2008_use354La Scierie Prolongee (1), no (54), non precise (3), unspecified (15), yes (281),
2009_use312no (58), no;yes (1), non precise (2), unspecified (15), yes (236),
2010_use327no (59), non precise (2), office (1), unspecified (14), yes (251),
3dr:roof1round (1),
4wd1yes (1),
4wd_only21recommended (2), yes (19),
Area41137 (1), 1161 (1), 1173 (1), 1306 (1),
Atelier1Balai (1),
Barriers:obstacle_canal_location38in_canal (35), on_banks (3),
COSMHASTM1yes (1),
Code7FAU-LQ-H-2 (2), FAU-LQ-L-1 (2), FAU-LQ-N-3 (3),
Cover_description37Boulevards des Americain (1), Pont en Beton (1), Pont en Beton Mais pour Pieton (2), bouche a terre pour faire du passage (1), canal couvert en beton ou petit pont (2), en beton (2), il ya une bonne partie du canal couvert en beton (1), passage en beton (1), passage en beton, mais pour Pieton (3), passage en fer (1), petit pont en beton (11), petit pont en mur (2), pont couvert en beton (4), pont couvert en feraille (1), un petit couverture juste pour passer les gens de la zone (1), un petit pont en beton (3),
DSH1non (1),
E-41E-4 (1),
ESTADO1E-3 (1),
Empresa1Gestión Digital MDP (1),
Estacion1E-1 (1),
Etacion1E-2 (1),
FIXME1190'guessing' from memory + looking at Yahoo imagery it seems that this mistaken for a stream [-JaakkoH] (1), * (2), Add power(?) lines between the poles! (3), Beyond viable imagery area. Contacted other use about imagery in the area. (1), Bing 2011 showed this connection clearly but 2012 is cloudy. Survey exact geometry/path. (1), Buildings in this area were tagged as wikipedia="ojapon bas ti haiti". There is no such article, please include language-code! (1), COSMHA (15), COSMHA, see note (1), COSMHA: Robi (2), Cannot visually confirm, WorldView-2, DigitalGlobe, 2010-01-21 imagery is obscured by cloud cover. (1), Check road name. This bit is most probably not Ruelle Classique but the road in the north end of this. (1), Check the exact boundary from proper source -- this is a guestimate from nodes left over from Redaction bot.. Especially in the S end of the bit of boundary. (1), DO NOT DELETE. there is a problem with the imagery along this line. (1), Figure out appropriate tagging (1), Find out if Rte de Fj or Rte de Fermathe is "correct" -- or if both are used -- and if so for what parts / what "name types" (local, official, old, etc name) (2), Fix bridge (to correct lenght, type, etc). See imagery, way history, survey if needed. (1), Fix if it is not a lake. (1), Four establishment on a farmland. See (1), Good Position (1), Gross misalignment (moving road over 10 meters!) (2), HMm. I think quincaillerie is often just construction materials. .. But it can be hardware, too.. Hmm. Needs verification and then documentation. (1), How far does T52c extend? .. Is it merely an alt_name? (1), How to tag "humanitarian_use:disaster shelters"? (1), How to tag steps like this? (I don't think it's right currently... but I might be wrong..) (1), Incorrectly alligned sattelite image (1), Is the name actually Cormiers (with an S)? (1), Is this perhaps a debris field? A trash dump? (2), It seems that there has been a road here (in OSM) before and that it has been deleted! See old maps/data to see details of that (possible) road! -JaakkoH (1), MINUSTAH suggests this is 1 block to north. Unclear (1), Name (1), Need identity for the objects included in this area. (1), Need verification of collapse. (1), Not sure which building in the imagery it is. There are a couple of close contenders. (1), Not visible in NOAA 18 (1), Note that St. Suzanne is about 7 _kilometers_ North-NorthWest from this point... (1), OSMF Redaction Account (1), Orions name not in the sign. Libellules also functional. How to tag?? (1), PAHO 5310073 DP de Goyavier, WorldView-2, DigitalGlobe, 2010-01-20 is a little blurry; hard to tell if there are buildings close in the area. (1), PAHO 5310076 DP de Gilbert- Far from Gilbert. No buiilding or road in this area (Imagery Quickbird_20060618). (1), POI almost in the middle of the road (2), POI in the middle of the road (11), POI location (1), POI marked as a road node!! - survey real location and copy POI info to the new node (1), River channel migration - dried up (1), Route existante??? (1), Ruelle Belledont (1), Should the ref of RD-201 be on the northern section of the secondary road going to the motorway? Was Santa Cruz road the original connection to the southern secondary road and tagged RD-201? (5), Survey if this is really a culvert (1), Survey road class (changed to living_street based on less-than-perfect survey notes). (1), The correct tag (2), This boundary seems to be wrong in the area north of Rte Freres & Rte de Delmas between D60 and Belvil. .. Check official boundary and fix. (1), This is a roof with some sofas, a table and a hotel phone, where you can wait to be picked up by a shuttle car. (1), This is an approximate location (1), This piece of land doesn't _seem_ to have a hedge barrier. Same _seems_ to apply to other uses of hedge. See for details on hedge (1), This should be somewhere North of Carrefour Fleuriot, eih? (1), This swamp is much larger. Must be completed (1), This was tagged as a pontoon bridge, but that's not consistent with the size of the watercourse in aerial. Please check. (2), Tracing should be verified (1), What is the actual access of these cemetary roads? Certainly at least *=destination, eih? (5), What is the right name of the road? See note (4), What is this?? (1), What is this?? Taptap station, what?? (Was marked -- yes -- a train station...) (1), Where is (beginning/end) the correct Rlle Claire Heureuse? This or one 150 m north of this? (This is split from that). (1), WorldView-2, DigitalGlobe, 2010-01-21 only imagery for this area and blurry; cannot visually confirm for PAHO import (1), WorldView-2, DigitalGlobe, 2010-01-21 shows a couple buildings in the vicinity; not sure which one. (1), WorldView-2, DigitalGlobe, 2010-01-21 too blurry to trace a building, might be another object. (1), _gross_ misaligning of the bridge (16 meters!!) (1), _gross_ misaligning of the bridge (25 meters!!) (2), _leisure_=landfill?? What is this?? (1), a baseball field? (1), add details (1), add details; check shop tag (1), add name and details (1), add suitable tag(s): water on the road, pretty continuously, single lane (often, always?) (1), adjust and document tagging (1), adjust location from GPS trace/imagery (1), adress street=impasse local <> addr:street=marin 6 (1), almost duplicate POI (1), amenity type? Shop? (1), appropriate tag for an orphanage? (1), approximative location (1), are these the same facility? (1), ask Severin/Nico what on earth these tags mean. .. Is this canal underground? (1), building inside building (Samuel) (2), building probably rectangular; Since you have people on the ground this can be verified. (1), building probably rectangular;Since you have people on the ground this can be verified. (2), building seems rectangular (even in imagery = Bing); JOSM's "make rectangular" feature (press Q when object selected) should be used when object seems rectangular (1), building tag missing but more importantly geometry is wrong. .. Was old outline deleted?? (1), check (81), check (dosn't fit with imagery) ? (1), check - exact position (2), check against reality (13), check appropriate tag for auto parts shop (1), check appropriate tag; check alt name (sign on the wall?) (1), check approriate tag for home improvement shop + add additional info (from ServiMat in PetionVille) (1), check building shape (1), check building, not visible on Bing (2), check complete name (2), check connected or dead end? (1), check connection (1), check details (1), check ditch track ... ? (6), check exact geometry from GPS (recorded trace) (4), check existence and class (2), check existence of road (1), check if T43 or not (now marked as loc_name) (1), check if building exists in real world (18), check if prior edit to road has omitted that part of road is track -- or is it? Survey road details! (1), check if really pipeline (sure looks like one) (1), check if this goes through from the gas station yard ... I don't remember that it would... (1), check if this is service/alley/path or what (didn't record the road type in survey..) (1), check if this road exists? Gates, other barriers? (2), check incline (1), check location, wasn't visible when driving by (1), check name -- most likely the end connecting to Rte de Kenscoff would not be named Fj something... (1), check name from name sign (1), check name, details -- and appropriate tagging (for private clubs) (1), check old use - specific name? (1), check position (1), check position and other tags (1), check proper name (1), check road class (1), check road class (marked 4wd -- only a path in reality?) (1), check road class (marked moto only -- seems more like a track in reality?) (1), check road names (1), check spelling of name (kindergar_t_en is "normally" correct) (1), check tag, I may remember wrong (1), check the name/number of the route. ... It seems that it changed recently? (-Jaakko) (1), check track or ditch? (1), check tunnel ? (2), check where Rue Lotin exists -- before or after this bit of "road" (that doesn't seem to exist per imagery) (1), check whether bridge (1), check/improve me (7), check: building? (1), check: ditch or path (1), check: path or ditch = can be both.. (1), check: track or ditch ? (9), check: track or ditch? (32), check: tunnel bridge ... ? (1), clearly too much detail drawn + geometry doesn't seem to fit reality (based on imagery) (1), clouds (4), collapsed? (2), confirm practicability of this bit of road (2), conflicts with power station (1), connect to the rest? (1), continue (36), continue tracing (2), continues (3), contradicts "Military Prison"? (1), correct location (1), create dual carriage way (1), damaged? (7), digitized from DMA - update from DigitalGlobe (3), document new tag or change (1), does it realy exists? (1), does not appear to be associated with a single building/ structure (1), does this bit of road _actually_ exist (1), does this bit of road exist? (2), does this bit of road exist? Redaction bot wiped out something here. .. Re-survey or see from history if clean bits were unnecessarily wiped out (e.g. cause of splitting) (1), does this exist? (isn't visible in WorldView-2, DigitalGlobe, 2010-01-21) (2), does this road actually exist (adn what are its details?)? -- or does it just look like that in Bing? (1), does this road actually exist (adn what are its details?)? .. as prior data implies -- and is it not just visible in Bing? (1), drain? (1), duplicate information; name not housenumber - and should probably go to description (as it's a duplicate)? (1), duplicate nodes??? (2), either end could be missing, but connectivity remains. (1), end of highest drone picture (1), endd oh highest drone imagery (1), exact location to be verified (1), exact location unclear (1), exact position unknown (1), expected course (1), find more accurate locations! (4), find proper tag or document this (1), fine tune POI location (6), fine tune POI location? (1), fine tune location (1), fine-tune geometry from GPS traces (3), fix details (1), fix duplicate, survey real location (2), fix main key (tag) (1), fix odd geometry (1), fix one of them (2), fix residential boundary e.g. from Bing imagery (1), fix tagging of both objects (that refer to same real life object) (2), fixing (1), flowing direction + waterway's value to be checked (98), geometry approximate, survey details (1), guessed (4), haiti-tlm-50 and worldview-2_20100109 show river. (3), haitiantagging (1), highway=unclassified (1), highway_unclassifield (1), hmm. amenity fuel doesn't seem like the right tag -- it's not amenity but someone's "private" reserve... (1), how do these roads -- or paths? -- connect in each end? (5), how to tag "squares"? (1), how to tag (the various) UN facilities properly? Document it when this is clear. (1), how to tag a bank branch that only handles credit card issues?... (1), how to tag a horse ranch (riding school, horse rentals, excursions)? (1), how to tag a residential road that fits better a class of track?? -JaakkoH (1), how to tag blocked roads (1), how to tag car part shops? (1), how to tag private pools? Certainly can't be meaningful to get them all rendered w/ swimming icon on map? -JaakkoH (1), how to tag that this seems to be open very rarely if at all (albeit it's a brand new facility)? (1), how to tag the center of a "traffic circle" (1), how to tag vacation properties where most or at least many are owned by indicviduals but some properties are rented as time-share or on weekly basis? (1), how to tag? (1), imprecise (1), improve me (2), incomplete (4), info to validate (3), is there a rd here? (1), is there a track through? (1), is there really a shop=boutique (1), is this a track or rather a path? (1), is this really 171 ... when 147 is after this... (1), is this really a floating bridge? (2), is this the (rough) territory of Jalousie? The landuse=residential overlaps with another landuse=residential object... (1), key value wrong (2), landslide ? (1), localisation (1), localisation exacte (2), locality currently _in ocean_ - fix location (7), location - building association (1), location approximate (either side of the wall), survey exact location (1), location approximate, re-survey exact location (1), location approximate, survey exact location (1), location does not correspond to a developed area, no buildings in immediate vicinity. (1), location slightly approximated based on a friend's visit. (1), location, was in the middle of the road (1), locations of these facilities seem highly approximate (4), looks like a ford rather than bridge in Bing (1), looks like a path in imagery... (1), merge or detail 4 nearly duplicate schools (tagged w key amenity_duplicate_probably=school) (1), merge w almost duplicate POI; verify location (1), merge with main entry (POI moved from wrong place already) (2), might not even be a path (was unclassified) (1), mini-building... (1), name (3), name + details (1), name? (1), name?! (29), need verification of collapse (4), needs detailed surveying. path or canal _very_ rough (3), needs mapping to a specific building (1), not driven yet (1), numerous buildings completely overlapping with roads. .. All buildings in the area must be fixed _AND_ this must be understood (and explained to others, too!)! (1), or is this a culvert? (1), or stream? (1), other_health_facility (1), où est placée la barrière (1), partly duplicates existing data (2), path? right? (1), performance stage tag? (1), please check postcode value! (1), please verify collapsed building assessment (2), position (2), probably no road here. Survey or ask. (1), proper tag for tire places (1), re-check if living street is appropriate classification (2), refine exact location, the tower maybe +- 15 m here (1), relocate (1), relocate POI (1), resurve (1), resurvey (2), resurvey exact footway geometry (1), retag (2), road class (1), road doesn't seem to exist in imagery -- survey what this is (1), road name verification (2), rough (1), school type, exact location (1), see appropriate tags for government offices, add more information (1), see fixme:note (1), see note tag (1), see that building housenumber renders ok; if not, add housenumber node (1), see that house# renders ok (1), seems like highway=service in Bing imagery (6), seems more like a culvert (1), service public well (1), shop type missing (2), sketched area from survey observation, survey details of area (or wait for clear imagery) (1), start of higher imagery haiti from image drone Saint Marc 2014 (1), survey _exactly_ where Marfranc ends and Oscar begins (1), survey area details (1), survey class (and tertiary network); _definitely_ doesn't seem like a tertiary road('s bridge) (1), survey classification and details; changes into path at some point (1), survey clinic name (1), survey connection to "island" of roads (1), survey correct location (was in the middle of the road) (3), survey correct location; had two POIs -- on the different sides of the road... (1), survey correct position; was in the middle of the rd (1), survey details (7), survey details (of area and information), add approriate tags (1), survey details + connection to road network (1), survey details / check notes (1), survey details / existense (1), survey details of area shape and details (1), survey details of road (2), survey details of road .. where does Rue Vaillant begin and end? (1), survey details of road; was split from another road (1), survey details of road; was split from something that didin't make sense. (1), survey details of the ford. Depth, etc? (1), survey details, actual name, if any (1), survey details, covered by tree in imagery (1), survey details, see note (1), survey details; name (2), survey exact location (current based on intersection + description + guestimate from webpage photo) (1), survey exact location (school had a duplicate node with alt_name) -- and verify name(s) (1), survey exact location (was in the middle of Rte de Delmas!) (1), survey exact location (was in the middle of Rte de Delmas) (1), survey exact location (was in the middle of intersection) -- and check name spelling (Intitution..) (1), survey exact location (was in the middle of rd) (2), survey exact location (was in the middle of road) (4), survey exact location (was in the middle of the road) (1), survey exact location (was placed withing the school area) (1), survey exact location / details (1), survey exact location of distruction (2), survey exact location, check hight (1), survey exact location, details (4), survey exact location, merge if needed (1), survey exact location, this is in the middle of nowhere now! (1), survey exact location, was in the middle of the road (1), survey exact name, location, boundaries and details (1), survey exact new geometries of roads (2), survey exact path of road (GPS or better imagery) (3), survey exact path of stream, now approximated from imagery (1), survey exact position + details (1), survey existence / class (1), survey existence and class of this way/rd (1), survey existence and class of this way/rd (doesn't seem clear in Bing) (1), survey existence and details (4), survey existence of facility / actual location - same as Baptist Mission hospital? ... was marked east of Rte de Kenscoff... (1), survey existence, track/path type and access (1), survey existence/details (1), survey existence; isn't obvious in Bing (1), survey geometry + details + verify connection to road network (1), survey highway classification (29), survey highway=path existence (1), survey how stream crosses road (1), survey if blocked or not (1), survey if parking or just a lot (1), survey if the 2 Mont Fleury schools withing one block are the same... (2), survey if this bit is oneway or not? .. ie. Can you make a U-turn from primary road driving North East back to driving South West? (1), survey if this exists! (1), survey if this exists. (1), survey if this exists; where Imp Giraud is? (1), survey if this is a bridge or a ford; I remember it being a ford (1), survey if this is a pond anymore? -- seasonal=yes and/or flood_prone=yes? (1), survey if this road line exists (vs. newly surveyed) (1), survey location, CAN'T BE IN THE MIDDLE OF A RIVER! (1), survey location/details (1), survey name and correct address (1), survey practicability of this area (it provides passage from Laboule to PaP downtown!) (3), survey precise location (1), survey precise location; ... was placed East of Rte de Kenscoff... (1), survey proper classification of road (3), survey proper main tag (1), survey proper name (3), survey proper name(s) -- use alt_name=* if needed! (1), survey rd class (1), survey rd class / details (5), survey rd class and details (1), survey rd class, see note (2), survey rd classification (1), survey rd existence (1), survey rd existence / details (1), survey real location - Hospital _certainly_ not in the sea! (2), survey road class; marked as practicability=moto, seems ok for cars in Bing (2), survey road class; possibly not even tertiary (was: 2ndary) (3), survey road class; was: practicability=moto + residential... (1), survey road condition / if it's open (1), survey road existence (1), survey road name (this was split from road one block SW) (1), survey road name and existence (of all 3 pieces of road) (3), survey road, cloudy imagery (1), survey road/track/path type + access (1), survey status (1), survey to make sure that this piece of road doesn't exist / connect the two ends. (Only) then delete. (1), survey way class and details (1), survey where this stream actually goes (2), survey, imagery cloudy, rd seems to clearly exist (6), survey/add name of school (1), survey/figure out real location of these 6 "hospitals" (6), survey/figure out real location of this hospital; was in the middle of the ocean (1), survey/trace exact area (1), survey; WTF! addr:st=Christ-Roi! (1), survey; does this path(?) exist (as earlier version implies)? (1), survey; verify damage or delete; draw bridge (as part of road!) (1), tag (2), tag all non-hospital health facilities appropriately!!! e.g. amenity=health_facility + health_facility=laboratory -- see discussions on wiki, email lists first! (1), tag for cigar (maker) shop? (1), tag properly (3), tag, see note (4), taggin clinics... (1), tagging so that it renders? Custom Haiti rendering?? (1), tagging! survey exact location, details (1), tagging? (1), tags, etc (1), taking name from nearby village: map and fix (1), the location of same-named peak is closer to 2km E of this... (1), this canal is definitely not a bridge (Aqueduct - (23), this is not well tagged. .. How to tag small areas like this? Too much of micro mapping? (1), this path(?) dosn't correspond with any other features on the ground. Was it supposed to or is this an error? (1), this road _seems_ to continue up the river and connect there, survey to verify. (1), to (re-)survey category, practicability (1), to check (1), to continue; trace/survey further (1), to re-survey (1), to re-survey name of rd; possibly Impasse A. Couloute (marked to rd bit at Rte de Kenscoff) (1), to re-survey, Is this bit of road passable? (1), to re-trace (higher resolution) (16), to reclassify, see note (1), to survey (43), to survey (was marked residential + operational_status=closed ...) (1), to survey actual location (1), to survey details (1), to survey existense of crossing track (1), to survey from north end, not passable from south (w/ 4x4 Toyota Highlander, ~2/2011), -JaakkoH (1), to survey if stilll exists, see note2 (2), to survey if this exists = probably a phantom road (from post-quake tracing) (1), to survey practicability + fix obstable element next to road (1), to survey road existence (1), to survey status, details (1), to survey what is the Baptist Mission area (1), to survey, ford or culvert? (1), to survey, looks odd against imagery (1), to survey, low (1), to survey, see note (1), to survey: "operational_status=closed" (1), to survey: classification, name (1), to survey: oneway status (1), to survey; does this school exist? -- Same applies to _many_ source:FiresideInternational schools! (1), to survey; see Ruelle moise (in south end of the road) (1), to tag (1), to tag approriately (1), to tag, see note (1), to trace better or survey path (3), to trace from Bing (1), to verify (2), trace detailed shoreline whenbetter imagery available (20), trace further (1), trace/survey further (1), track needs to be connected. "Bridge" has no tag... (1), two names were originally mashed together -- Does this imply faulty merge of roads? Check the names... (1), unknown object collection (1), unknown_health_facility (63), unknown_health_facility; cannot visually confirm location with WorldView-2, DigitalGlobe, 2010-01-21 sat imagery because it is obscured by cloud cover. (1), unknown_health_facility; in clearly wrong place (1), unsure path (2), use (1), verify (1), verify exact location (1), verify if the road is still called Rte Fj after Fj -- or what is its name (1), verify name / location of the village (1), verify that this actually is a tower, based on observation from the sea it shuould be here -- but not fully clear in imagery (1), verify the path + class of the stream/waterway (2), verify: moved this object a bit (bing imagery+offset) - not sure the tagged attributes belong to the building at this position (2), was places about 1km SW of Savanette -- in the middle of a river -> 2 place properly (1), was untagged way (7), what is this structure? (1), what is this structure? Is this perhaps a pancaked building? (1), what is this? (1), what is this?? (1), what shop is this -- and where is it? (1), wheelchair? (1), where does Avenue Lamartinière change to Rue Fernand? Split accordingly. (1), where is this peak? certainly not here (was) in the middle of the road -- on a slope. (1), wrong key value (1), wrong name (should be nothing?) (1), yes (3), à fusionner (1),
FIXME:ASAP1This "building=concrete" covered 4 blocks(!) over Croix des Bouquets! I edited it to cover area where multiple CTC POIs exist. This may not be the correct location! -> Fix size + location + tags(?). -JaakkoH (1),
FIXME:COOPI1preset applied to wrong geometry. (1),
FIXME:COSMHA255preseler / jeandany; fix tags (251), preseler / jeandany;fix tags (4),
FIXME:DO1lxbarth (1),
FIXME:HT1433(!) instances of same school name! (1), Bad road classification (3), Bully (10), COSMHA.STM (1), Ecole Bon Berger (5), Future Generations (1), Horrible example of clipping buildings because of trees hanging over... (1), Jeandany (5), Jimmy Rubin (5), Leslie Petit-Phar (2), Presler (18), Robi (3), Samuel (27), Serge (4), Tjgirgis (23), Xapitoun (11), agathe da blues (1), coopi (3), horrible tagging! (1), jaakkoh (3), main tag missing; check other tags, too (1), road pretty clearly path most of its course (as practicability tag implies), odd cosmha=yes tag, lanes tag.., (1), senatus (1), these two buildings are so badly drawn from different imagery (visible in different zoom levels in Dec '12) that they are in fact drawings of the same building -- and not even overlapping each other! (2), to delete; non-existent feature (7), waterway crossing track in a non-real way -- a number of similar occurrences in the area... (3),
FIXME:garmin2add details (1), survey details (1),
FIXME:location1is approximate -> tweak (1),
FIXME:name1morne rouge ou morne a bruler ? (1),
FIXME:note701) Is Clercine 4 the name of the road (as one would think looking at Clercine 2 and other similar), 2) was-is old_name simply wrong or alternative in some way? (2), 3 POIs where nearly in the middle of the road. Survey exact locations. (3), Buildings cross canal (wrongly), not aligned with neither of Bing imageries, Google, nor GPS traces. Relationally wrong with the secondary road. Fix other buildings with same problem nearby. (2), How on _earth_ does this connect in the Northern end?! (1), How to tag building use and a combo of (some) details of the use being in a POI node? Hmm. (2), Many side roads to the primary road were broken like this one. .. Also, many objects (buildings mainly) were snapped to road. .. Seems as by Leslie. (2), POI in the middle of the road (1), The building outlines! (lot vs. building...) (1), These buildings have been drawn without aligning with NEITHER exising data NOR GPS traces. GRRR! .. Same seems to apply to all buildings in the area... (4), This "POI" is traced in the size of 5x5 _centi_meters!!! (1), This shows perhaps the biggestest problem(s) of the mess in the area: multiple crossing ways, totally messed up geometries, misalignment with GPS (and existing data) by some 20 meters..) (1), Totally odd bend in the road (2), What is this bend in the road? It doesn't exist in imagery, GPS traces, nor reality. (1), an angled bend in a straight road! (3), bridge should be marked to road, not waterway! (1), building not aligned with misaligned imagery (not existing data nor uploaded GPS traces);building outline square and not according to imagery (1), crappy alignment (crossin road back and forth) and geometry problems (10), find better tagging scheme for propane places! (1), name was Avenue Hailé Sélassié (until version 22) -> check if correct... (19), name was Avenue Hailé Sélassié (until version 6) -> check if correct... (10), operational_status=closed SEEMS to imply at times that the road is private and at times that it's not in driving condition. This should be cleared AND all instances of this tag fixed into standard tags. -JaakkoH (1), should connect in N end? (1),
FIXME:tagging5How to tag resorts that are the size and "form" of a village if not a town? (1), how to tag minor _and_ seasonal "ford"s? (2), insufficient tags, no main class (1), undocumented tag use - document or change (1),
FIXME:top1overlapping ways -- but both have (taptap) routes on them. .. Resolve somehow... (1),
GNS:id36-57642 (1), -57821 (1), -58505 (1), -59548 (1), -59788 (1), -59956 (1), -60881 (1), -60926 (1), -61635 (3), -61636 (1), -61689 (1), -62790 (1), -64036 (1), -64645 (1), -65909 (1), -66029 (1), -66848 (2), -67387 (1), -67757 (1), -67773 (1), -68341 (1), -68868 (1), -69021 (1), -69411 (1), -69984 (1), -70309 (5), -70678 (1), -71103 (1), -71172 (1),
GPS_Mission_Preparation921 mai 2010 (9),
HFCS2Minor Arterial (1), Urban Principal Arterial - Other (1),
HasCampResidentCommittee6no (1), yes (5),
Humanitarian:HealthFacility:OrganizationType5Community (2), private_for_profit (3),
Humanitarian:Road:Security4Security_Category_C (4),
IOM:project3149DRR (3149),
IOM_project_DRR:form_number169CAN-01005A (5), EDU (3), LDC (3), LDC-009-008 (1), LDC-01-003 (1), LDC-04-008 (1), OBS-01-001 (4), PDE 003/#3 (1), PDE-08-034 (1), PSJ-07-002 (1), R0U-030-032-08 (1), ROU- (6), RT (1), RTE (22), RTE-01 (29), RTE-02 (14), RTE-02-007 (1), RTE-02-01 (4), RTE-02-02 (5), RTE-03#04 (1), RTE-09-001 (1), RTE03#4 (4), SAN (1), o1 (58),
ISO3166-15DO (1), HT (2), UM (1), US (1),
ISO3166-1:alpha27DO (2), HT (3), UM (1), US (1),
ISO3166-1:alpha35DOM (1), HTI (2), UMI (1), USA (1),
ISO3166-1:numeric4214 (1), 332 (2), 840 (1),
ISO3166-255DO-01 (1), DO-02 (1), DO-03 (1), DO-04 (1), DO-05 (1), DO-06 (1), DO-07 (1), DO-08 (1), DO-09 (1), DO-10 (1), DO-11 (1), DO-12 (1), DO-13 (1), DO-14 (1), DO-15 (1), DO-16 (1), DO-17 (1), DO-18 (1), DO-19 (1), DO-20 (1), DO-21 (1), DO-22 (1), DO-23 (1), DO-24 (1), DO-25 (1), DO-26 (1), DO-27 (1), DO-28 (1), DO-29 (1), DO-30 (1), DO-31 (1), DO-32 (1), DO-33 (1), DO-34 (1), DO-35 (1), DO-36 (1), DO-37 (2), DO-38 (1), DO-39 (1), DO-40 (1), DO-41 (1), DO-42 (1), HT-AR (1), HT-CE (1), HT-GA (1), HT-ND (1), HT-NE (1), HT-NI (1), HT-NO (1), HT-OU (1), HT-SD (1), HT-SE (1), UM-76 (1), US-UM (1),
Id200 (20),
Latitude50.0 (1), 19.29321611 (4),
Longitude5-71.57999648 (4), 0.0 (1),
Mis_a_jour1COSMAH (1),
NHS6yes (6),
NOTE2913 (4), 13/04/2012 (4), C'est le nouveau local de FEBS (1), Cause par le deversement du Canal (1), Glissement de Terrain et Inondation frequent (1), Innondations (2), Inondation tres Frequent (1), J'affirme que la fondation d'esther boucicault stanislas est siegé dans ce nouveau local par mon enquette de terrain. (1), Meme logement que Femmes Engagees dans la Transformation des Denres Agricoles (FETDA) et Association des Paysans Mixtes de Grand-Goave (AMPGG) (1), Pas de traces GPS et Bing n'est pas disponible a cause du nuage (1), Projet ACTED_MRR (7), Souvent Inonde (1), World Food Program Warehouse Ganaives, Haiti (1), World Food Program Warehouse, Jacmel, Haiti (1), World Food Program Warehouse, Port-de-Paix, Haiti (1), l'APDGG partage le meme local que le RFAPDGG (1),
OTI_HRI_COSMHA_project44STM020 (44),
OTI_HRI_COSMHA_project:surveyor_name21Daverne (2), Hugo Eustache (6), Richener (1), Sylvioynouis (5), Sylvioynouis,Josue,Lucine (6), sylvio ynouis (1),
Objet2Espace réservé pour la vidange (1), Génératrice pour le poste de police (1),
Pop75673.00000000000 (3), 7417.00000000000 (2), 7823.00000000000 (2),
Projet61FGH_UNCRV (58), FGH_UNCVR (3),
Quartier7Hercule (2), Lazarre (2), Nerette (3),
Responsable3Bonnet Bradley (1), Marie Yollene (1), Pierre Marie Joagnus Philizaire (1),
Source4Bing,survey,gps,fieldpaper (3), bing (1),
SurfaceCondition1Smooth_greater_than_40kph (1),
Surgical14 OR's (1),
TDH_Lausanne136yes (136),
TEPAC70Adolphe Wouvens (23), Appolon Mersin (1), Casiol Cadette (24), Emmanuel Syffrard (19), Guerline Riffort (2), Thomas Charles (1),
TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:Class2Road (1), Segment (1),
TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:Direction1both (1),
TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LCLversion28.00 (1), 9.00 (1),
TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:LocationCode239066 (1), 50194 (1),
TMC:cid_58:tabcd_1:PrevLocationCode18645 (1),
Terrain120*20 (1),
Trail1dirt trail (1),
WFP:project4Food_distribution (1), WFP (2), WFP_Food_Service (1),
World_Concern:project200CIDRR (194), World Concern_CIDRR (6),
_ADM1_NAME_1Ouest (1),
_ADM2_NAME_2L�og�ne (1), les C�teaux (1),
_ADM3_NAME_1L�og�ne (1),
_ADM4_NAME_51�re-Beaulieu (1), 1�re-Dessources (1), 3�me-Solon (3),
_Category_24Business (3), Church (1), Facility (1), Feature (2), IDP Camp (2), Landmark (1), Landscape (3), Police (1), School (1), Transport (1), Water (8),
_Descrip_3Fault Line (1), Public water tap (1), Public water tap + Shower (1),
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