Butterfly species information (1), Buys and sells video games, movies and electronics (1), Bán (grassland/meadow) na (of the) gColpaí (old Irish measure of land based on carrying capacity rather than area c. the grazing for 1 milch cow, sometimes anglicised to Collop) (1), Béal - mouth Chinn - head Mara - sea (1), Bürgerbus Pfullingen (1), C (1), CLG Eoghan Rua Cúil Raithin (1), COMUNA GUERREROS DE ZAMORA (1), CONSEJO COMUNAL EL JABILLO RIO ABAJO (1), CONSEJO COMUNAL LA CARDONAL (1), CONSEJO COMUNAL POR AMOR A LAS COLINAS (1), COVID Temporary Toilets (2), CROOKLETS TO 20°WEST (1), CS100 (1), CS101 (1), CUISE: 2127 (1), CUS Sports Grounds (1), Cabhlach generally means a ruin. According to Lankford there was a group of houses here (1), Cabhlachín = the small cabhlach (a ruined building). Also decribed (along with Séasúr an Iarthar) as the Claises by Lankford (1), Cabinteely Park Wildlife Project (1), Cafe with benches (1), Cafe, Bistro (1), Cafe, exhibition space, folklore resource (1), Cafe, supermarket (1), Café and tearooms (1), Caherconnell Multimedia Presentation (1), Caiseal (1), Call 999, located on the outside of David Simons Barber shop , opposite Cummins Funeral, Supermacs, Joanne Hynes Pharmacy and Centra. Located in a keycode protected cabinet, keycode on cabinet. Protected by cctv cameras. Email website after use (1), Called Ards Upper in 1901 census. (1), Called Articlare in 1901 census. (1), Called Portaferry ED in 1911 Census. (1), Called after previous owners, Fitzgeralds (1), Called this because of the Lisheen Road (1), Cambridge Western Bypass (1), Camera surveying the horse box trailer. (1), Camile Thai restaurant (1), Camino del Norte in Basque Country (1), Camp Walk (1300m) (6), Camp site with pre-installed pods. Kitchen available with microwave and fridge. (1), Camp spot - Tent 10€ (1), Camphouse was a walled in area of about 5 acres with a lot of derelict stone buildings and with a laneway entrance from the main road. All the above were removed in the 1950s, when Rices Farm was sold. An old archway still stands at the site. (1), Can be interpreted as the Long Field (1), Can be interpreted as the gap of bodies. It was said that funerals would stop here for a rest on the way to Castlehaven Old Cemetery. It is also an interesting example of a placename as it contains a mixture of two languages (1), Canal Bar offers a tasty, appealing menu with a variety of nutritious freshly prepared dishes, daily specials and selection of dietary and vegetarian dishes, guaranteed to suit all tastes. (1), Canal access gate. (1), Cannon captured in 1854 from the Russians in the Crimean War. (1), Cappagh Pier dates from 1764. The depth of water in the harbour enabled larger vessels to berth here in the past. (1), Capstone from Dolmen with Tau Cross engraving on underside (1), Car Hire Return (1), Car Park (1), Car house built there (1), Cardiac Science: PowerHeart G3 (2), Care service type: Nursing home (1), Carmen Stegarescu 1963 - 2011 (1), Carne Beach - blue flag, swimming (1), Carne Beach is at the southern extremity of this bay, St. Margaret's Beach about half a kilometer to the north and Ballytrent Beach about a kilometer north thereof. (1), Carraig - Rock a' - (of) the Shleáin - Sleán/(Turf Spade) This hill was supposed to look like a sleán from the South/South west. Shape has changed now due to development. (1), Carraig - Rock a' (of) the Chláir - Plank/Flat/Board (1), Carraig - Rock a' - (of) the Gallán - Standing Stone/ Pillar Stone (1), Carraig - Rock a' - (of the) Ráis - Race Rowing boats used this rock for racing - LG (1), Carraig - rock Capall - horse A horse used to stand here, looking out for long periods. (1), Carraig - rock an (of) the Ghealladóra - Dictionary lists gealladóir = gealltóir which is pledger or undertaker or promisor. MOS on his map has seining in brackets next to Ghealladóra. Suggesting it was a vantage point for leader of a pair of seine boats. (1), Carraig - rock Muslaí - mussels (1), Carraig-ín - rock of Mór - an Irish female name anglicised as Martha (1), Carraigín - small rock Béal - mouth na - (of) the Trá - Beach name given by PS (1), Carran Little not in 1911 census, but included to not leave an enclave. (1), Carran and Mullanacaw not part of 1911 census, but included so to not leave an enclave (1), Carrigín - Little Rock Thoir - North (1), Castle (site of) (1), Castle View House is a beautiful house set in the charming village of Glenbeigh on the Ring of Kerry, and offers stunning views of Wynn's Castle, Rossbeigh Beach .The house is privately owned and has been built and finished to the highest of standards. (1), Castlewellan part of Castlewellan ED in 1911, part of Newcastle ED in 1901. (1), Catering facility (1), Catholic Cross erected in Holy Year of 1950. (1), Cattle, Sheep, Donkey etc. (1), Cave attributed to Naoise O'Haughan, 18th Century highwayman (approximate location). Access currently very difficult. (1), Cca 650 m track through the Killeshin Waterworks Amenity Park (1), Ceann - Head an - (of) the Tí - Houses JON remembers five or six small ruined houses here (1), Ceapach - Tillage plot (1), Cedar, Hawthorn, Elm, Ivy and Juniper Apartments (2), Centrally Located Family Run - Traditional Irish Bar and Restaurant With Weekend Late Bars and DJs. (1), ChaDeMo 50kw, CCS Combo 50kw, AC Type 2 43kw (1), Charleville NCT Centre (1), Charlie McCarthy was the owner one-time (1), Charlie O'Toole Footbridge (1), Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors (1), Cheb — Německo (1), Chief of Fermanagh, died 11 March 1600 (1), Child Care Center (1), Children's Playground (1), Childrens Burial Ground no longer in use, identified through GSGS 3906 maps (1), Childrens burial ground no longer in use but identified on TCD Historic Maps (1), Childrens graveyard now only visible from aerial imagery or on old maps (2), Chiselled into stones in the wall, not sure what it means. (3), Chrome-coloured nmetal sphere. (1), Church ruin with two Ogham stones (1), Cilibru-Petrești (1), Cillin (1), Circuit 89.02 (1), Circuit 89.07 (1), Circuit 89.09 (1), Circuit 89.11 (1), Circuit 89.12 (1), Circuit 89.13 (1), Circuit 89.15 (1), Circuit 89.16 (1), Circular Road Wildflower Meadow (1), Ciudadela situada al nororiente de la ciudad cundinamarquesa de Madrid. Los nombres de sus conjuntos son en homenaje a sitios representativos de la homóloga ciudad y capital de España. (1), Clachan (1), Clais means a fertile piece of ground inbetween hills and rocksThe Clais was the name given by the owner but it was called Páirc Fauchlann by somebody else (1), Clane Heritage Trail Plaque introducing the site (4), Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers, fries & shakes. (1), Classified as fortified house on NSM, but castle on British War office map (1), Claí - Ditch (fence) Nua - New (2), Cleaning and Facility Management Company (1), Cliff of the horse (1), Clones Parish Church (1), Clonmore (Clon More) added from 1901 census. (1), Closed (3), Closed Bank (1), Closed Down (1), Closed Monday except on Bank Holidays (1), Closed Road (1), Closed from Monday 28/11/22 to facilitate ground works. (2), Closes at 18:00 (1), Clothes banks for, St. Vincent De Paul and Cork City Hospitals Children's Club. Recycling containers for green glass, clear glass, brown glass, drinks cans, food cans. Operator is repak / cork city council and the relevant charities. (1), Clothes recycling (1), Clothing store (1), Cloughjordan Community Co-operative supports local food and craft producers. It is an accessible and inclusive community space, run largely by volunteers. (1), Club House at Gowran Grange (1), Clydagh Bridge recreation area (1), Cnoc na gCuinín (Hill of the rabbits) (1), Cnocans or little hills (1), Co-Location, Hosting services (1), Co-educational Catholic all-Irish primary. (1), Coal and fishing nets were stored here in the past. (1), Code used to leave available from the bank. (1), Coding and packaging (1), Coffee & Smoothie Bar (1), Coffee Company (1), Coffee Roastery (1), Coffee and Tea Shop (1), Coffee shop (1), Coimín na mBád (no Coimín na mBárd) = the Hollow of the Boats (or Hollow of the Poets?) (1), Coleraine Ladies Hockey Club (2), Collection of three statues representing Oscar Wilde, Constance Lloyd and Dionysus. (1), Collins Barracks (1), Colourful horse. (1), Combination of metal bolt and chiselled mark. (1), Combined sports facility for Carrigaline Rugby Football Club and Carrigaline Athletics Club due to open in September 2022 (1), Commemorates the people involved in the restoration of the abbey. (1), Commercial Printer (1), Commercial salmon & arctic char hatchery. Public planning web ref: (1), Commerical Zones SW of Mullingar Town (4), Common grounds for the commuinity of Ballyhaunis, especially during the end of summer festivals. (1), Commonage -not much use (1), Commonage area (1), Commonly known as the Stáca. Mapped as the Stack Of Beans in English (1), Community Orchard planted in 2017 on Local Authority Lands as part of Ennis Tidy Towns Biodiversity Initiative in collaboration with Garden of Eden Projects Ireland. (1), Community Training Centre (1), Community based sports club. (1), supplies new & refurbished cardboard balers, waste compactors and Dewatering shredders to business customers, to rent or buy in Ireland. (1), Computer Science faculty at Queen's University Belfast. Computer labs, breakout spaces, project meeting rooms, Student Hub, and postgraduate offices. (1), Computer repair shop and internet cafe. Repairing laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets and printers. (1), Concrete cross erected on the summit of the Devil's Bit in 1954, which was celebrated as Marian Year in the Catholic Church. (1), Concrete products supplier (1), Confirm - The Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Smart Manufacturing. (1), Connects to a loop with the Canal Walk. (1), Considered by some to be only a decoy with the real mass rock being located north of the forest. (1), Constructed 1910. Map 1918 listed as Soldiers Quarters 7 X 2 Blocks = 14 Houses + 1 X 7 Block Soldiers Gardens Map 1938 Permanent Buildings 20' Feet High X 2 Blocks with 3rd Block Soldiers Gardens outlined. 1994 Photo. Demolished between 2000-2005 (1), Construction company (1), Construction of Gravel Road Badakhshan- From Shahr-e-Buzurg to Ashkashim Badakhshan Province. Constructed/ MOF/NRAP/MRRD (2), Construction site for nursing home. Due to open 2023 (source: Kilkenny People Oct 2021) (1), Consult member of staff at reception, inside main door. Email website after use. (1), Consult member of staff at reception desk. Email website after use. (1), Consult member of the club.Email website after use. (1), Consulting Structural & Civil Engineers (1), Contemporary Art Gallery (1), Contemporary art gallery (2), Contemporary décor and friendly atmosphere, our restaurant is the perfect venue for you to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, lunch, or a sumptuous evening meal. (1), Control house for Samuel Beckett bridge (1), Convenience store, hot food counter, tea & coffee. (1), Converted from church into residential (1), Conway residential development, built on the former site of Conway House and Estate. (1), Con discese ripide e interminabili salite, la tappa offre spettacoli naturali tra i quali ci si perde col pensiero, per giungere ai piedi della lunga e ripida salita che porta al borgo di Cesarò, sperduto tra i Nebrodi, terrazza privilegiata sull'Etna (1), Copper Beech (1), Copper Mine Museum and Café. (1), Copper, fiber (7), Coppers Bar is a bar & live music venue in the heart Portlaoise Live Music, DJ's, Signature Cocktails and Gin Serves. Coppers Bar is the idea venue to have a party, it can hold up to 200 people and has many booted and seated areas. (1), Corcreeny only part of 1901 census. (1), Cork (IE) - Dublin (IE) - Liverpool (GB) - Hull (GB) - Rotterdam (NL) - Nijmegen (NL) - Worms (DE) - Donau (AT) - Bratislava (SK) - Iwonicz-Zdrój (PL) - Border UA/PL (1), Cork Chess Club meets upstairs here, the Cork Bridge Club building, on Friday evenings from the start of September through to the end of May, from 8pm until midnight. (1), Cork Folklore project details on website. Also cafe and exhibition based on history of North cathedral;local history archive hub (1), Corran Integrated Primary School and Nursery (1), Cosmetic and General Dental Surgery (1), Could also be spelled 'The Coill Field' as in the Irish for a Wood but commonly know as The Kill Field (1), Could also refer to a kiln, according to neighbour, but she cannot remember any kiln ever being there. (1), Could it be phonetic for "Bán na tur" (The Tower Field) and in combination with The Old Street and The Old Garden hint at a vanished settlement? (1), Council employees only. (1), Courier Service (1), Courtesy Transport Zone 2 (1), Courts don't have nets. (1), Couvre l'ancienne région Bourgogne (1), Cove of the sand (1), Cove on the boundary of Ráth Ciaráin and Cloghán Ceannúig. (1), Covered standing are for Tipperary County Camogie pitch. No seating. (1), Covered stream (1), Coworking space: (1), Cows passing down to the river between the stiles, keep calm. (2), Cows passing through to drink from the river. Don't panic. (2), Cozy and warm coffee and book shop. Perfect if you like to enjoy a warm beverage or delicious treats inside or outside. They also offer live music every once in a while till late night. (1), Cozy coffee shop at the ground floor, Residential apartments at levels 2, 3 and 4. (1), Craggaunowen Castle was built by John MacSioda MacNamara around 1550. It is a typical example of a fortified Tower house which was the ordinary residence of the gentry at the time. (1), Craggaunowen is a 16th-century castle and an archaeological open-air museum. (1), Craigavon model car and bike club. First for 1/5th scale model racing in northern Ireland (1), Cramsie Court Sheltered Accommodation (1), Created by Argideen Anglers Association (2), Created to ease maintenance on the "main" Thames Path from Source to Woolwich. The North (or true Left) Bank has many diversions away. Through central London (Battersea Bridge to Tower Bridge) the route tends to hug the River. (1), Creche & Nursery School (1), Credit Union (1), Croc comes from Currach which means a boggy place (1), Croc comes from from Currach = boggy wet land (1), Croftwell (1), Croftwell Drive (1), Croftwell Square (1), Cropmarks indicate the lost village (1), Cropmarks seem to indicate a platform which extends from the graveyard marked on the British War Office map (1), Cross Inscribed Stone (1), Cross made of rails. (1), Crosshaven Gaelic Athletic Association Club House formerly part of Historic Fort Camden Married Soldiers Quarters 4 X Buildings with drying ground to rear, Map 1880 and later repurposed circa 1910 as Fort Camden School for the married soldiers children. (1), Crossroads known by this, because of a lochán (small lake/pond) in field, but drained by the co. council. source JB (1), Cuaisín - Little Cove/Inlet na - (of) the hEascainne (Eascann = Eel) Local pronunciation may be closer to ‘Cuaisín an Ascúin’ (1), Cuas - Cove na - (of) the Finní Croch - (given as Grey Crow by MOS) (1), Cuas - Cove na - (of) the Geire - Theas - South (1), Cuas - Cove na - (of) the Geire - Thuaidh - North (1), Cuas - Cove, Dubh - black. Said that there was a tunnel from here that went under Nagle's house but it was blocked off in the storm in 1962 (1), Cuas - Inlet a' - (of) the Cúr - (Sea) Foam Given as Cuas a Thúir (Tower Cove) by MOS (possibility as Sandy Cove was originally called Torbay) (1), Cuas - cove Dall - blind (1), Cuas = cove, crevice Leac = flat stone, flagstone English name due to Sisters of Mercy from Skibbereen Convent using this cuas during summer months during the 20th century. (1), Cuas Dearg a' Dúna means the Red Cuas/Cove of the Fort and lies at one side of an Iron age fort (1), Cuas is a harbour. Field has a stream that comes from the sea ccording to Lankford (1), Cullenstown beach is a southerly facing sandy beach located immediately west of where the River Muck enters the sea. (1), Culvert (1), Cumar - Steep-sided inlet na - (of) the Failleanna - Cliffs (1), Current route due to construction in Darmstadt. This route will be valid until at least August 2023. (1), Currently Building outline visible. Formerly listed as Royal Engineers Store - map dated 1880 A Weigh Bridge was installed .here some time later for weighing Army Trucks. Map dated 1939 :. Shows a Weigh Bridge House in the bottom left corner, (1), Currently Crosshaven GAA Clubhouse and Pitches Map 1881 Married Soldiers Quarters Map 1939 Hut and Tennis Court (1), Currently Exhibition Rooms. Originally Soldiers Quarters - map dated 1880 - with Guard Room, Lock Up, Cells & Artillery General Store. By 1939 room uses included a Drying Room, Washroom, Cook House, Store & Dining Room with Barrack Rooms and Hospital (1), Currently In disrepair. Map 1880: Canteen and Saw Pit. Map 1939 Coffee, Canteen Hut, Kitchen, Bar, Grocery Bar and Coal Store. (1), Currently Restoration Workshops. Map 1880: Soldiers Quarters, Later Ablution Room, 2 X Barrack Rooms (Men) and Dining Room mapped 1939 (1), Currently Tearooms. Map 1880: Soldiers Quarters. Map 1939: Married Quarters, 2 x Reading Rooms, Billiard Room, Bar, Larder, Store, Kitchen, Sergeants Mess, Soldiers Latrine, Ablution, General Latrine. (1), Currently in a state of disrepair. In a map dated 1881 this Building housed Stables & a Skittle Alley, By 1939 a Fuel and Oil Store had replaced the Skittles & Rope; Paint and Bedding Stores replaced the Stables. (1), Currently undergoing restoration/remodeling (1), Cushlake Mountains added according to 1901 census. (1), Cycle route along A55 Outer Ring linking A2 to A20. Mostly consists of shared footway. (1), Cycle route along the A55 outer ring. Mostly consists of shared-use footways. (1), Cycle route sign indicating a left turn (into Killynure Avenue) to Carryduff (¾ mile) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a left turn (into Killynure Avenue) to Saintfield (5 miles) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a left turn (into Lisdoonan Road) to Carryduff (3 miles) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a left turn (onto Killynure Road) to Saintfield (5 miles) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a leftturn (into Lisdoonan Road) to Saintfield (4 miles) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a leftturn (onto the A7 Saintfield Road) to Saintfield (1 mile) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a leftturn (onto the B178 Church Road) to Saintfield (5 miles) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a right turn (into Killynure Road) to Carryduff (½ mile) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a right turn (into Lisdoonan Road) to Carryduff (3 miles) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a right turn (into Lisdoonan Road) to Saintfield (3 miles) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a right turn (into Monlough Road) to Carryduff (4 miles) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a right turn (onto Killynure Road) to Saintfield (5 miles) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a right turn (onto Monlough Road) to Saintfield (2 miles) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a right turn (onto the A7 Saintfield Road) to Carryduff (¾ mile) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a right turn (onto the A7 Saintfield Road) to Saintfield (4 miles) (1), Cycle route sign indicating a right turn (onto the B178 Church Road) to Saintfield (5 miles) (1), Cyclists must follow the route in an anti-clockwise direction, in accordance with the waymarkers. (1), Cúl na gClochmeans a stony black field and would probably be the correct grammatical form of the name. (1), Cúm - Hollow a' - (of the) Chadhlaigh - Family name of a man who lived there, (normally anglicised to Kiely) Cheallaigh - Hermit Also noted in Lankford that three tigíns were built here and were all the same size (10ft x 6ft) (1), Cúr - Foam/Froth Ard - High During stormy weather sea foam blows off this point. (1), DAA Gardening Section (1), DAA Offices (1), DIY, Builders Merchants, Bathroom and Plumbing Suppliers, (1), DNK Windscreens (1), Dagetappe 2 van de LF9 NAP-route (1), Dagetappe 9 van de LF9 NAP-route (1), Dagwandeling Twellose landgoederen (1), Dairy Farm (1), Daly's B&B (3), Dalys bottling company, EST 1779, where Tanora was developed and bottled. just the doorway arch remains (1), Dance platform that was in use up on Sunday afternoons until the 1960's. (1), Das Gebiet des Ortsteils Allertshofen. Es bildet mit dem Ortsteil Hoxhohl den Ortsbezirk Allertshofen/Hoxhohl der Gemeinde Modautal. (1), Das Gebiet des Ortsteils Ernsthofen der Gemeinde Modautal. Es wurde ein Ortsbezirk nach der Hessischen Gemeindeordnung eingerichtet. (1), Dates from the 1790s. Was taken out of use by the Church of Ireland in 1990. Acquired by the Montpascal Foundation and renovated. Available to the community as a meeting hall, gallery and available to rent for private events. (1), Day ticket Trout Fishery (1), Day ticket trout fishery (1), De enige echte bergwandeltocht in Nederland (1), De la source de la Moselle à la frontière Allemande (1), Dead (3), Dedicated to the men and women of Ireland who left their native land, starting with the Flight of the Wild Geese in October 1691. Erected 1991. (1), Deep Water warning (1), Deep water near the shore (1), Deerpark Demesne Wall (3), Definitely closed (1), Definitive meaning unknown but could be derived from Gort a’ Ghair (the field of the garbage, waste o worthless ground) (1), Dennehy's Health & Fitness Blackpool. Corks first multi site commercial gym. 3 gyms, one membership! (1), Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (1), Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection local office (1), Depicts St Brigid Feeding The Poor. February 1977, Stonework by Paddy Brangan (1), Der Elster-Radweg führt entlang der Weißen Elster von der Quelle bei Aš in der Tschechischen Republik über Bad Elster nach Halle an der Saale (1), Derelict (1), Derelict house now used to house animals. Once the home of a man named Jimmy Russell, a bachelor who died in the late 1980s. (1), Derelict in a state of disrepair. Intended use: Decommissioned Exhibition Display Area. Previously Royal Engineers Workshop - map dated 1880 and Woodworking Shop, Plumbers Shop and Storage - map dated 1939 (1), Derryree and Lisnakea Barnhill not in 1911 census, but inlcuded to not leave an enclave (1), Derryshandra not part of 1911 census, but included to not leave an enclave (1), Described as a boggy field (1), Described as a good arable field. Clos usually means a yard (field near a house) or an enclosure. Should possibly be Clais (1), Described as a meadow. Translates as the Middle Field (1), Described by Lankford as "Field - the yellow hump" but probably means a grey boggy place (1), Described by Lankford as a Garden Field (1), Described by Lankford as a small bit of ground (1), Described by Lankford as having a steep hill down and flat at the bottom (1), Described by Lankford as the Field of the Ruin (1), Described by Lankford as the field at the foot of the hill. Two adjoining fields have this name (2), Described in Lankford as 100 years old and prehistoric (1), Described in Lankford as a furze field. Owned one time by Charlie McCarthy (1), Described in Lankford as a good lookout point where you can see for miles (1), Described in Lankford as a hilly area. Liath Óileán can be interpreted as Grey Island and may have possibly got its name from the grey stone on the hillside (1), Described in Lankford as a quiet out-of-the-way field used for training soldiers during WW1 (1), Described in Lankford as a really bad marshy field (1), Described in Lankford as a thrashing field - it has good shelter (1), Described in Lankford as the Field of the Pissemiers (ants) (1), Described on Lankford as Cra - Vat Field. Also states that he is not sure of this unusual name (1), Describes as Charlie's Field (1), Describes the crash, on 19 June 1941, of a German aircraft nearby (1), Describes the now-demolished Ardreigh Mills, which stood nearby and closed in 1925. (1), Description and history of Burnchurch Castle (1), Design, Homeware & Craft Shop (1), Designated Footpath 59 (1), Designated Off Leash Area (1), Designed and installed by students of LYIT (1), Designer Shoes & Handbags (1), Detached three-bay single-storey house, built in 1803, having two-storey return to the rear (south). This house was originally built by a branch of the Handcock-Temple Family of nearby Waterstown House and was later the home of R. Cuppaidge, Esq., in 1837 (1), Detached three-bay two-storey house, built c. 1880 furtehr info: (1), Detached three-bay two-storey house, c.1840, with large two-storey L-plan extension to rere. Roughcast rendered walls with smooth rendered base course. Timber sash windows to front, timber and uPVC windows to sides and rere. Projecting central flat-roofed (1), Detailed information about the origins, history, and wildlife of the fen (1), Deutsche Fachwerkstraße: Eppingen-Zaberfeld-Kirchheim-Bietigheim (1), Dicey Reilly’s microbrewery is located in an old coach house where the horses were kept pre-1900. The microbrewery makes a number of small-batch vegan-friendly beers. (1), Digital storage, SD cards, Flash, USB (1), Dinner is served in grain & grill restaurant every day. The menu includes options to suit all tastes prepared from local and Irish produce. Our restaurant has stunning views of the historic city walls and convivial atmosphere for relaxed dining. (1), Direct route; there is another option that goes via Castlecomer and Athy. (1), Directly across from Carrig na mBan. It was traditionally used by women to wash their feet before putting on their shoes on the way to Mass. (1), Discount supermarket chain specialising in own-brand groceries and Irish produce. (1), Disused Blacksmith's Forge (1), Disused Burial Ground and probably a church. Possibly was the centre of a parish between Gleann Bearcháin and An Chraobhach in the middle ages. Cill Chluain Each was anglicised to Kilcloonagh in some sources. Cluian Each seems to derive from ' a horse pas (1), Disused public toilet (1), Ditch that runs along by Forrest View (1), Dodie tree - part of Aggie's Fairy trail , with loads of hanging dodies (pacifiers, dummies') from it. Presumably when children are ready to part with them they leave them to the fairies (1), Dog agility competition area (1), Dogs must be kept on leads. (1), Dollymount Strand is the closest large beach to Dublin City Centre and is situated on North Bull Island, a coastal sand spit located in Dublin Bay. Dollymount Strand is a sandy beach that runs from the north Bull wall to the northern tip of the Island. Th (1), Dominant trees are Hazel and Birch with some Ash, Oak, Rowan, Grey willow and Alder. Coppicing of hazel carried out. (1), Dominick Place is a residence accommodating 320 students. The building features studios and en-suit bathrooms with a convenient LUAS stop right outside, providing residents with convenient access to RCS, Trinity College, DIT and DCU. (1), Don Bosco House, 57 Lr Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9 This is a hostel for young people in difficulties who are given professional care and attention. The service is funded by the Health Service Executive. (1), Don't know translation (1), Don't know translation. Two fields had this name (2), Donegal Corridor Memorial (1), Donegal to Ardara (1), Donnydeade (1), Doppelmayr 6-CLD D-Line chairlift replaced old Marjalaki T-bar in 2022. Height: 161 m, length: 871 m, speed: 5 m/s, 54 chairs, DCD chairs with spring damping, Station-D (1), Double Ramparts (1), Double lime kiln with openings towards the main road. (1), Dr Farnan and Partners (1), Dr Robert Killane (1), Dr Simpson & Dr Beattie (1), Dr. Burns & Partner (1), Drinks cans (1), Driveway of Kilvilcorris House. Lined with trees on both sides. (1), Drom Parochial House, constructed in 1847. Refurbished in 1988. Residence of the Catholic Parish Priest of Drom & Inch. (1), Drom probably derived from 'droim' - a ridge (1), Dromintee Gac (1), Drumcondra Football Club (1), Drumnameel not in 1901 or 1911 census. (1), Drumsheeny and Tonyhamigan not part of 1911 census, but included to not leave an enclave. (1), Dry Cleaning and Laundry service (1), Dry valley (1), Dry well; covered up to prevent lambs from falling in in the mid 20th century. Pattern still held. (1), Dual fuel natural gas and ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) power plant consisting of two 100 MW General Electric LMS100 combustion turbine generators. The plant is co-located with a three-unit 124-megawatt oil-fueled power plant, WM Generating Station I. (1), Dublin Food Co-operative Society Limited is a consumer co-operative founded in 1983 and based in Kilmainham, Dublin, with a focus on organic and wholefood products. (1), Dublin Motor Tax Office (1), Dublin Serviced Offices (DSO) provides virtual office/Registered Address services including office space, meeting rooms and services to new and growing companies at affordable rates. We have offices in Dublin City Centre and in Dun Laoghaire, South County (1), Dublin to Lytham (1), Duchas quote is "They were resting on the slopes of Carn na Mhaoin when Dermot heard that Fionn was in Inver." (1), Duck pond home to Brown Trout and Eels (1), Dug by Time Team Season 5 episode 7 on the expectation to find the early monastic site. (1), Dug out in the 1930s or 40s for making flax. There is a farmhouse there (1), Duitse commandobunker van het type 117a (1), Dun Laoghaire Motor Spares (1), Dungiven - Swanns Bridge (1), Durchbindung der Linie 330 und 334 in Ortmann Bahnhof (2), During the Famine the Rev. Mr. Oliver, Church of England curate in the parish, opened a soup house here. After mass he did his level best to entice mass goers to accept his free soup. This may have also been the site of one of the first schools in the par (1), Dúinín translates to fort while Diarmuid More was a pirate. Promontory fort associated with Dermot Conor O’Driscoll (ref Fr Coombes). fort excavated by Prof. O’Kelly, UCC, in 1953. (1), E 105 North excluding Norway (1), E 42: Dunkerque - Aschaffenburg (1), E 44 Le Havre - Giessen (1), EGAD Newtownards 128.300 MHz (1), ELR:MLN (1), ER - Bubenreuth - Baiersdorf (1), ESB Building (1), ESB Street Light (3), ESB training area for climbing pylons (1), Eamon a Chnoic loop (7), Earthen ring fort (1), East Munster Way, Blackwater (Avondhu) Way (1), East Munster Way, Blackwater (Avondhu) Way, Tipperary Heritage Way (2), East Munster Way, Blackwater Way (1), East Munster Way, Tipperary Heritage Way (2), East bound (1), Ederney Community Fitness Area includes outdoor machines for all ages (1), Ederney floodlit training pitch. Developed 2015 (1), Eel Fisherman Monk with eels and eel spear (1), Ein Pilgerweg, der von Minden zur Sigwardskirche nach Idensen führt. Der Weg gliedert sich in eine Nordroute und eine Südroute oder kann als Rundweg begangen werden. (1), Eisenach – Mühlhausen – Sondershausen – Kyffhäuser – Kelbra – Nordhausen – Wernigerode (1), Eisenacher Haus Weg (1), Ejpovice (D5 km67) — Plzeň (I/20, I/27) — Sulkov (D5 km89) — Horšovský Týn — Draženov (I/22) — Folmava — Německo (1), Eldorado Parkway section of Frisco bike route (1), Electrical line school (3), Emergency Access Gate (3), Enclosed Moravian cemetery, c.1750, with roughcast rendered boundary wall and rock-faced granite ashlar entrance gateway having cast-iron gate in pointed opening. Carved name plaque above. Axial path within, with flat, square stone grave markers. (1), Enclosed Moravian cemetery, c.1750, with roughcast rendered boundary wall and rock-faced granite pedestrian entrance gateway having cast-iron gate. (1), Enclosure for animals (1), Energy recovery building (1), Enjoy a delicious carvery lunch at the Village Kitchen, renowned for its consistent high quality and finest selection of food, beautifully prepared by our experienced chefs. (1), Enjoy a walk through mixed woodland at Nugent's wood. (1), Enjoy the relaxed private ambiance of the restaurant. Our evening menu has something for everyone, with a range of choice from including surf and turf, spinach and broccoli penne pasta, Irish Hereford 10oz sirloin steak, Irish chicken supreme and more. (1), Ennis - Cliffs of Moher - Doolin - Kinvara - Galway (1), Enniskerry to Townsend Street (1), Entrace to Portadown train station. (1), Entrance not currently in use. (1), Entrance to Mountsandel Forest (1), Entrance to Osprey Hotel (1), Entry Only, by code or tag (1), Entry to residents and visitors only (1), Equestrian centre (1), Erected by the priests and people of Killenaule and Moyglass in memory of Rev. David Humphrys, Parish priest of the above parishes for 35 years who died 22nd June 1930 in the 88th year of his age and the 62nd of his sacred ministery. Requiescat in Pace. (1), Erected in the 1970s according to the farmer, no plaque or anything on site. (1), Erfurt - Wartburg - Erfurt (1), Eshcleagh not in 1911 census (1), Established by a Kinsale lady, Kathleen Cait Murphy who worked as a nurse for over 30 years in New York City. There is a tree for each of the Fireman who died, as well as one for the Chaplin Father Michale Judge who was a friend of hers (1), Established in 1869, Kavanagh's is the longest family run pub in Portlaoise. For over 140 years Kavanagh's has been serving the people of Laois with the highest standards while continually evolving the pub to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. (1), Estimated from street names in Census 1911. (1), Estrada do Mirante (1), Etappe 1: Passau - Wegscheid (1), Etappen 6-10 (1), Ethnic food supermarket (1), European Tree of the Year 2020 (1), Europort Business Park EBP04 & EBP04a (1), Europort Business Park EBP02 & EBP03 (1), Europort Business Park EBP05 (1), Evzonoi - Axios/Vardar (for Thessaloniki) - Larissa - Almyros - Lamia - Athens … Chania - Heraklion - Agios Nikolaos - Sitia (1), Exams Office, Exam Centre & Architecture Factory (1), Excavated by Aidan O'Sullivan, further information on (1), Excellent well preserved doubled-ringed ringfort (1), Exclusive one to one haircuts (1), Existing pin is incorrect, pub on the corner (1), Exit Only - automatic (1), Extention mapping needs to be fixed (1), External wall of the soccer changing rooms in the car park. 2nd building on the left as you enter the main gate. Email website after use. (1), F (1), F 350 Cul-de-sac and The Maximum Gross Weight (Traffic Management) Sign, RUS 015 (3.5 t) and Ramps sign (ref unknown) and Ticket Machine directional sign (ref unknown) on stand alone pole (1), F 350 Cul-de-sac and The Maximum Gross Weight (Traffic Management) Sign, RUS 015 (3.5 t) and Speed Limit Sign, RUS 043, 50 km/h on stand alone pole (1), F 350 Cul-de-sac and The Maximum Gross Weight (Traffic Management) Sign, RUS 015 (3.5 t) on stand alone pole (2), F 350 Cul-de-sac on stand alone pole (2), Factory providing Rotary Diecutting and Diecuts (1), Fahrt 002 (1), Faill - Cliff Bhróighe - Shoes A sailing ship was wrecked here around 1850 (1), Faill - Cliff Dic - etymology unclear In Edith Somerville's writings, she mentioned men were working here when the castle fell. Alt spell given by ES in 1946 (1), Faill - Cliff a' - (of) the Tónacáin - Moving on one’s bottom Name probably comes from the art of collection eggs from sea bird nests (1), Faill - Cliff na - (of) the mBairneach - Limpets (1), Faill - Cliff na - of the Seabhach - Hawk Locals say these are the highest cliffs in Co. Cork (1), Faill - cliff (1), Faill - cliff Bhach Iodhna - meaning unknown EL See note for possible meanings. (1), Faill - cliff na - of the Cág - crows (1), Faill - cliff prataí - potatoes (1), Faill Ard = High Cliff. The big field east of Faill Ard Cliff (1), Fairy ring / ringfort (1), Fake Thatched cottage (1), Family Owned Vape Shop (1), Family Phelan emigrated to New Zealand, but name still remains in the field. (1), Family home that only has a pub license for Thursday nights. Famous for its tradition music sessions. (1), Famous for our selection of quality wines, world and craft beers. We have an exceptional range of premium gin, vodka, Irish & world whiskey. (1), Farm access track (22), Farm access track - No through way (1), Farm and forestry access road (4), Farm land access. Accomodation bridge (1), Farm track (1), Farmer prounces it "bawn an eeshk" and interpreted it as "Field of the fish". The surveyor suggested "uisce" rather than "iasc", to which the farmer responded that that could be possible, because there used to be a well in the field. (1), Farmer recalls his father taking his three years old brother in the 1950s into the field which was covered in rushes and flaggers (yellow iris). The rushes were growing so tall that the father lost sight of the boy. (1), Farmers market twice weekly (1), Farmers not sure about spelling, pronounciation is "moon lock" (bog lake?).. (1), Farmstead circa 1830s. (1), Farmyard Access (1), Fast-Food Fried Chicken Chain (1), Feagh added according to 1901 census. (1), Fee reimbursable when buying > £5 of food from Wetherspoons. (1), Ferry tickets (1), Ferry: Dublin => Holyhead (Irish Ferries - fast) (1), Fiber, copper, fiber dp (1), Field With The Little Hills (1), Field at fork on road. Two adjoining fields have this name (2), Field name given by DOD. (1), Financial Planners (1), Find location of the sheela-na-gig on display in Rothe House, Kilkenny. (1), Find location was near Shankill, Co. Kilkenny in 1970. Authenticity is doubted. (1), First Fruit church, i.e. built as Church of Ireland church. (1), First described in 1870 by William Wakeman. (1), First floor by KFC (1), First floor near the carpark entrance (1), First municipal waterworks for Galway City, built in the later 19th century and early 20th century (1), Fish species information (1), Fishermen traditionally pulled their boats in here for shelter during bad weather (1), Fishermen went up here to look at the weather as it was a shorter walk than going up to the graveyard to observe. PD (1), Fishing rights reserved for Armagh Angling Club members (1), Fishing rights reserved for Armagh Angling Club members. Some day permits are available. (2), Fishing rocks (1), Fishing tackle & licensed firearms dealer (1), Fitzpatrick Bar & Off Sales - Established 2021. Belfast's newest family run Pub, situated just 5 minutes from the City Centre. (1), Five fields here are known as The Meadows (4), Fixed tank (1), Fixed to the wall of the Cottage at highway markings. (1), Flat area of grass for use of the public (1), Flexbus (1), Flixbus EL150 = Eurolines EU0061 (2), Flixbus K997 = Eurolines EU0457 (3), Floating jetty (3), Flooded abandoned quarry (1), Flooring and Furniture (1), Flora species information (1), Flughafen München wird ca. 2-3mal bedient. (2), Follows the glen past Moat Hill and down to the Piggery (1), Food, Accommodations and camp site at the water site. (1), Footway comprises a path with a zebra crossing lines composition. (1), For Adelboden Lodge (1), For sale 2021-11-08 (1), For sale Nov 2021 (1), For tents, caravans and camping-cars (1), Forestry entry / exit point (1), Forestry road (3), Formed during World War II when Nazi aircraft inadvertently dropped bombs on the park, forming the crater which is now filled with water. (1), Former Applegreen petrol station. It is still open for business, but no longer partnered with any chains. Petrol and diesel are no longer available at this location. (1), Former Bishop’s Palace built by Bishop de Ledrede. (1), Former Butter Exchange, recent use as craft centre but currently derelict. (1), Former Cafe Comino (1), Former Central Telephone Exchange (1), Former Christian Brothers' residence. Now fully boarded up pending redevelopment of neighbouring site. (1), Former Clonaslee Church of Ireland (1), Former Customs House (1), Former Harland & Wolff Headquarters Building & Drawing Offices (1), Former Mill Office (1), Former Primary School (1), Former Railway Station (1), Former Seminary and Chapel. Nineteenth-Century Gothic Revival. (1), Former Slate Quarry (1), Former Smurfit Print Works (1), Former bank restored as a community resource centre. Run by the Portglenone Enterprise Group. (1), Former coastguard station (1), Former firing range (1), Former location of the mansion of Sir Richard Shee. (1), Former lock keeper's cottage, at lock 8; listed Grade B1. (1), Former portions of Sustrans National Cycle Network route 99 & Regional Route 20, de-designated by them in Summer 2020 because they're on-road. Some signage may still remain. (1), Former site of the Glyne Gap Gasworks until 1969. (1), Former énergie fitness club (closed 2017) (1), Formerly The Hilltop Bar (O' Dwyer's), a public house. House dates from the nineteenth century (1), Formerly known as Hanover Tyres (1), Formerly mapped by Sustrans as a 'National Cycle Network link route' (1), Formerly marked on Sustrans' National Cycle Network map as a 'national cycle network link route', although frankly there was nnext to nothing on the ground in terms of infrastructure or signage to indicate this. (1), Formerly marked on Sustrans' mapping as a 'National Cycle Network link route' but there was no special cycle infrastructure on the route, nor any signage whatsoever. (1), Formerly part of Sustrans NCN93, de-designated by them Summer 2020 on safety grounds. (1), Formerly shown as a 'National Cycle Network link route' on Sustrans' National Cycle Network mapping, declassified in Summer 2020 (1), Formerly shown on Sustrans' mapping as a 'National Cycle Network link route' (1), Formerly shown on Sustrans' mapping as a 'national cycle network link route' (1), Formerly the Big Field. (1), Foundations of the demolished Keel Monastery in Ahiohill. (1), Founded by Walter De Burgh, Earl of Ulster. A monastery of the Dominican or 'Black' Friars. In ruins but in State care. (1), Four fields in a row have this name.Translates as Hanley's Fields Apparently they are part of Bawnishal as they were let by the landlord to a family from Bawnishal called Hanley (4), Four graveslabs on the ground, one plaque on the wall (1), Fox Covert (1), Fr Doyles Walk (1500m) (3), France, territoires régis par l’article 72 de la Constitution (1), Franked Mail Only (1), Free Campsite with picnic tables (1), Free Wifi (1), Freestanding limestone triumphal arch, built 1813, transplanted to Custom House Quay from Amiens Street in 1998. Ashlar walling with plinth, impost course and with moulded string course to parapet level. Arch elevations proper set back slightly from ... (1), From Cúiléar or Ciléar (a shallow tub for milk or butter??? Gort = field (1), From Hollywood to Glendalough. St Kevin's Way follows in the footsteps of St Kevin through the hills of County Wicklow to the valley of Glendalough where he stayed the rest of his life. (1), Fuel Farm (1), Fuinneog - Window Chreach - (1), Full of furze. Not owned by anyone. Commonage (1), Function rooms, bar, coffee shop, outdoor terrace (1), G (1), G210 runs from Baotou,Inner Mongolia to Nanning,Guangxi Province (1), G7011 connects Shiyan, Hubei with Tianshui, Gansu (1), GAA Ball Net and supports (2), GNSS Continuously Operating Reference Station and Public L1 RTK Correction Feed. URL: Port: 9090 Corrections output format as RTCM3 Contact: Info: (1), Gaelic Football and Hurling (1), Gala general store. Fresh food, fruits, meat and lots more. (1), Gallowshill Dungarvan County Waterford is a large defensive motte or earthen castle site possibly dating from around the 12th century. (1), Galway - Kinvara - Doolin - Cliffs of Moher - Ennis (2), Galway, Merlin Woods, Main route from Coillte Mhuirline through to back entrence to Merlin Park Hospital (1), Gap to access Waterloo Terrace from steps (1), Garda Barracks (1), Garden Centre (2), Garden Room (1), Garden surrounding residential building. (2), Gardiner Monk with basket of vegtables and spade (1), Garraí - garden (1), Garraí - garden see note for possible meaning of Rig (1), Garraí Fáinleóige = the field of the curlew (1), Garraí is a potato field. Also said to be an unit of land (quarter acre). Beag means small. Also shown as having the name Graffin. (1), Garraí is a potato field. Also said to be an unit of land (quarter acre). Glas means green (1), Gate barrier allows access for pedestrians and cyclists but only over rough ground. It was installed to stop vehicles gaining access to the bog to dump waste such as tyres, paints, white goods... (1), Gate house (1), Gate lodge at the entrance to Inch House. Currently vacant. (1), Gate open during periods of Church activity (1), Gate to enter Ballinakelly Wood, open access (1), Gatehouse with entrance road passing though the bottom level of the house (1), Gates to Castletown Demesne (1), Gave its name to the surrounding field as "Huntsman's House Field. (1), Gave its name to the townsland, i.e. Carrigeen meaning "little rock". (1), Gemarkeerde streekpadwandeling rond de Biesbosch (1), General Practice. Visitors welcome. Visit website to make an appointment. (1), General convenience store with farm stuff store at the back. (1), Generally the name of a field with a Lios. There were two adjoining fields with this name (1), Gents (1), Geological gem of a beach. Pnk surface is composed of dry and sun-bleached algae. Very rare! (1), Gesamte Nordroute von Passau nach Furth im Wald (1), Geschwindigkeitssignal (Lf7 "5") in südöstlicher Richtung (1), Geschützter Ankerplatz (1), Ghost bike in memory of Thiago Cortes, 28, struck on August 31, 2020. (1), Giles Barrett B. Sc. (Pharm.) F.P.S.I. (1), Girl on horse. (1), Given this name by locals as it was hilly (1), Glaisín Áilinn = the beautiful little stream. Note: Is also pronounced locally by some as Claisín Áilinn (the beautiful little field among rocky outcrops). (1), Glasmore (1), Glass and clothes recycling centre (1), Glenariff Mountains and Lemnalary Mountain townlands not in census 1911 (1), Goirtín is a small field. A meadow is good pasture (1), Goirtín is a small field. Means the North Goirtín Meadow. A meadow is good pasture (1), Golfers crossing from right. (1), Good arable field. Clos usually means a yard (field near a house) or an enclosure. (1), Good field for crops (1), Good field. Lush and green (1), Goods In and Out for COVID (1), Gore's Island only in 1901 Census (1), Gort - field geata - gate (1), Gort - field na - of the Feochadán - thistles (1), Gort - field na - of the Garraí - garden (1), Gort - field na - of the móna - bog (1), Gort Breac = a speckled field (1), Gort an chláir (possibly meaning the flat field) (1), Gortgonis Sports Complex And Coalisland Day Care Centre (1), Got its name as a priest came out in landlord times to help locals and owner to plough the field (1), Got its name as pheasants were put here. Castlehaven National Schools Collection gives the name as Carraige an Áit (1), Got this name as Cadogans (possibly went to Bawnishal later) lived there one time and this was their bit of land. Others gave this as Clais Mór but this name was given by the landowner (1), Got this name as a man called Eoinín lived there (1), Gothic-style Hindu arch. Former gate lodge. (1), Gourmet Sandwich Bar (1), Grain & Grill bar & restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, we pride ourselves on offering great food with friendly surroundings. (1), Grain and Grill Bar at the Maldron Hotel Limerick offers a friendly and cosy atmosphere to relax and enjoy a drink with friends or colleagues (1), Graphic Design, Print, Promotional Products, Signage, Corporate Video, Digital Marketing and Websites (1), Grassy track with a hard under-core, uneven in places. (1), Graveslab, moved here from original location. Believed to be for Lieutenant Humphrey Minchin of Shangarry, Cromwellian soldier. Inscription is just about legible until the family name. (1), Greek & Cypriot Restaurant (1), Green Gym here consists of 7 multi-function stations: * Chest Press/Seated Row * Fitness Bike/Hand Bike * Leg Press/Oblique * Lat Pull Down/Shoulder Press * Dips/Leg Raise * Cross Trainer * Triple Step Up/Bench (1), Green area with few benches by the river (1), Green buoy (1), Greven – Münster – Ascheberg – Werne – Unna – Meinerzhagen – Bergneustadt – Reichshof-Eckenhagen – Morsbach (1), Grim and silent the old mill stands, Where business once was brisky, For far away to foreign lands, They sent their famous whiskey (1), Ground floor near the St. Patrick's Street Entrance (1), Ground floor retail units, with apartments above (4), Ground level is still "outdoors" and part of the cemetery. Top level is a modern extension following the original pre-Reformation footprints of the church. (1), Group of residential settlements and agricultueral use buildings (1), Grow house for horticulture business (1), Groß Gerungs – Rappottenstein – Schönbach – Arbesbach – Groß Gerungs (1), Großenhain - Leipzig (1), Guided tours can be booked here. (1), HCHS Ltd. is a leading supplier of a wide range of products used in the healthcare & construction environment. They have over 40 years of experience working with the HSE and other leading Healthcare Institutions and take pride in their reputation for exce (1), HQ of Genealogy Society of Ireland erected 1804 (1), HSE Civil Registration Service (1), Ha Ha - sunk fence to prevent live stock crossing while not visible from the house. one of many on the site (1), Had not been filled in up to the 1980s (1), Half acre of flat land sloping down from steep hill (1), Half-door (1), Hall (1910, 361-2) noted [...] Possible foundations of a small house, a broad hearth stone, four quernstones, none of which matched, were discovered on the summit. (1), Haltestelle St. Gallen, Bahnhof wird nur am Dienstag und Mittwoch bedient. (2), Hand operated water pump (1), Handel’s Hotel is located on Fishamble Street, the fish market of the original medieval city. Thankfully the smell of fish is long gone but we’re still at the heart of things. The River Liffey is 100 metres away, 1000 year old Christchurch Cathedral is ac (1), Harbour Square Roundabout (1), Hardly a path (1), Harmónia - Kuchyňa, kostol (1), Has a great view of the sea high up off the cliff (1), Has been known as this since landlord times. There is a house there now (1), Has been part of a larger field since sometime in the 1900s (1), Has removable flood gates. (5), Hat im nationalen ČSAD-Netzwerk die Nummer 141101. Streckenabschnitt Karlsbad - Eger wir nur dreimal am Tag bedient. (1), Haybarn (1), Hayshed for storing hay, animal fodder and machinery. (1), Hazel Walk (2300m) (6), Head Office (1), Headland and southernmost point in Ireland. (1), Headland. (1), Health Centre and Out of Hours Doctor service. (1), Health centre operated by the Health Service Executive (1), Helsinki-Kauklahti (1), Helsinki-Kirkkonummi (1), Helsinki-Leppävaara (1), Hendron's (1), Here lie also the remains of her sons Michael Banim Postmaster Kilkenny, Novelist (1), Here lies the boiler section of the steam drifter Maryland, which brought food to Kinsale from Cork during the Irish Civil War. This became necessary after the Anti-Treaty side cut off overland access to the town for a time (1), Herrenberg (DB-Bahnhof) (1), Hgh vault (1), High Performance Showjumping Centre (1), High peak of rock (1), Highest Pub in Ireland (1), Highfield Park is a popular campus accommodation for students in Dublin with plenty of green space. The building is in close proximity to Trinity College as well as Grangegorman Campus. The campus actually offers a wide range of choice from townhouses and (1), Hiking network "Sentieri amerini" (1), Hill used as a pasture for cows (1), Historic Camden House formerly Fort Camden Marrierd Officers Quarters (1), Historic Children's Burial Ground (1), Historic Childrens' Burial Ground (2), Historic Woodland which dates to a least before 1727 as it is marked on O'Donovan estate maps. Given as An Leaca Riabhach in the Schools Collection. Leaca - slope or hillside Riabhach - streaked, grey (1), Historic local pub in Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary. Serving since 1918. Home to the Fairgreen Cafe. (1), Historic placename meaning Rock of the Boats Across (the way). Some of the rock now obscured by foreshore development of steps and retaining wall (1), Historic pub on colourful Strand Street in the centre of Dingle town. Old style bar and terraced beer garden. Parties welcome, ring for booking info. (1), Historic site of Golf Two Zero Observation Tower (1), Historic, state of disrepair (1), Historical information about the Kinsale Infantry Barracks which was on this site (1), Historically one field, now cut by the motorway. (1), Historically the Formal Gateway to Rathfarnham castle, this 18th century triumphal arch is attributed to Henry Loftus, Earl of Ely. The arch is named the new gate on Frizell’s map of 1779. After the division of the estate in 1913 the arch became the entra (1), History of Teresa Bryton (1), Holiday home (1), Holm Oak, Quercus ilex (1), Holy Well (1), Holy Well & statue of BVM (1), Holy well linked to St. Cuana Parking, seating and alter (stone table) (1), Holy well of irregular shape said to be associated with Cill to southwest. Water emerges from the cliff-face. (1), Home of J. Bruce Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line, which owned the RMS Titanic. Burned down by the IRA in 1922 and rebuilt in 1925. (1), Home of the Insight Community Bike scheme (1), Home, Leisure & Garden (1), Home, gardening, DIY, and building supplies shop. (1), Homeless shelter operated by Dublin Simon and the Salvation Army (1), Horario general del servicio ida y vuelta: lunes a domingo de 05:00 a 23:59 h (1), Horse (1), Horse racing has been synonymous woth the pocal area since a horse won the Irish Derby in 1902. (1), Horse trail car park (1), Hotel Set-down (1), Hotel/Restaurant (1), House (1), House or Shed, stone construction no roof (1), House or shed in ruins, Stone construction: Roof gone (1), House was built by land-owning priest for his brother suffering from tuberculosis as a sanatorium. New owner took down glass walls to build greenhouse. (1), House/Bungalow (18), Houses CRY 104FM, Foróige Youth Centre, Youghal Community Based Drugs Initiative (1), Housing estate (1), How the fen was restored and is being managed (1), Hranice Hl. m. Prahy — Kolín (I/38) (1), Huf Haus design company (1), Hugh Carpenter occupied the land at the time of the Griffith Valuation (p. 89). (1), Hulk of "The MV Plassy", shipwrecked on 8 March 1960 (1), Humbert landing in 1798 (1), Hunter Monk with rabbits, a ferret, and a trapping net (1), Huntly Wood Car Park (1), Hyde By-Pass (7), Hygeine, Cleaning & Safety Supplies (1), I'm not exactly sure if there's a coherent destination for this 'route', but it is a collection of new connected infrastructure (1), ICE 82 Frankfurt - Karlsruhe - Paris (1), ICE 82 Frankfurt - Saarbrücken - Paris (1), ICE 82 Paris - Karlsruhe - Frankfurt (1), ICE 82 Paris - Saarbrücken - Frankfurt (1), IT Services and Computer support company (1), Ice House (1), Ice creams, coffe, crepes and milk shakes (2), Identified in logainm as Killydonoghoe, logainm 9641 (1), Il percorso ciclabile di interesse regionale “Lambro, Abbazie ed Expo” partendo dal punto di connessione con il PCIR 02 “Pedemontana Alpina” in Comune di Costa Masnaga (LC) scende lungo la Valle del Lambro. (1), Illustrated guide through geological history (1), Image of David Bowie. (1), In 2009, an 18-metre (59 ft) fin whale stranded and subsequently died on a beach in Courtmacsherry Bay, after becoming disorientated and lured by unusually high tides. The whale's skeleton is now on display in the public park (1), In bush - Not very visable (1), In commemoration of all who fought and worked for the establishment of the Irish Republic 1916-1921 (1), In pasture, on a terrace on a N-facing slope. A rectangular area (12m E-W; 8m N-S) enclosed by the intermittent remains of an earthen bank (Wth 1m; H 0.2m) is according to local information a children's burial ground, known as Cill na Leanbh. (1), In poor condition (1), In ruins (4), In runis (1), In the checkouts area of Supervalu (indoors) (1), In the times of open air dancing, the stage was erected in this field. (1), In this Burial ground rest the remainsof paupers who died in the Newry Workhouse between the years 1860-1946.The remains ofof paupers from a famine eragraveyard were also interred here in 1953. (1), In this section the Mass Path is also known as the Sally Walk (1), Includes Post Office (1), Indian cuisine (2), Indian takeaway (1), Indian, Pakistani Grocery & Halal Meat (1), Infant Burial Ground identified on GSGS 3906 maps (1), Infant Burial Ground no long visible, but identified through old maps (GSGS 3906) (1), Info about history of Maynooth (1), Informant JOD gave information that it might be named after a ruin that was on the site. Popular name for ruins in the local vernacular. Cabhlach = ruin Pronounced as cowloch (1), Information about Carrigadrohid Castle (1), Information about Stump of the Castle Forest and the Avonmore Way (1), Information about Thorpe's Well and associated wildlife (1), Information board about Croghan Hill Walk with map. (1), Information board about the Newry Canal (1), Information board displaying the mountain range ahead and the names of the mountains (1), Informations about wildlife in Rye Vale&Leixlip History (1), Inoffizielle und umgangsprachliche Grenze des Mittelgebirges Harz (meist, aber nicht zwangsläufig Waldrand) (1), Inscription: "Pray for the soul of William Connell and his wife Catherine Coyne and their son Edmund Connell and his wife Sarah Eher, John Connell and his wife Margaret Francis. 1693 (1), Inside the school, enter through main doors, go to the general office on your left as you enter- Find member of staff in office or classroom. Email website after use. (1), Installer for Telematics (1), Instrument Enclosure (1), Insurance Brokers (1), International route between Düren, Germany and Beringe, Belgium via Parkstad, Limburg, Netherlands. Connecting three regions (NL-BE-DE) in cultural and historical ways (1), Interpretation of name Faill - Cliff a' (of) the Cholúir - Pigeon Also given as Faill a' Chuair by another informant (possible the curved cliff) (1), Interpreted as the Cove Of The Plough-horses. Name derives from the word ‘seisreach’ (a plough-team of horses). A pair of horses was said to have been driven over the edge into the cuas to stop the landlord taking them in lieu of rent (1), Ireland (1), Ireland - Northern Ireland border crossing. (1), Ireland Ball's Slave Cottage Driveway (1), Ireland Waterways Smartcard (1), Ireland Waterways Smartcard needed (1), Ireland's newest indoor epicenter of energetic physical fun (1), Irish American Rustic Cuisine (1), Irish Ferries Foot Passengers (1), Irish Landmark Trust property (1), Irish Speaking School, Catholic Ethos. (1), Irish name Oileán Dhúlaing means Dhúlaing(s) (anglicized to Dowling) Island (1), Irish name translation "Hollow of the swan" (1), Iron gate, stuck due to vegetation. Access easier via Southern wall. (1), Is described as a limekiln in the 25'' map and as an icehouse on, but on inspection, it seems most likely to have been a dovecote. (1), Is elevated above and segregated from road (2), Is elevated above and segregated from road. (3), Island (1), Island Park slipway (currently gated) (1), Island of the Sea gulls (1), It got this name as it is the field next to Ivor O'Donovan's castle. Dún is a fort. (1), It has a large rock in the middle of the field (1), It has a well in it (1), It is a ladies hairdresser in Santry. (1), It is also possible to get to Inishturk from Cleggan Pier, Co. Galway via the Inishturk mail boat on Tuesdays & Thursdays only. (subject to change) Please contact J. Heanue (086-2029670) (1), It is believed locally that the tower was built by William Marshal for Aoife. (1), It is more likely that this is the actual mass rock. (1), It is said that there was a lios/ringfort in this field at one time (1), It is t he field behind the former National School. All pupils would have known the name of the field. An old teacher said that the name means "left hand field" possibly because it was to the left of its access from the village. (1), It was here that the soup was distributed to victims of the famine. (1), It was known for a long time that there used to be a village or even town, but a geophysics survey revealed burgage plots and a main street. There are lines visible on Esri as well. (1), Italian chipper (1), Italian restaurant (1), Itinéraire du trail du Galibier qui s'est déroulé le dimanche 21 août 2022. (1), J. P. Donleavy Writer and Artist Wrote The Ginger Man while living with his wife Valerie at the cottage here from 1948 to 1951. Born 23 April 1926 in New York City to Irish immigrants. Came to Ireland as a student at Trinity College.Died 11 September 2017 (1), Jaguar Land Rover Dealership and Service Centre (1), Jalan Raya Pos (bahasa Belanda: De Groote Postweg atau De Grote Postweg) adalah jalan raya sepanjang 1000 kilometer (621 mi) di Jawa yang membentang dari Anyer di Banten hingga Panarukan di Jawa Timur. Jalan ini berjalan bersamaan dengan Jalan Nasional Ru (1), James Fort (Irish: Dún Rí Shéamuis) is an early 17th-century pentagonal fort located on Castlepark peninsula in Kinsale harbour. (1), James Joyce Museum located in Martello Tower 11 - Sandycove. Joyce (1), Jameson Experience Midleton: Midleton Single Distillery (1), Javorník — Vidnava — Mikulovice — Zlaté Hory — Jindřichov — Osoblaha (1), Jedynie odcinek Świnna Poręba (zapora) - Wadowice - Zator - Łączany jest w fazie projektowania. (1), Jesus and Mary at the Cross (1), Joe Duane (1), John Darragh, former Lord Mayor of Dublin, completed a summer and hunting house named Darraghville in 1782. The house became a convent in 1897 and was sold to a private party in 2017. (1), John Rothe was a wealthy merchant in Kilkenny who died in 1620. The townsland Ruthstown is named after is family. (2), John's father (1), Johnson Duffie is a multi-disciplinary, full-service law practice located in Lemoyne, PA with a broad range of experienced attorneys on our team. (1), Juice Bar (1), Jumbo Malbergplein 40 (1), Jumbo [Bladel] Gindrapassage 8 (1), Jumbo [Cadier en Keer] Rijksweg 27 (1), Jumbo [Gemert] Marconistraat 1+2 (1), Jumbo [Mariahout] Mariastraat 58 (1), Jumbo [Meerssen] Kuilenstraat 73 (1), Jumbo [Scherpenzeel] Marktstraat 11 (1), Jumbo [Sint Oedenrode] Pieter Christiaanstraat 11 (1), Jumbo [Son en Breugel] Nieuwstraat 75 (1), Jumbo [Valkenswaard] Willibrorduslaan 21 (1), Just facades, used by Dunnes Stores for storage and canteen. (1), KEEP CLEAR - Emergency vehicle access & turning (1), KILMORE TO PORT EYNON (1), KILMORE TO WHITESANDS (1), KTM dealer (2), Kahlschlag nach Absterben der Fichten, Stand 2020 (1), Kahlschlag nach Borkenkäferbefall, Stand April 2021 (2), Kahlschlag nach Borkenkäferbefall, Stand Frühjahr 2020 (1), Keep left (2), Keep right (1), Kempen - St.Tönis - Forstwald (1), KeyWaste Collection Monday only (1), KeyWaste Collection Thursday only (1), KeyWaste Collection Wednesday only (1), Keywaste Collection Friday only (1), Keywaste Collection Tuesday only (1), Kilcrea Friary (1), Kildorrery (Irish: Cill Dairbhre: "oak-forest church") is a village in north County Cork, Ireland. It lies at the crossroads of the N73 road from Mallow to Mitchelstown and the R512 from Kilmallock to Fermoy. (1), Kilkee cliffs walk north (1), Killiney Beach is a long stony beach with stunning views of Bray Head, Dalkey Island and Sorrento Terrace. There is an exclusion zone for motorized craft for 300m from the foreshore and this is marked by lighted buoys. Swimmers should be aware that there (1), Killybreagy, Largy not in 1911 census (unpopulated), but included to not leave an enclave. (1), Killyguise Loop (500m) (1), Killylea and Aghama not in 1911 census, but added to ED as to not leave an enclave. (1), Kirchheim - Kornwestheim, auf Gemarkung Kornwestheim noch keine Wegweisung aufgestellt (1), Kitchend, Bedrooms, Furniture (1), Knockmaddaroe not in 1911 census, but included to not leave an enclave (1), Known locally as The Giant's Lake. One of two small adjoining lakes on top of Cnoc Na nGabhar. Not sure of origin of name. resembes footprints but there are tales of a giant visiting Bluid. (2), Known meeting point on this road when children walked to school. Source DB (1), Kopparnäs — Luleå — Töre (1), Kozarska Dubica - Moštanica (1), Košice - Hidasnémeti (1), Košice - Čierna nad Tisou – Čop; Kalša – Trebišov; Sátoraljaújhely - Slovenské Nové Mesto (1), Kraichgau-Stromberg: Bietigheim - Besigheim - Walheim - Kirchheim - Hohenstein - Bönnigheim - Erligheim - Löchgau - Weissenhof - Bietigheim (1), Kraichgau-Stromberg: Kraichgau-Blick-Tour (1), Kraichgau-Stromberg: Vesper Tour (1), Kralovice — Kožlany — Čistá — Rakovník — Krupá — Louny (1), Krasňany - Záhorská Bystrica (1), Krav Maga self defence school. Part of the Krav Maga Worldwide organization. (1), Krościenko nad Strwiążem - Komańcza - Muszyna - Nowy Sącz - Myślenice - Żywiec - Cieszyn (1), Ks-Hauptsignal, mit festem Geschwindigkeitsanzeiger (Zs 3 "5"), als Ausfahrsignal in nordwestlicher Richtung (1), Kunstgrasveld op maat voor kinderen (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr außer in den Weihnachts- und Sommerferien): 05:30, 06:00, 06:10, 06:30, 06:50 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr nur an Schultagen): 07:30, 15:58, 16:38, 17:38 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr nur an Schultagen): 12:20, 15:20(Mo-Do) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 001(Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 002, 004; (Sa):016 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 002, 010, 012, 014, 018; (Sa): 020, 026(Nicht am 24.+31.12) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 003 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 004, 005, 008, 009, 010; (Sa): 012 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 005, 007, 017, 019, 021; (Sa): 027, 029(Nicht am 24.+31.12) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 007(Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 007(nur an Schultagen), 011 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 009, 013, 015; (Sa):001 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 011(Nur an Schulfreien Tagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 012, 014 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 013(Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 05:40, 07:40, 08:00, 09:40, 10:00, 10:40, 11:00(nur an Schulfreien Tagen), 11:40, 12:19(nur an Schultagen), 13:40, 15:00, 16.10, 17:20, 19:20, 20:00, 20:40, 21:10, 22:10, 23:10 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 05:50, 06:40+07:00(nur an Schulfreien Tagen), 08:20-15:20 alle 60 min, 16:00, 16:40, 18:20, 18:40, 19:40, 20:20, 21:40, 22:40, 23:40 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 06:20, 07:20, 09:00, 12:40, 16:30 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 06:40(Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 06:57-10:17 + 14:17-19:17 alle 20 min (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 07:00(Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 07:10 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 08:40, 14:00, 14:40, 15:40, 18:00, 19:00 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 11:00(nur an Schultagen), 13:00 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 11:40, 13:20, 16:20, 17:20 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 12:00 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 12:19(nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 12:50, 13:05(nur an Schultagen, Covid-Verstärker), 13:20, 16:40, 18:40 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 13:05 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 13:05(Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 13:09(nur an Schultagen) (2), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 16:20, 17:40 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 17:00 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 2412(nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 2423(nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 3304(Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 3306 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 3308 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 3310 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 3316(Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 3322(Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 3324 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 3344(Nur an Schulfreien Tagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 3348(Nur an Schulfreien Tagen) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 3354(Nur an Schultagen Freitags) (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 5050/043 (1), Kurs (Mo-Fr): 5050/085, 5050/095 (1), Kurs (Nacht von Fr auf Sa + Sa auf So): 01:35 (1), Kurs (Sa): 022 (1), Kurs (Sa): 13:20 (1), Kurs (Sa): 3362, 3364 (1), Kurs (Sa): 5050/641 (1), Kurs (So+PH): 08:10-23:10 alle 60 min (1), Kurs (nur an Schultagen): 2439(Mo-Fr), 2445(Mo-Do) (1), Kurs 06:15, 06:36, 07:20 +13:42 (nur an Schulfreien Tagen), 15:55 (Nur an Schultagen), 17:19 (1), Kurs 06:32 (1), Kurs 06:55 (1), Kurs 06:57 (1), Kurs 07:08 (Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs 07:20 (Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs 12:07(nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs 12:15(nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs 13:04(nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs 13:07(nur an Schulfreien Tagen) (1), Kurs 13:22 (Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs 13:49 (Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs 15:07 (Nur an Schultagen), 17:47 (1), Kurs 15:22 (Nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs 16:28 (1), Kurs 16:36 (1), Kurs 309 (nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs 313 (nur Do an schulfreien Tagen) (1), Kurs 324(Nur Do) (1), Kurs 344;350(beide nur an Schultagen) (1), Kurs 5962 (nur Samstags) (1), Kurs: (Nacht von Fr auf Sa + Sa auf So): 01:35 (1), LT Dourados 2/Rio Brilhante (1), LYTHAM TO PORTMANOCK (1), Ladies (1), Ladies and gents hair salon. Appointments only. (1), Lane used to run on West side of hedge to Sandfordscourt road, according to 6'' OS maps. Graveyard was on east side of road "stood on the roadside, to the left, as one goes from Carrigeen to Sandfordscourt" (Carrigan, vol. I, p. 280). (1), Language School (1), Lankford logged this as an Tharn Garbh but the adjoining house is called the Bán Garbh (rough pasture) (1), Lankford not sure of origin of name (1), Lankford not sure of origin of name. Definitive meaning unknown but could be derived from Gort a’ Ghair (the field of the garbage, waste o worthless ground) (1), Lankford says "field name of Glanworth" Glanawart given by a different source (not the owner) (1), Lankford states that it is not used for grazing and is now grown wild (1), Lankford suggests that it might be Páirc Leaca. Buildings on part of it. Could laso be Pairc a' locha (Field of the Lake) given its proximity to the lake. (1), Larch, Maple, Rowan, Oak and Yew Apartments (2), Large Area And Countryside Consisting Of The Area Of Sixtowns and the Village Of Draperstown and Straw Awell As Neighouring Townlands (1), Large copper cross mounted on wall of building. (1), Large farm (1), Large greenhouse containing tropical rainforest plants (1), Large ruined stables built by the Scott / Byrne family of Ballygannon. The house no longer exists but the stables and a large walled garden are still on the grounds. (1), Large, beautiful old world garden, Robinsonian in style with a strong emphasis on the informal tradition of combining a good plant collection within the natural landscape of its environment. (1), Largest city in and capital of Ireland. (1), Larne to Girvan (1), Late 16th/ early 17th century. (2), Lathrach is a damp patch of land. This is a rough commonage area and contains a boreen that allowed the locals to access Cnoc Na Geabhar (1), Lathrach is a name for rough or dam ground (1), Latitude Kinsale, an innovative business specialising in unique handcrafted 3D and Light nautical charts that are custom made to order. (1), Laundry & Dry Clean. Not really any coin operated. Will do laundry for you by the kg with 24 hour turn around. Folding not very good. (1), Lawn (1), Layby (3), Le tronçon Angers-Les Sables d'Olonne n'est desservi que du vendredi au lundi. (2), Leac - flat stone or rock Bán - white This big white stone was a land mark used by fishermen. (1), Leac an Tobair (Flagstone of the Well or the Hill Field Well) (1), Leaca - sloping field (1), Leaca = a sloped field (1), Leaca means a sloping field (2), Leat (1), Leath - Half Fhearainn - Townland A sub townland sometimes shortened to Larne. This was a cluster of 4 or more houses (1), Lee Point is a very high spec modern development located at the site of the famous Beamish & Crawford. The number one choice for student accommodation in Cork, the building is only a short walk away from University College Cork. (1), Leg press (1), Legacy Drive section of Frisco bike route (1), Legal Costs Accountants (1), Legend has it St. Patrick stamped on the rock when he heard that the people of Skerries had eaten his pet goat! A more likely story is that in days gone by footsteps were carved out in memory of famous people (like the Hollywood custom). (1), Legend has it that Ruadhní, daughter of Manannán mac Lir lived on this island. See (1), Lehen Gewerbegebiet > Paduaallee (1), Lennon's is one of the top venues in Laois. Try our cocktail bar, beer garden, themed party nites & summer festival weekends. (1), Liaison cyclable EV5 - V50 (1), Liath Oileán = Grey Island (1), Liberty Hall now a ruin was an old farmhouse on Kanes' farm that was used by the locals as a card "school" in the early part of the 20th century. (1), Library and local area offices for Fingal County Council (1), Lifeboat Station (1), Lifepak 1000 (3), Lifepak CRplus (1), Ligne de soirée, fonctionnant le vendredi et le samedi (2), Likely iron age ringfort (1), Lime (2), Lime kiln was to the north of the field. (1), Limerick Enerprise Development Partnership (1), Limerick Enterprise Development Park (1), Linha Azul station (1), Linha Verde station (1), Lios is a fairy fort (1), Lisdrumgullion and Lisdrumliska possibly part of another ED. (1), Lisnafahy means Fort Of The Green/Hill (1), Listed as Parade Ground since 1880 (1), Listed as a Spa Well on some old maps. The the name can be interpreted as the well of iron and the water was supposed to have a 'smack' of sulphur (1), Listed as a circular enclosure. May be a lios. (1), Listed in Lankford as Carraige Lár but this is probably name. Translates as the Middle Rock (1), Little cute candy shop (1), Live-in-Care offers affordable home care services all across Ireland. We have a team of dedicated professionals and partners whose task is to ensure fast and reliable solutions in the elderly care industry. (1), Livestock Farms (1), Loading Bay (ref unknown) with Supplementary Plate (ref unknown) on stand alone pole (1), Loading/unloading yard (1), Local Arts & Crafts (1), Local Knowledge - famous local pint on the road between Kilcock and Summerhill (1), Local Park (1), Local Tennie club open to all for membership (1), Local folklore states that the red colour in this pool is due to the death of a soldier here during the battle of Tráigh Liceach (1), Local infomation states that Capt. Webb had a house here. (1), Local informant DC mentioned that slate was exported from this quarry as far as Scotland (1), Local knowledge translates An Cruachan as a little hill or mound (1), Local knowledge translates Ban Gharra as a fallow field or garden (1), Local oral history states that on the road frontage near the NE corner of this field, was a large tree known as The Gallows Tree. A man is believed to have been hanged from this large tree. Thus the field was also known as The Gallows Field. (1), Local road linking Clonakilty town with Ring village and pier. (2), Local waymarked trails (1), Locally called "The Jacko", the Ward River Valley Park is a park in central to southern Swords. (1), Located on Kilkenny's Medieval Mile, Hackett's guarantees a unique experience of good old Irish hospitality. With no shortage of drinks and entertainment. (1), Located on the right wall to the right of the customer service desk. (1), Location of The Border Collie pub is on the corner of L4802 (Drummartin and the High Road, Toorlestraun, Tourlestrane, Co. Sligo, Ireland (1), Loch a Bhuistealaigh (lake of the butchers yard), as offal was frequently deposited in the lake. Local legends speak about a monster inhabiting the lake. (1), Lomb ardy Poplar (1), Lombardy Poplar (1), London Cycle Network sign indicating a right turn into Hanngington Road for LCN3 (1), London-Cambridge Motorway (4), Lookout House for local Coast Guard station built for £2,000 in. Said to be the lastplace you could see the Lusiania before it sank in 1915 (1), Lookout: a later addition constructed on top of the Launches Pier buildings below. (1), Looks a bit like a bus stop. (1), Looks like it could be associated with the former level crossing. (1), Looks like part of a circular enclosure North of the cemetery with crop marks indicating further enclosures or buildings. (1), Loreto Convent. Designed by George Goldie. 1861. (1), Lorry Park (2), Lough Fadden Trout Fishery (1), Lough Talt to Dromahair (1), Lounas Ravintola Antell Femma (1), Love All is a large bronze spherical sculpture about a metre in diameter, near Templeogue Lawn Tennis Club. The bronze is patinated green and dramatically resembles a tennis ball from afar. Nearer, the sculpture looks like a scaled down world with tiny de (1), Lovely Cafe/Restaurant for breakfast and lunch, with outside tables looking out on the stream. (1), Lower of Two Red MTB routes from the Kinnitty Trailhead. (1), Lower part now covered in forest. (1), Luxury Staying place for your cat. (1), Lying flat on the ground, surrounded by wooden fence. (1), Lärmschutzwand (1), Lúb Náisiúnta. Trailhead 141. Boolas loop (1), MA 122 (1), MA 1A (1), MJ Conroy construction is located around the corner to the right of the building, the defibrillator is located inside on the right wall. It is orange on a shelf on the right wall. Email website after use (1), MTB Upper of two Red route Options from Kinnitty MTB trailhead. (1), MTB route from Kinnitty Trailhead (1), Madden Car Parts (1), Made up of 5 or 6 fields but known as Hills. It is very rough ground (1), Made-to-order burgers & milkshakes. (1), Magdeburg, ZOB - Lostau - Hohenwarthe - Burg (1), Maidenhair, Gingko biloba (1), Main hospital building (1), Mainly comerical pine with some pockets of Broadleaved native species (1), Mainly comerical pine with some pockets of native broadleaves (1), Makeup Studio on 1st or 2nd floor (1), Maldron Hotel Limerick offers something for everyone in our grain and grill bar. Offering a variety of dining options from our cosy bar to the intimate surrounds of our hotel restaurant. (1), Mallow Castle Deerpark Ha-Ha Wall (1), Malmedy - Lac de Robertville - Lac de Bütgenbach - Büllingen - Honsfeld (1), Man-made lake (1), Manual power wash. (1), Manufacturer of industrial waste-water analysers (1), Map 10 - Medfield, Walpole, Sharon (1), Map 1843 Ram Point (1), Map 1880 3 Gun Emplacements (1), Map 1880 Case & Jacket Store (1), Map 1880 Covered Communications Tunnel (1), Map 1880 Dock Map 1939 Dock (1), Map 1880 Drawbridge Map 1939 Drawbridge 2010 Bridge (1), Map 1880 Engine Shed (1), Map 1880 Flagstaff Map 1939 Flagstaff (1), Map 1880 Flagstaff Map 1939 Flagstaff (1), Map 1880 Furze & Heath (1), Map 1880 Gun Cotton Store Map 1918 Oil Store Map 1939 Store (1), Map 1880 Gurard Room (1), Map 1880 Inring Port (1), Map 1880 Inring Port, Cable Passage along right of Pier, Flagstaff (top right), Crane (on left) Map 1939 Pier, M Post, MH (1), Map 1880 Inring Port, Mooring Boat Map 1939 MP, Crane (Top Middle), Turn Table (Bottom Left) (1), Map 1880 Laboratory. Map 1939 Telephone Exchange, Ration Store. (1), Map 1880 Levelling Shed (1), Map 1880 Magazine Underground. Map 1939 Dotted outline. (1), Map 1880 Originally 3 Gun Emplacements with stores, Map 1939 2 Gun emplacements with Casemated Office and stores. (1), Map 1880 Pathway (1), Map 1880 Right Lower Battery (Underground) (1), Map 1880 Rubble Bank (1), Map 1880 Steps (1), Map 1880 Submarine Cable Tanks Map 1939 Cable Tanks (Disused) (1), Map 1880 Submarine Mining Stores and seperate Electrical Store Map 1918 Store, Cable. Machine Gun Store Map 1939 General Store (1), Map 1880 Telegraph Post (1), Map 1880 Test Room Map 1939 Store (1), Map 1880 Test Room (1), Map 1880 Workshops & Gallery (1), Map 1880 and 1939 dotted outline of the Cantilever Spiral Staircase (1), Map 1880: Recreation Room, later also R. G. A. Office. Map 1939: Recreation Hut, Billiards Room, Reading Room (1), Map 1880: Soldiers Quarters & Ball Court. Map 1939 N. C.O. Quarters, R. C. Church & Ball Alley. (1), Map 1880: Cook House. Map 1939: C. O. s Office. (1), Map 1880: Officers Quarters Mess. Map 1939: Officers Mess Establishment, including: Canteen, Billiards Room, Ante Room, Dining Room, Officers Accomodation, Kitchen, Larder. (1), Map 1880: R. E. Offices. Map 1939: Office and Billets. (R. E. = Royal Engineers) including Drawing Office, P. W Office, R. W Office, D. O's Office, M. Office & D. O's Clark Office (1), Map 1880: Staff Quarters. Map 1939: 2 Story House C Type. Home to the Company Seargent, his Wife and Family. (1), Map 1881 listed as 167 Map 1939 listed as Caponier (1), Map 1881 listed as South Tanks A, B, C (10,000 Gals. each) Map 1939 listed as South Tanks A, B, C (10,000 Gals. Each) (3), Map 1918 Brennan Torpedo Installation (dismantled and disused) (1), Map 1918 Boat Shed Map 1939 Pump House, Sheds X 3 (1), Map 1918 Carpenters' Shop (1), Map 1918 General Workshop, Smiths Shop (1), Map 1939 Range of Buildings liisted: as (right to left): AccumR Room, SwitRoom, Forge, Workshop, Office, Workshop, Tell Hut, Shelter, WC, Urnial, Shed,, Store, Passage, Passage, Earth Closet, Store, Store (1), Map 1939 Range of Buildings liisted: as (right to left): AccumR Room, SwitRoom, Forge, Workshop, Office, Workshop, Tell Hut, Shelter, WC, Urnial, Shed,, Store, Passage, Passage, Earth Closet, Store, Store (1), Map 1939 18" Narrow Gauge Railway (1), Map 1939 Crane (6), Map 1939 Dung Pit (1), Map 1939 Narrow Gauge Railway (4), Map 1939 Narrow Gauge Railway (11), Map 1939 Offices, Store, Store, Office, Instrument & Repair Shop (1), Map 1939 Range of buildings listed as (right to left): AccumR Room, SwitRoom, Forge, Workshop, Office, Workshop, Tell Hut, Shelter, WC, Urinal, Shed, Store, Passage, Passage, Earth Closet, Store, Store (2), Map 1939 Semaphore (1), Map 1939 Stables (1), Map 1939 Testing Room, Electrical Store, Store, Iron Store, Store (1), Map 1939 Turn Table (5), Map 1939: Tennis Court. Not listed previously. (1), Map 1939: Store. Not listed on earlier maps. (1), Map dated 1880 Original Entrance Pillars to Fort Camden Camp Field Married Soldiers Quarters. (1), Map dated 1880 Royal Engineers Workshops, rooms later used as Timber Store, Stable, Drying Room, Workshops, F. W. Store. By 1939 listed as Stores No. 3, 9, 10. (1), Map dated 1880: Expense Shell Store, later listed as Smith Shop, Carpenter Shop, Royal Engineers Store and by 1939 listed as Store No. 1 and Dry Store (1), Map of Enfield Main Street (1), Map of Leixlip (1), Map of Rathdrum Village with points of interest (1), Map of fen and springs (1), Map of rerouted section of East Munster Way (2), Map of the Burren (1), Map of windfarm, emergency numbers etc (1), Map showing the locations of the 21 cat sculptures until April 2022. (1), Maps dating from 1880 list this building as a Gym and Tackle Store. By 1939 it had become a Power Station housing an Engine and S. Board. (1), Marbhán (a corpse) believes to be derived from a crossroads where a funeral procession would pause on the way to the cemetery. (1), Marian Grotto inside a small wall. Statue of Virgin Mary mounted on a pedestal (1), Marian Shrine (3), Marian statue on plinth (1), Marine navigation, communication and fish-finding equipment sales and repair. (1), Maritime Limit (2), Marked on Sustrans' mapping as a 'National Cycle Network link'. Includes 2-way segregated cycle path along Sydenham Road (1), Marked on War Office map. This is known as the Spanish Ovens - (most likely for cooking). There was a Cross built with stones in the middle of this area - we are doubtful that this is a disused buriel ground. (1), Marked the entrance to Gibbstown House, a 17th century house around which Gibbstown was established, demolished in 1965. This enterance and the gates opposite remain to this day (1), Markievicz Leisure Centre (1), Marrried Soldiers Quarters Map dated 1880 (1), Martello No 7 in Dublin Bay South. Now part of residence building (1), Martello No.9, Dublin South Bay. Equipped formerly with 2 guns. Roof collapsed (1), Martello Tower No 10, Dublin Bay South (1), Martina McCormack (1), Mass Rock (1), Mass path in Penal Times led all the way into the Cullahill Mountain. (1), Mata Atlântica (1), Max-Planck-Straße und BASF Friesenheim Insel wird nur bei Bedarf angefahren. Zum Einstieg telefonische Vorbestellung beim Verkehrsunternehmen erforderlich! (1), McGraths field was purchased from the owners McGraths in 1969. The previous owner was Thomas Hanrahan who acquired it from the land commission (1), Meall Tighe Diomhain = the knoll of the unoccupied house. Also described by Lankford as the "central or selected" tract (1), Meaning unclear but possibly from Gleann (Gleannín - little glen) (1), Means Slatey Strand according to Parish Histories and Place Names of West Cork Bruno O'Donoghue (1), Means The Field At The House. Different owner to the adjoining field of the same name (1), Means The Field Of Rocks (1), Means The Long Field. Also known as An Clais Fada Is now combined with the Middle Field and The Westen Field into one (1), Means The Rising Of The Water. One of two fields in a row with this name. Very wet and not much good (2), Means The Sloping Field. There is a house in this field now (1), Means The Small Field (1), Means The Small Field Of the Sea. Good ocean views from here (1), Means the Cove of the Bream (1), Means the Field At The House (1), Means the Hill By The River (East) . This is a hilly field beside a stream (1), Means the Hill By The River (West) . This is a hilly field beside a stream (1), Means the Long Field (1), Means the Small Field. Tuar sometimes means a field wherecattle are kept overnight (1), Medieval Parish Church (1), Medieval graveslab, possibly 13th century (1), Medieval looking masonry with Gothic church windows (1), Medium To Large Mountain Area And Rural Countryside Consisting of The Townlands Of Tirkane Tullykeeran Carrowmenagh Tirnony Gortinure Halfgayne Slaghtneil Corlacky Knockoneil Tirhugh Glebe And Grillagh (1), Medium size farm (1), Memorial Park (1), Memorial garden to nuclear reactor accident (1), Memorial to soldiers of WWI (1), Men's Pool (1), Menswear (1), Mention in a famous local saying - Da loch agus deug na h-Aichle Agus dubh loch an t-Sraithleain 2 loughs & 10 of Aghills and the black lough of Shreelane (1), Mentioned in The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0298, Page 215 Currabeg our playground was, Our camp the Bleaches Cross (1), Merlin Woods path (2), Merrion beach is a sandy beach with a gradual slope which makes the water too shallow for any real swimming. There is a large inlet of water that remains even at low tide and is known locally as "Cockle Lake". Although Merrion Strand itself has little flo (1), Metal Flute designed to show of the musical talent at LYIT (1), Metal cello designed to show of the musical talent of LYIT (1), Metal recycling skip, all proceed go to Courcey Rovers G.A.A. club (1), Michael Lenehan 1969 - 2002 (1), Might be an ancient graveyard or a cillín (1), Might be related to a Jack Connolly who was living in this townland in the 1851 Griffiths Valuation (1), Might be related to an Eleanor Connolly who was living in this townland in the 1851 Griffiths Valuation (1), Milkman Monk with milking pail and stool (1), Mill Pnd (1), Mill Race from Blarney estate re-enters Blarney river (1), Millstone shaped stone on the ground with circular inscription. (1), Misinterpreted as St Bartholomew's well on old maps but it is unlikely this Partalán had anything to do with the apostle. Traditionally used by fishermen as a source of drinking water. Reputed to have curative powers - most especially for ailments of the (1), Mix of beech, oak and chestnut (1), Mixed Hedgerow. (1), Mixed woodland and Community Orchard for leisure and recreational activities and for helping wildlife (1), Mixed-metal sculpture of a Herring Gull taking flight. (1), Mo-Fr nur an Schultagen (2), Moat (3), Mobile tanker (1), Modern bar with a fun friendly atmosphere in the centre of Ballyragget. Cosy atmosphere, live music and sports. (1), Mohelnice (I/35) — Bludov (I/11) — Rapotín (I/11) — Červenohorské sedlo — Jeseník (I/60) — Mikulovice — Polsko (1), Mona part of the name comes from the fact that turf was harvested from this beach at one time. (1), Monk (with Willow and Basket) (1), Monk with Choir book (1), Monk with sticks and cutting axe (1), Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (1), Montags bis freitags morgens eine Fahrt sowie samstags morgens zwei Fahrten ab Jüchen Markt: Über Am Gerstacker, aber nicht über Hochneukirch und nicht über Regiopark (1), Montags bis freitags nur zwei Fahrten: Über Hochneukirch, Regiopark und Am Gerstacker (1), Monument erected by the Robinson Family to the memory of the "croppies" (Irish Rebels) who died during the nearby battle of Clonard in the 1798 United Irishmen Rebellion (1), Monument to the landing of Roger Casement, Robert Monteith and 'a third man' (Daniel Bailey) at Banna Strand on 21 April, 1916. (1), Moreno - Acceso Oeste - Morón (1), Moreno - Acceso Oeste - Ramos Mejía - Ciudadela (1), Mortar (1), Moskva - Tambov - Povorino - Volgograd - Astrakhan - Makhachkala - Kuba - Baku - Alyat - Astara (1), Mostly disused structure now partially used as a school. (1), Mostly locked. A service access only. (1), Mountain bike trails (1), Mounted on the external boundary wall of the church grounds (1), Mourne cycle route sign, indicating a left turn for route 7 (3), Mourne cycle route sign, indicating a right turn for route 7 (2), Mourne cycle route sign, indicating straight on for route 7 (1), Mourne cycle route sign, indicating stright on for route 7 (1), Mourne cycle route sign, indicating to bear right for route 7 (1), Moved to 304 Harolds Cross Road (1), Mullach is a field with a peak or hill. Dubh = black (1), Mullach is a summit. This field is at the top of a small hill (1), Mullach usually means a field with a hill or a peak (1), Mulligans Sheds, Pallets and Fences (1), Multi use development zone. Users will be An Garda Siochana, Limerick Institute of Technology (Clonmel), Tipperary Education and Training Board and Tipperary County Council (Clonmel-Cahir Borough District Council). Masterplan for the zone adopted 2015 (1), Multi-award winning caravan park for touring caravans and motorhomes. (1), Multiple names including: Balrothery Weir, Firhouse Weir, City Weir and City Watercourse. (1), Multiple things for sale, including sunglasses and baby clothes (1), Mural by Primary School Students (1), Museum of contemporary figurative art & gardens (1), Music bar (1), Mythical home of the fairy queen Cliodna. (1), Móinteán is a bog, rough, reclaimed moor (1), Móinteán is a rough field (reclaimed bog/peat-land maybe). Mór means big (1), Móinteán is rough land / reclaimed bog (1), Móinteán is rough land/ reclaimed bog (1), Möser - Lostau - Hohenwarthe - Burg (1), N-S row (1), NI2U – Bringing Northern Ireland to you! Helping customers around Northern Ireland to find you on the internet with professional websites, hosting SEO (1), NML NMI Lab (1), NO PUBLIC CALLERS. Take My Pet, Exotic Pet Rescue. Free and confidential. No questions asked service. (1), NTMA / NAMA (1), Nachtbus N58 Bietigheim-Ingersheim-Besigheim-Gemmrigheim-Kirchheim-Bietigheim (1), Name according to Amanda Clarke: Walking the Sheep's Head Way. 2nd Ed., p.115 (1), Name corrected from Lisnabrick in 1911 census to Lisnarrick according to town's name. (1), Name could mean dirty or weedy glen. This was Downey's Gleann Salach. Other adjacent fields belonging to different families shared the same name. (1), Name given by J Deasy (1), Name given by LOD. Said there used to be an orchard there at on time. (1), Name given to field in front of the house (1), Name of hill running down to the sea (1), Name pronounced as Keel by informant DB- possibly derives from possible site of an early church. There is a said to be a ceallúnach (children's burial ground) in the field. (1), Name refers to former landuse as farmland rather than forest, compare British War Office map, where it is not marked as forest. (1), Name refers to its connection to the Glebe. (1), Name refers to the former limekiln in the Southeastern corner. (1), Name related to an undertow (current) (1), Name relates to the extraction of Slate that happened along this road. It is assumed that rail cars were used to haul slate and mine spoil down to the beach at Tráig Carta. (1), Name unknown (1), Name updated to reflect local use of Loch na Ceardchain eg see School's Collection - Loughine P37 (1), Named "infant grave yard" on historical map (1), Named after a big house which used to be in this field; the entrance gate is still in existence northwest of the field along the main road (1), Named after a disused copper mine at the south end of the field. According to local stories, the manager, Captain Kitto was killed here. He is buried in the COI graveyard in Casletownshend (1), Named after a previous owner, Patrick Hurley (1), Named after a stone quarry that used to be directly opposite this cross. (1), Named after family (1), Named after its resemblance to a Sciollán (a seed potato traditionally cut in half). It's alternative name Carraig Bhuí is due to its yellow colour. (1), Named after man that lived in nearby house - now a ruin (1), Named after owners William and John Carroll, but they were no relation to the William and John Carrolls who lived on Carrolls Hill (1), Named after the Roberts family, last descendant living near the castle. (1), Named after the ring fort that is still visible (1), Named as silage was grown there (1), Named as there is a disused children's graveyard here (1), Named as there was a lios there (1), Named as there wasa well in this field (1), Named because of the shape (1), Named for Pat Doyle, father of Bridie Doyle (1), Named for its proximity to Healy's farm across the Kells Rd (1), Named for the O'Flaherty family who lived in Castlefield House from 1770s to 1830s. Also named for the Keeffe family who lived in Castlefield House from 1850s to 1960s (1), Named for the gap/entrance on to the road at the NE corner, which was made to allow the treshing machine in. (1), Named for the nearby forge which has not been used in over 75 years. (1), Named this because of the well (1), Named thus, because "there is a lot of water in it". (1), Napoleonic-era Signal Tower (1), Narrow access road; Not suitable for RVs/Caravans. Campervans possible on hostel parking. (1), National Waymarked Way (6), National Waymarked Way. Start centre of Leitrim Village, finish point, the bridge in Dowra (1), Natural harbour (1), Natural harbour previously used by fishermen from 1600s to 1800s. (1), Natural rock feature/blowhole 'oven' with dozens of round boulders resembling 'loaves' arranged at the entrance. (1), Natural rocks visible on ground and satellite. The area used to be used as a fair ground according to (1), Nature reserve owned by BirdWatch Ireland. (1), Naturwald (1), Navigation buoy Black Tom (1), Navigation light (3), Nebelstein - Mariazell (1), Neighbour remembers a Jim Menton living up at Brown Mountain. (1), Neighbourhood green space (1), Nepalese and Indian Restaurant (1), Netzbeeinflussungsanlage Leonberg-Walldorf (2), Netzbeeinflussungsanlage Rhein-Neckar (1), Neuaubing, Gleis 1, S8 Ri.Flughafen München (1), New Holland Dealers for new and used tractors, industrial plant, agricultural machinery and spare parts. (1), New Housing Estate (1), New Mill is a modern building for students located in Dublin’s Liberties area which is packed with shopping, nightlife and culture. Right next to The Tannery (its sister building), New Mill residents can access all social spaces in both buildings which gi (1), New Road Layout (3), New and used truck parts (1), New entrance gate (1), Newcastle to Newry (1), Newpark Adventure Trail map and visitor guidelines. The Fen Nature Trail information (1), Niamh Curry and Kevin Power (1), Night Exit (1), Night Service: 047-81239 (1), Nine stainless steel eagle feathers arranged in a circle, no two feathers being identical, forming a bowl shape to represent a gift of a bowl of food (1), No 2 Martello Tower, now used as private Residence With a Glass Gazebo on the roof. (1), No 81 on list. Last Signal Tower in line from Dublin to Donegal. (1), No ATM Machine, but Cash Back. No minimum spend on card transactions. (1), No Entry Sign, RUS 050 on stand alone pole (2), No Entry road marking, RRM 019 (2), No Left Turn Sign, RUS 013 with Supplementary Plate P 051, Period of Operation (1), No Right Turn Sign, RUS 012 on stand alone pole (1), No Straight Ahead Sign, RUS 011 with Supplementary Plate P 050: Except Cyclists and Turn Right Sign, RUS 005 on public lighting (1), No Straight Ahead Sign, RUS 011 with Supplementary Plate P 050: Except Cyclists and Turn Right Sign, RUS 005 on stand alone pole (1), No exit for vehicles only (1), No longer Department of Defence. (1), No longer in use, heavily overgrown (1), No longer locked. (1), No sign about artist's name or anything on the sculpture. (1), Non-Directional Beacon (2), Non-mowed area with mostly wild flowers and a few mature trees (1), North African and French inspired based on local produce. (1), Northern Ireland to Peel (1), Northern Ireland's first Tea Bar (1), Not a postbox (1), Not across the street like existing POI shows (1), Not in 1901 census. (1), Not in use (1), Not really sure "why" this 'route' exists, bit it consists of very visible painted green lanes that then... stop :) (1), Not sure of meaning. Also given in Lankford as Páirc a Tí but this name was given elsewhere by the landowner (1), Not sure of translation (4), Not sure of translation. It was supposed to have been used as a place for threshing corn (1), Not sure of translation. Described in Lankford as Long Ground (1), Not sure of translation. Description in Lankford is listed as "Field stream" (1), Not sure of translation. Plateau with small pool. It fills up with water after rain (1), Not sure of translation. Small field close to the sea (1), Not sure of translation. Two adjoining fields were called An Goirtín Rua (2), Not sure what it means but móinteán is a boggy place. Hic is taken phonetically but we do not know what it means (1), Not sure what translation is. Buildings there now (1), Not the original location, because it is supposed to be on the road side and it is upside down. Gatepost must have been rebuilt at some point. (1), Note: Max demonimation in notes is €5 (2), Nothing remains of the old church building itself, just the three headstones of former Parish Priests and a new headstone to remember those who were buried in the church in the past. (1), Notional cycle route dreamt up by Sustrans in 2020 to replace their scrapped Regional Route 10 and other bits of National Cycle Network (1), Now at the head of a water feature in the Walled Garden, this 18th century statue originally stood in the middle of the lake between the island fort of Gibraltar and the Lake Temple. For many years the statue was believed to be a representation of Nimrod (1), Now overgrown but still traversable. (1), Now two fields, no longer three (1), Nuclear waste immerse by UK in 1951 (1), Nuclear waste immerse by UK in 1953 (1), Nuclei d'Identità Locale (2), Nur Montag bis Freitag (2), Nur an Audi Betriebstagen (2), Nur an Audi Betriebstagen und Schultagen (2), Nur an Samstagen (1), O'Brien's house (now gone) was next to it (1), O'Kelly gives "houes of the candle" as the translation (p. 89) (1), O'Kelly has "Church Meadow" as field name (p. 83). (2), O'Kelly has it as "Bán na n-úll", but compare to his "Bán na háille" in Radestown. This field is on a slope. (1), O'Kelly mentions An Beithin as one of the field names, but there are others of that name in Ballyfoyle. However, its closeness to Ban Ard makes it likely that he referred to this one. (1), Obelisk (1), Observation Hide (3), Occasionally in use as community hall. (1), Offers cooking classes and demonstrations. Caters to corporate events, stag, hen and children's parties etc. (1), Office & School Stationery & Furniture (1), Offices and warehouse of wine merchants Bubble Brothers. Collection point for online orders. (1), Officially mapped as an Ancient Woodland (NPWS) in PRIVATE ownership, no public access (1), Officially opened in 1981. (1), Offre VTTAE de Maurienne Galibier (27 circuits au départ de Valloire, Valmeinier, Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne, Orelle). (1), Ogham stone (1), Oileán - Island na - (of) the gCuán (sea-urchins) Cuán / Cumhán = sea-urchin (1), Oileán - island Meánach - middle (1), Oklahoma State Highway 15 (Western) (1), Old (waste)water system of the abandoned camping site. Facility is destroyed by vandalism. (1), Old Cottage Ruin (1), Old Hayes post office, now just a corner shop. Sweets, newspapers, etc. (1), Old Kilmeadan Road N25 bridge (1), Old Military rifle butts (1), Old Post Office (1), Old Rathcormac NS (1), Old Road (2), Old School (1), Old Sentry Hill House (1), Old Talbot Street (1), Old Water Pump (1), Old Wishing Well (1), Old bathhouse/showers of the abandoned campingsite. Facility is totally destroyed by vandalism and floor is full of sheeps dung. Doors and windows are broken or missing. (1), Old cattle pound. This area was once used for the storage of rescued cattle. If cattle was found astray, it was brought to this location. To reclaim your livestock the cost of a pound was paid, and divided amongst the finder of the cow, and land owner. (1), Old church ruins (1), Old graveyard (1), Old potato drills are extant in this field, now covered in grass (1), Old storage tanks building, preserved as if to serve as an exhibit. (1), Old toilet house of the abandoned camping site. Facility is totally destroyed by vandalism and full of junk & dirt. Windows and doors are broken or missing. (1), Old water storage tank for estate (1), Old, somewhat blocked, green lane. (1), On quick inspection, this seems to be one of the oldest inscribed stones in the graveyard. (1), On the Night of the Big Wind, 6th January 1839, the trees in the Orchard were blown over and uprooted. Only two survived, one of them with its trunk partially resting on the ground. (1), On the base of the fence (1), On the step in front of the house. (1), Once a fortress of the O'Driscoll's and according to ledgend King Labhra Loinseach who had Donkey's Ears (1), Once belonged to the Glebe House. Called Glebe lands. Owners refer to these fields as the Highlands. There was once a small gravel pit in corner of this field (1), Once belonged to the Glebe House. Called Glebe lands. The owners refer to these fields as the Highlands. (2), Once belonged to the Glebe House. Called Glebe lands. The owners refer to these fields as the Highlands. Gradys once owned or rented this field. (1), Once belonged to the Glebe House. Called Glebe lands. The owners refer to these fields as the Highlands. Jeffcocks once owned the Glebe. (1), One of a series of simple drawings of a face dubbed "Boy". (1), One of four National Looped Walks from Howth Train Station (4), One of four air vent stacks servicing the railway tunnel for the Cork to Dublin line (1), One of four vent stacks servicing the Cork to Dublin railwat tunnel (1), One of the Oldest buildings in Aglish (1), One of the original London Cycle Network 'radial routes through the central zone', LCN3's named destinations wereL Esher/Ditton, Kingston, Wandsworth, Battersea, Clapham Common, Stockwell, Oval, Waterloo (largely following the old A3 road). (1), One of the parish mass rocks on which priests celebrated mass during the two penal centuries (1), One of the three crannógs excavated by the Harvard Archaeological Expedition in 1936. (1), One of three Holy Wells named St. Johns Well, on Musheramore, this one on the R2758 (1), Oneway traffic across bridge (1), Only Saran Woods residents (1), Only example of Bauhaus architecture in Kilkenny. (1), Only for electric vehicle chargers (2), Only one field shown on War Office map but might have been split one time. Croc = Currach = Wet Boggy Land (1), Only remaining of 2 flue stacks for lead smelting. Part of Cupola Smelting Works (1), Only visible as parchmark (1), Only visible from air. (1), Open Field (1), Open Water & Pool Swimming Lessons for Adults and Kids. Swim Camp Ireland is Ireland’s favourite swim clinic and camp provider for children and adults. We are focussing on technique and training advice for open water swimmers, triathletes and competitive (1), Open at school access hours only. (1), Open business hours only (1), Open business hours only. (1), Open daily from 10.00am serving homemade scones and pastries, our bar is the perfect location to sit and watch the world go by. Serving a full bar food menu until 9.30pm. Sample our house wines, new gin menu or treat yourself to a cocktail. (1), Open during business hours only. (2), Open during café and Church hours only. (1), Open during daylight hours, except 25th December. (1), Open during nursery access hours only. (2), Open during school access hours only. (3), Open during school hours. (1), Open school access hours only (1), Open school hours only. (1), Open to all sides. Decorational old waterpump in center. (1), Opened during COVID19 epedemic as outdoor seating area. (1), Opened in 2021 (1), Opticians (1), Orange coloured dormer house (1), Orario estivo (giugno - ottobre) (1), Orario invernale (1), Orchard Hill Drive (1), Ordered food can be consumed in the pub next door. (1), Ordnance Survey Benchmark (1), Organic Accommodation (1), Original castle dates from 14th century. Now a private addiction treatment clinic. (1), Original driveway for Brennanstown House, still preserved in the modern housing estate. (1), Original location was Cloghabrody north of Thomastown. (1), Originally a one storey thatched cottage, roof was taken off and another storey added and re-thatched. (1), Originally four fields but now there is just one and it is known as The Big Field (4), Ornamental Tower erected Lord Bandon (1), Ornate lamp standard and disused water font, not a custom artwork. (1), Our Traditional Woollen Aran sweaters updated with new variations of cables using soft yarns for comfort and feel for customers who want a part of Ireland in their wardrobe. (1), Our baristas serve delicious freshly served coffee every day as well as light lunch options and sweet treats. (1), Our great Webcam takes viewers right into the heart of Dublin City - to the iconic GPO building! Whether you want to see traffic, the weather, or you want to see the St Patrick's Day Parade, this cam is perfectly positioned. (1), Our passion is to help local businesses and entrepreneurs reach their potential, by helping them build and scale their online presence. With us, you will get a new business partner. (1), Our student accommodation in Cork, Amnis House, is perfectly situated near the centre of Cork City. Only minutes from the University College Cork and close to the Cork College of Commerce, St. John's Central College and CIT. (2), Out of hours urgent GP care (1), Outdoor Skatepark with a basketball net and small gazebo (1), Outdoor gym equipment (1), Outdoor school with benches and a blackboard (1), Outdoor school with benches and blackboard used by the local National School (1), Outdoor seating only during summer season. (1), Outdoor self-service laundry. (1), Outdoor, 24-hour self-service laundry. (3), Outside Greenisland Post Office (1), Overflow Parking (1), Overflowing with charm, Dublin is Ireland’s most visited city. Dublin’s eternally young soul and beautiful culture, a perfect mix of Gaelic traditions and modern vitality, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. (1), Overground rapid transit service for Dublin. (1), Overgrown path between gardens; not gated. (1), Overgrown; near impassible 2020 (1), Owner-farmer describes it thus: "may date to ancient times as there is a slightly raised base at the centre and an entrance down into the circle, it is v[ery] sheltered and almost below field level." (1), Oxwich to USA (2), PG LPR01 Krivi (1), PG LPR01 Zabjelo (1), PG003-PTZ01 Stadion (1), PIN-coded for residents. (1), POST International (1), Paddys Park Playing field (1), Paduaallee - Lehen Ziegelei - Mundenhof (1), Paduaallee > Lehen Gewerbegebiet (1), Painted building with murals (1), Paintings, prints, greeting cards, books, vintage clothes & local crafts (1), Papertech Ltd. is a solutions provider and sales agency business (1), Parent waiting area (4), Park (1), Park entrance (2), Park surrounding Saint Mary's church and cemetery. (1), Park with Paths (1), Parke GWS water intake (1), Parke GWS water treatment plant (1), Parkeervakken voor de brandweer (1), Parking Permitted Sign RUS 018 with Supplementary Plate P 053: Parking and No Left Turn Sign, RUS 013 on stand alone pole (1), Parking Permitted Sign RUS 018 with Supplementary Plate P 053: Parking and No Right Turn Sign, RUS 012 on stand alone pole (1), Parking Permitted Sign RUS 018 with Supplementary Plate P 053: Parking and No Right Turn Sign, RUS 012 with Supplementary Plate P 050: Except Cyclists on stand alone pole (2), Parking Permitted Sign RUS 018 with Supplementary Plate P 053: Parking on public lighting (5), Parking Permitted Sign RUS 018 with Supplementary Plate P 053: Parking on stand alone pole (47), Parking Permitted Sign RUS 018 with Supplementary Plate P 053: Parking on stand alone pole with additional sign indicating direction of ticket machine (ref unknown) (2), Parking for the visitors centre (1), Parking prohibited on lane but gate can be passed on foot or bicycle. (1), Parking sign for Legananny Dolmen (1), Part of Aggie's fairy trail (1), Part of Bawnlahan townland and therefore part of Castlehaven Parish. (1), Part of Drinagh Co-operative (1), Part of Route 260 Cork - Youghal - Ardmore (1), Part of Route Number 260 Cork - Youghal - Ardmore (2), Part of commemoration of 1916 Rising in 2016, inspired by megalithic follies in St Enda's Park and Emmet's Block on display in the Pearse Museum (1), Part of the "Open Ground" Seamus Heaney visitor experience (1), Part of the 1907 deviation constructed in response to the 1893derailment at Curraduff. (1), Part of the church wall, low in the wall, left of the entrance. (1), Partially wooded walk with sea views and lined with deep purple fuchsia in September (1), Partly in ruins (1), Partner at Daly Farrell Chartered Accountants Ltd (1), Passage tomb with remains of chamber in the central cairn, surrounded by a ring cairn (1), Passes Lord Carbery's Cross which was erected at the summit of the hill of Croghna in 1902 by Lady Carbery in memory of the husband the 9th Baron of Carbery. This cross is 30 feet high & is the highest memorial cross in Ireland. (1), Path impassable due to fallen trees and plant growth. Appears to be unmaintained. (1), Patrol before and after school. (1), Paved/cobbled area attached to the Mill building (1), Paving - Commercial Paving, Home Paving & Driveways. (1), Pay & Display parking (1), Pedestrian bridge (1), Pedestrian turnstile gate (1), Penrith By-Pass (3), Pentagonal bell tower (1), Per Bing Maps there are still two stands inside this clearcut (1), Permanently closed (1), Personal Training Studio (1), Pesnica - Maribor (Tezno) - Maribor (Tržaška cesta) - Slovenska Bistrica - Slovenske Konjice - Celje (1), Peyton (1), Pharmaceutical Distributor (1), Pharmacy (1), Phase 2 = ~25-31 Nordex turbines, 176 m high = ~83 MW, 1 met mast. Phase 1+2 = 61 turbines = 172 MW. (1), Pheasants were put there (1), Philip Hannon Solicitors have been for more than 25 years one of Dublin’s most respected Criminal Law firms. (1), Phonetically pronunciation by the DB as Locka-wee. While there is a boggy patch at the bottom of the field that floods occasionally, name probably due to the very steep slope - Leaca = slope bhuí = yellow - possible comes from furze. (1), Picnic hut, open to three sides, BBQ, picnic-tables. (1), Pilgrimsled från Lurö till Riksgränsen i Värmland. Del av en forngammal led med mål vid Nidaroskyrkan i Trondheim (1), Pillared portico (1), Pinergy are providers of smart energy giving you control of how you use your energy. (1), Pitcher's mound (1), Pitt's Park was the name given to the field before 1897 (how far back is not known). The Field agin the heap of dung is the name after 1919. (1), Pizza take away (1), Pizzeria that offers heated outside area, brightened by colorful lights and a Pizza + Pint deal for 12 euro. (1), Place where local dances were held during early 20th century (1), Plane Hangar (1), Planning permission 2021 for 75 dwelling houses; sign on Lousybush Lane and Granges Road (1), Plantation of trees (1), Planted and maintained by the Kilkenny Hunt Club (1), Planted in 2006 by community volunteers (1), Planá nad Lužnicí — Chýnov — Černovice — Kamenice nad Lipou — Žirovnice — Počátky — Studená — Český Rudolec — Slavonice — Vratěnín — Šafov (1), Plaque dedicating Garden of Remembrance to Fr. John Sullivan (1), Platform for fishing (2), Platform for fishing. (1), Platform stile (1), Play park and Skate Park (1), Playing field of the Tipperary County Camogie Board with dressing rooms and spectator facilities. (1), Please if walking in this area respect the signs that show locations of unmarked graves. (1), Please try to keep this trail going in ONE DIRECTION over its length, preferable northbound, since that is the most common way for it to be hiked. Thank you! (1), Plot layout (1), Pod Peprovcom - Pernek (1), Poem "The Wayfarer" by P.H. Pearse carved into granite slabs arranged in a circle (1), Poinnté - point Ár - slaughter nÉan - birds (1), Pointe - point an - of the Doras - door (1), Polish grocery store (1), Poll - Pool a' - of the Coire - cauldron/ amphitheatre, deep mountain hollow/whirlpool (given as Chuire) by MOS Alternative - Caora - Sheep given by AOL and story of sheep being wash here. Both versions have providence (1), Poll a' Mhóin - hole of the turf (1), Poll na gCaorach = the Hole of the Sheep (1), Pollín - Small Hole na - (of) the bhFranncach - French Probably relates to smuggling to and from the island from France. (1), Pollín=(little)Pool, Ding Dong named after the bell sound made by the waves here. (1), Poorly maintained, uneven surface, dislodged or missing kerbing and many holes (1), Popular destination for open-water swimmers to stop at. (1), Poradnia ogólna (1), Portarlington Sidings (1), Portglenone Bridge (1), Portmuck Beach (1), Possible ancient woodland (1), Possible demolished building? (1), Possible translation is a bank as in a bank of turf (1), Possible translation is theField Of Blood. Also known as the Field Of The Robbery. Described by the owner in Lankford as a dangerous rocky broken field. (1), Possible translation of this field is An Gort Ramhar (The Fat (Wide) Field or possibly Gort Treabhtha (Ploughed Field) (2), Possible wastewater treatment plant based on imagery. (1), Possibly Ban Ard in O'Kelly's Placenames book. (1), Possibly moved from entrance gate to Cathedral into this wall, because it is on the entrance gate on the 1871 map, but in this location on the 6'' Cassini map. (1), Possibly oldest standing suspension bridge in Europe. Constructed by William Parsons. (1), Possibly the site of an ancient boundary or route according to local knowledge. Called Rudolf Trench. (1), Possibly translates as Lorc's Well. Not sure who Lorc is. There was an ancient king of Munster with this name (1), Possibly translates as the Tower Hill. This is a field of small hills (1), Possibly translates as the Upper Well Of The Blind Man (1), Possibly translates as the Well Of The Blind Man (1), Possibly translates to the Field of the Birds (though this makes little sense from a grammatical standpoint). Could the pronunciation simply be a curruption of Gortín? (1), Post Office is located inside Centra (1), Post Office. Latest Time of Posting: 16:00 (1), Post box at former Hayes post office. (1), Post-famine construction; probably modernised with dormer windows in early C20th. Abandoned c.1990. Stone used in construction may have been taken from Dúinín Diarmuida Mhóir (source: local knowledge L.C) (1), Potato merchant (1), Potka povezuje Cerkev Svetega Antona z začetkom Gradnikove ulice (1), Pottery Studio (1), Poultry (1), Powertool repair specialist and tool hire service, offering servicing and repairs on all tools with a tool showroom. (1), Pre-famine. Originally single storey thatched. Extensively yet sympathetically modernised in earlr 2000s. (1), Pre-school (1), Preparing for D-Day (1), Pressure regulating station. (1), Pressure regulating station. Onward connection to Larne AGI. (1), Preston Northern By-Pass (2), Presumably from Mullach. Also listed in Lankford as Páirc Fighnín but this was listed elsewhere by the landowner (1), Presumably means The Middle Field. Perhaps Láthair - an open space (1), Previous site of Golf One Zero observation Tower (1), Previously Bank of Ireland (1), Previously called "Jamuna" (1), Previously closed at dusk but now generally left open. (1), Previously named Joe's Place after the first owner (1), Prior plan was to call this 'Harbour Street' I believe. It can be used by Fire Engines also to reach Straffan road with lowering bollards. (1), Private (1), Private Club (1), Private House, Formerly St. Josephs Parochial House. (1), Private House, Formerly St. Josephs Presbytery. (1), Private Pier (2), Private Playground for School. (1), Private Road (1), Private Road. Strictly No Public Access. (1), Private driveway (1), Private dwelling (1), Private dwelling (1), Private grounds (1), Private house now but this was the site of Dooneen N.S. Plaque still visible (1), Private residence with a self-catering apartment (1), Private right of way from Sorrento Road to the shore. (1), Probable new route for Slogger road (1), Probably means a narrow one acre field. Less likely to be a horse stable field. Eachra = a stable (1), Probably phonetic spelling of Bán glass = Green field. (1), Probably translates a a burnt hill (1), Probably translates at the 'small hollow'. (1), Probably translates to Fields (1), Probstheida - Wachau - Störmthal - Espenhain - Borna (1), Profile image of a woman and bull. (1), Promontory Fort built on a cliff overlooking St.Finan's Bay , connected to the mainland by a narrow neck of land.. (1), Pronounced 'The Cloch' in English. There was a lios (ringfort) in this fieldat one stage. It was also the location of the old Carrigillihy village (1), Pronounced Moon-a-ca-he. An old townland in the parish of Goresbridge. Mrs. Fitzgerald, whose grandmother was a Dalton, an ancestor of one of the owners came from Múnaché circa 1850. (1), Pronounced Polla Voon (1), Propeller of the British steamship Ireland. (1), Proposed Iveagh Market Hotel (1), Proposed site of Lanesborough 110 kV GIS Substation. Site of Former 85 MW peat-burning Lanesborough Power Station. (1), Public footpath and signposted as such (1), Public right-of-way to Greenisland Beach (currently blocked) (2), Public water tap. There's no information if it's drinking water or not. Take care! (1), Pump House (1), Pump Ruin, original hand pump missing (1), Pumping station for local public water supply. (1), Purdysburn Road cycle route (1), Páirc - Field an - (of) the Támhais - Phantom The english name West of the Well due to a well at the edge of the field. The Irish name Páirc an Támhais is not related. also possibly tSabhais - meaning is opaque. Informants DB & JB (1), Páirc = Field, Bán = Untilled field or white (1), Páirc = field Chuas = of the cove na gCrothóg = of the pollock (1), Páirc Uí Shíocháin (1), Páirc a' Lathraigh - A field of muddy ground (lathrach - muddy ground). Páirc na Lárach - the field of the mare (Láir, a mare). Could also be 'the middle field' (between the road and the river) - hence an pháirc i lár (1), Páircín a’ Tobair = The Well Field (1), Páircín na Claise = the small fertile field between rocky outcrops (1), Páírc = Field, Bhán = Untilled field or white (2), QR Code (1), Quarry is shown on the Western border on British War Office map. (1), Quay side jetty (1), Quellen: Weißen Mains am Ochsenkopf bei Bischofsgrün und Roten Mains in Creußen (Kulmbach zum Main) bis zur Mündung in den Rhein bei Mainz (1), Quercus robur (1), Quite loose gravel on date of survey, considering the incline. (2), RVO Salzburg Hauptbahnhof - Marktschellenberg - Berchtesgaden Bahnhof (1), RWW: Rheinbach Bhf: Tomburg: Waldkapelle: Beulskopf: Rheinbach Bhf (1), Radio Station (1), Radln nach Zahlen NRW (1), Radroute entlang der Freiberger Mulde (1), Radroutennetzwerk, Streckenrelation zwischen zwei Knotenpunkten (2), Railway Crossing gate keeper's old home for the Ballinascarty & Timoleague light railway. Corrugated walls & roof (1), Railway Parking (1), Rainbow or semi circular shaped hillock (1), Rainway bucket used for copper mining in 19th century (1), Raised area for plane spotting. (1), Raised bog, recreational area. Designated as a Natural Heritage Area. Area used by locals for leisure and recreation. (1), Raised circular mound with ditch on northern side (1), Re: Oliver Goldsmith Birthplace (1), Real-time departure information for buses (2), Recently Demolished, cleared site (1), Recently refurbished play park for children. (1), Recently renovated B&B all rooms with private bathrooms. Centrally located for all amenities. (1), Reception (1), Reclaimed hill (1), Reconstructed round house (1), Reconstruction of a Crannóg, a partially or entirely artificial island, usually built in lakes, rivers and estuarine waters of Scotland and Ireland. Crannógs were used as dwellings over five millennia, (1), Reconstruction of a ringfort, circular fortified settlements that were mostly built during the Early Middle Ages up to about the year 1000. (1), Red buoy (1), Reddys is a Family Run Pub & Restaurant serving a variety of food & drink all day every day. (1), Reference: (1), Remains of 15th century castle. (1), Remains of Curtain Wall (1), Remains of a gate lodge outside Bellmount House (1), Remains of a seaweed composter (1), Remains of former harbour defence fort. (1), Remains of old wall supporting bridge to Minane Island (1), Remains of thatch visible through window. (1), Remains of the ramparts of an ancient fortress with terraced walls constructed in black limestone. (1), Rents out kayaks or offers guided tours (1), Republic of Ireland (1), Republic of Ireland - Northern Ireland border crossing (Ulster Canal) (1), Republic of Ireland - Northern Ireland border crossing. (244), Requested position for another bus stop (1), Requires a code to access. Call 999 or 112 for code. (1), Reserved for future development. (1), Resident artist accommodation (1), Residential (1), Residential House (1), Residential bungalow (6), Residents PIN access only. (1), Resited 1978 (1), Restored cottage and farm built in 1830s (1), Restricted access (1), Retail (1), Retailer of Fishing tackle, clothing etc (1), Retailer of automotive parts and accessories (1), Rhode Island Route 24 (1), Rib bone from a fin whale washed up on a local beach. (1), Rifugio Segavecchia - Innesto percorso 115 - Rifugio dei Bagnadori - Sboccata dei Bagnadori (1), Right of way (1), Right of way farm access (1), Ring Fort (2), Ring fort (2), Ringfort (1), Ringfort (1), Ringfort. The name is believed to have come from the Irish Raith an Uisce. A rath with a water filled moat (1), Ringmacilroy part of Warrenpoint and Warrenpoint Rural in 1911 Census, but only part of Warrenpoint in 1901 census. (1), River and Heritage Walks (1), Riverrun Estate, Gated community, managed by RRCAMC CLG (1), River’s Edge Bed & Breakfast in Glengarriff is a family home offering luxury B&B accommodation at affordable rates. We can assure you will receive a warm welcome, a peaceful night in bed and a hearty breakfast when you stay at our accommodation. (1), Road named after two bachelor brothers who lived on it. (1), Road side car parking. (1), Road side car parking. (1), Road up to Scrabo Country Park, Scrabo Tower & Scrabo Golf Club (1), Rochfortbridge Pitch & Putt Club - 18 hole Course - (1), Rock arch (1), Rock known as the Capaillín, small horse (1), Rock off Duchalla Head. (1), Rolno-spożywczy rynek hurtowy (1), Roman Catholic parish (1), Roman catholic church used to stand Northwest of here. (1), Ronda Verda de Barcelona (1), Roof in need of repair on date of survey. (1), Rosenburg - Zwettl - Nebelstein (1), Ross Jord Trout Fishery (1), Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat (1), Rough Island is a neolithic site that is believed to have been built in the Neolithic Period. The site can only be accessed via a boat. (1), Rough area. Not sure of origin of name (linked to Mullach?) (1), Rough grazing. Lathrach is a damp/rough area. (1), Rough location of the Public Right of Way to/from Knockagh Monument from the Upper Road at Greenisland. Considerable overgrowth has occured and is currently probably impassable. (1), Roughly in the middle of the bridge in the third row of stones from the top. (1), Round Tower (1), Round Tower from 6th century (1), Route 61 travels from Maidenhead to Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Hertford before arriving near Hoddesdon. (1), Route from Hamamlı (D 010) - Erzurum - Bingöl - Diyarbakır - Mardin - Kızıltepe - Şenyurt - Syria (1), Route from Turgutreis - Bodrum - Milas - Muğla (D 550) - Serinhisar - Burdur - Isparta - Bağkonak (D 595) - Beyşehir - Konya - Ereğli - Niğde (D 805) // Göksun (D 825) - Kürecik (D 300) (1), Route from Çanakkale (D 210, D 550) via Bandırma - Bursa - Bozüyük - Eskişehir - Sivrihisar - Polatlı - Kırıkkale - Yozgat - Yıldızeli - Sivas - Zara to Refahiye (D 100) (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle - turn right for routes 1 and 3 (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route 3, indicating a left turn along Finnis Road. (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route 3, indicating a left turn along Legananny Hall Road. (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route 3, indicating a left turn onto Herons Road (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route 3, indicating a right turn into Backaderry Road (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route 3, indicating a right turn onto Carrigagh Road. (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route 3, indicating a right turn onto Slievenaboley Road (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route 3, indicating to proceed straight on through the crossroads (on Carrigagh Road) (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route 3, indicating to proceed straight on through the crossroads, onto Benraw Road. (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route 3, indicating to turn north along Rathfriland Road (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route 3, indicating to turn onto Dree Hill (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route 3. indicating to proceed straight on over the crossroads (into Clarkill Road) (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle route q. indicating to proceed straight on over the crossroads (into RibadooRoad) (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes - left turn for route 1 (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes - right turn for route 2 (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes - turn left for route 2 (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes 1 and 3 (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes 1, 2 and 3 (2), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes 1, 2 and 3. (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes 2 indicating a right turn (into Ardglass Road) (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes 2 and 3. indicating a left turn for route 3 (into Ardglass Road) and a right turn for route 2 (into Macinish Road) (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes 2 and 3. indicating a right turn for route 3 (into Macinish Road) and a right turn for route 2 (into Clonvaraghan Road) (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes 3. indicating a left turn (into Ribadoo Road) (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes 3. indicating to proceed straight on along Clonvaraghan Road. (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes: both routes 1 and 3 head north on Altnadue Road (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes: cross into Ballymagreehan Road for routes 1 and 3. (2), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes: straight on for route 3 (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes: straight on for route 3, right turn for route 1. (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes: straight on for route 3. (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes: straight on for routes 1 and 3. (2), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes: turn left for routes 1 and 3. (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes: turn right for routes 1 and 3. (1), Route marker for Mournes cycle routes: turn right into for route 3 (1), Route of former canal (1), Route wird nur Freitag bis Sonntag bedient. (1), Routing point (1), Ruin (1), Ruined late medieval circular tower house (1), Ruined tower on the slopes of the Devil's Bit mountain which was built in the mid-19th century. (1), Ruins of Brookley House, built in the 18th century, unoccupied since the early 20th century. (1), Ruins of an old fort (1), Ruins of an old orchard (1), Ruins of farm-complex. Allegedly burned down in early 1900s as a result of thatched roof catching fire when ashes were being discarded (1), Ruins of old cottage or shed (1), Ruins of old wind turbine (1), Ruins of the original Timoleague House (1), Ruins surrounded by old graveyard (1),