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fixme8301) How does the unclassified road continue? I can't see on the aerial imagery. Or does it continue lower at the river? 2) Drawn after bad aerial imagery (cloudy). Please improve. (1), 10/2013: no hi-res imagery available for south part - please correct (1), 10/2013: no high-res imagery (1), A bit rough outline (2), A path, or even a track? (1), A tertiary or better? Please check. Thanks! (1), Add missing pylons ; Check, if at the sites where two pylons are situated close together, if there is a portal pylon or two separate pylons. In first case delete the pylon not connected to the line on the map. (1), Bing shows collapsed bridge - repaired? (1), Can normal cars really drive on this way? On the aerial imagery there seems to be scrub near to or on the road. So, is this the main road (highway=unclassified etc.), or just a track, or ...? (1), Checkpoint = Beginning of Grum Grijmailo Track (1), Chybí cedule č. 7 (1), Connection just estimated, not visible on aerial imagery (1), Connection not really visible on MapBox imagery. But there must be some connection usable for cars. Please check. Thanks! (1), Connection of road segments just estimated — but there must be some connection here, else the roads would not lead to this point from both sides. Please check. Thanks! (1), Connections? (31), Deze route moet op een of andere manier gekoppeld worden aan routevariant via Gouda (r7616129) (1), Does signage go all the way to the south end? (1), Doubtful, nothing to see on the imagery. A channel definitely exists but needs to be re-assessed (1), Estimated connection. Please check ... (1), Estimated part (not visible on MapBox imagery due to clouds). Please map more accurately later (2), Estimated path connection. Improve if possible, (2), Estimated path connection. Is this reasonable? It seems possible to walk here. (3), Ford or bridge or ...? (1), Fragments of paths? Maybe just used by animals ... (6), GPS verification required. Coordinates from SRTM, bing, Genshtab differ by some 200m (1), Guesswork based on OS 1:25k historic and aerial imagery. (1), Haltestelle "Einhausen / Werner von Siemens Str." fehlt noch (1), How does the unclassified road continue? I can't see on the aerial imagery. Or does it continue upper on the mountain? (2), How does this track continue? It's hard to believe that it ends right here (1), I am not sure about the connection here via the stream. There must be some connection with a ford, but where exactly I can't see from the imagery. (1), I am not sure about this part of the path. There must be some connection between the track coming from north and the path coming from south, but the aerial imagery is bad here. (1), I can't see a bridge. So, is here some ford? Can someone check this somehow? (6), I doubt that this could be a tertiary (1), I have just estimated this connection (I can't see anything on the aerial imagery here). Please please check this and improve/delete the connection, as appropriate. Thanks! (1), I have just estimated this ford, the aerial imagery is rather bad. Please improve position etc. Thank you. (1), Incomplete route (1), Interesting circular structure, probably man-made. What's this? Some kind of water well? Or ... (1), Interesting ditch-like structure. Could this be a (former) track? Please check if you can ... and tag it as appropriate. Thanks! (1), Interesting object in the landscape, looks very man-made. Can somebody identify this? (1), Interesting shape/shadow, looks like a power pylon but has no neighbours that I can see (1), Interesting structure in the landscape, looks very man-made. Can somebody identify this? According to the isohypses in OpenCycleMap, we can interpret this area as almost flat. So, maybe a helicopter landing place, or appropriate for that? (1), Interesting structure in the meadow. IMHO can't be a track/path because it ends abruply on both ends. Please tag if you know what this is. Thank you! (1), Interesting structure in the meadow. If anybody has got any idea what is this, please tag it (and map it better). Thank you! :-) (1), Interesting structure visible on MapBox imagery. Looks man-made. A former track? Can somebody identify this? (2), Interesting, circular strucures visible on MapBox imagery. Definitely looks man-made. A building (a watchtower?), something miltary or some kind of technical stuff? (1), Is here a connection? You would expect one, but can't see it on the aerial imagery. (1), Is here really a bridge? Can't see well on the MapBox aerial imagery. Please check. Thanks! (1), Is here some connection between the 2 tracks? One would expext a track connection, but I can only spot this small line which looks like a path. Hm ... (1), Is it really a building? (2), Is there really a path, or is this just some structure in the rocks? (12), Is there really a path, or is this just some structure on the arete of the mountain? (1), Is there really a path, or is this just some structure on the arete of the mountain? At least it should be possible to walk here, and it looks (partially) like a man-made path (2), Is this part of the path really a path, or just some little stream? (1), Is this partially signed north-south? If so where does it change? (1), Is this really a building? (1), Is this really a farmyard? Could also be, e.g., some military camp :-). Somebody with local knowledge should judge this. Thanks! (7), Is this section of the road a track or a path? (4), Is this way still a usable path or track? Maybe it is abandoned (1), Just an estimated connection (1), Just estimated (clouds on MapBox imagery), improve later when possible. (4), Looks like a building, but please check if possible (2), Looks like a mistake: A hostel here? (1), Looks like a tertiary or better, but seems to end in nowhere (in tracks). Classification is difficult. What do you say? :-) (2), Maybe some building? Or just ...? (1), Most routes need to be upgraded to Public Transport Version 2. Split each route into separate routes for each variant, and then group the routes into a route_master. For details, see the OSM Wiki: Bus routes in New Jersey (1), NB: highway=tertiary or, rather, =secondary, because this highway seems rather important (linking two fertile valleys)? (1), Name? (1), Needs field validation (1), Not clear where this river ends (5), Not convinced thatthisis a habitable building (1), Not really a 'residential' area, but an area of (former?) human activity. Maybe military? Please improve tagging if you know what this is or was (then add prefix abandoned:xxx). Thank you! (1), Not sure about this part, probably they just drive via the farmland here (1), Not sure if this is a path, a road or a ditch (1), Or just highway=track, if this road does not connect to further settlements etc. (1), Partial cloud cover on Bing imagery (3), Path connection rather estimated — please check (2), Path or (partially) track? (26), Path or track? (9), Path or track? I thought it was just a path, nlachance changed it to track. What do you say? (1), Path or track? Looks rather narrow ... (1), Path or track? On the aerial imagery it's not clear. (1), Path, track, or eventually just some stream? (1), Probably shouldn't be located in the riverbed (1), Rather estimated connection. Please check if possible (1), Rather estimated way via the grassland. (1), Rather estimated. There must be some connection between the very good track section in the north (going down to the river) and the highway=unclassified. I guess they drive here: many traces on the ground?!? (1), Really a building, or just some temporary structure? Hard to say from the aerial imagery ... (5), Really a building, or something else? Hard to say from the aerial imagery ... but definitely man-made. (1), Really a path, or (partially) just a stream and partially some linear structure in the rocks? (1), Really a path, or (partially) just a stream? (1), Really a path, or just some linear structure of the rocks? Hard to say for foreigners ... (1), Really a regular path? If yes, please continue along the valley (1), Really a regular path? Seem strange at this place, but looks too narrow for a track. (1), Really a track? Looks narrow. But what else can it be? A footway or cycleway would be strange here on the farmland ... (1), Really a track? Or some kind of ditch? (1), Really a track? The line seems too narrow ... but one would exect a track here, because it connects tracks. (1), Really buildings? It's hard to see, but it's near to a road (2), Resurvey required. Guessed the line to be a channel from aerial imagery. (2), Resurvey required. Guessed the line to be a channel from aerial imagery. Might be a mistake. (19), Resurvey! Downstream of the stream might be drastically wrong, but riverbed to SE is only partically traceable. (1), Road or Fence??? (1), Route via Herenstraat / Geestweg is gegokt. Als de stickers weer zijn geplaatst is resurvey nodig. (1), Ruslan Temirov on 16.06.2017: "мечеть не достроили и снесли" The place has gone or never existed. (1), Seit dem 01.09.2017 wurde diese Linie komplett eingestellt. Die Fahrten dieser Linie wurden in Teilabschnitten an die Linie 6106 übertragen. Man fährt nur mehr bis max. Simbach a. Inn. (1), The aerial imagery is not clear, but there must be some connection here. Please map more exactly if/when possible. Thanks! (1), The limits of the residential area have been cut along the edges of the Bing imagery. Possibly needs to correct extent. (1), The place name has been taken from the GEOnet Names Server (which is suitable for OSM use, see our OSM wiki!). But the name can be outdated. So please check the name if you have good, reliable, and legally suitable sources. Thanks! (3), The place name(s) have been taken from the GEOnet Names Server (which is suitable for OSM use, see our OSM wiki!). But the name(s) can be outdated. So please check the name(s) if you have good, reliable, and legally suitable sources. Thanks! (21), This area was tagged as landuse=farm. Now landuse=farm is not only obsolete, but also clearly does not apply here (anymore) — this area is neither farmyard nor farmland. Please tag this area appropriately if you can identify its usage/type. Thanks! (2), This long object is probably the reason for the road to exist. What is it? (1), This part of the river/stream can just be estimated from the current MapBox imagery. Maybe the water flows (partially) underground here. Please check/improve when better sources are available. Thanks! (1), This part of the track is rather estimated. If you can improve, please do so. (1), This part was guessed, because not covered by the imagery in Bing (1), This route is NOT part of the USBR system as of July 2019. State bicycle route 35 is labled on Georgia DOT planning maps with a footnote that this route is not ideal for cycling. (1), This section of the river is just estimated (MapBox aerial imagery too bad). Please improve if better sources are available. (2), This structure is here to slow down current and reduce disaster impact. What are the correct key and value? (1), To what are the names here actually referring? (2), Traced from a winter image. The exact extent of the riverbank needs to be checked (5), Track or (partially) just a path? (5), Track or (partially) path? (6), Track or just path? (3), Track or path? (2), Track or path? Seems too narrow for a track, but ... (6), Transition just estimated, please check and improve (2), Trees/bushes seem to be planted in a rectangular pattern here, so this is man-made. Some kind of plantation, or just planned forest? (1), Trees/bushes seem to be planted in rows along the hill (isohypses), so this is man-made. Some kind of plantation, or just planned forest? (1), Type of crossing? Level_crossing or ...? (4), Varianten München -> Hamburg/Bremen via Augsburg (statt Ingolstadt) fehlen (1), Verification required. Assigned industrial landuse by satellite imagery looks (1), Verification required. Not clear if it is a settlement or summer farmlands. (1), Verlauf bei Melkendorf nach Ausbau St 2190 (1), Very approximate course (1), Very strange road, not visible on MapBox imagery. Either this road is new, or it is mapped very inexactly. (2), Viele Haltestellen fehlen. (1), We should refine this residential outline later (1), What is this object on the MapBox imagery? I can't see a shadow, therefore I hesitate to tag it as building. But what is it? (1), What's this? (2), What's with the Woodpecker Route that stays west of the Suwannee? (1), Which one of the two parallel highways is the main (unclassified) one: the one near to the river or the remote one? If you know, please tag the main highway as highway=unclassified and the other one as hw=track or =service. Thanks! (3), Which variant of the road is the main (unclassified) one, the northern or the southern? If you know, please change tags. Thank you! (1), Which variant of the road is the main (unclassified) one, the upper (eastern) or the lower (western) one? If you know, please change tags. Thank you! (1), Which variant of the road is the main (unclassified) one, the upper or the lower? If you know, please change tags. Thank you! (3), Which variant of the road is the main one, i.e. the normally used one? If you know, change the tags if necessary: make the less important variant highway=service or so and the more important highway=unclassified or better. Thanks! (4), Work-in-progress (2), a bit rough outline (1), add address (1), add missing towers (1), add missing towers ! (1), add missing towers! (8), better tagging (1), building was covered by trees, approximated (5), c (1), check connection (1), check routing from signposts. GPX from has many loops (1), contine (1), continue (168), continue (below) (1), continue? (7), dead end? (1), disused? (2), ein Gatter mitten im Feld? Ist da kein Zaun? Wo ist der Weg den das Gatter versperrt? (1), es fehlt das Ende der 50er Beschränkung, daher nach dem Abzweig nach Schannenbach100 km/h (1), fix your coastline (1), geometry (1), guessed aryk from satellite images, possibly wrong (1), how does it turn around at the north end? (1), говорит что ЗАГС на 80 квартале, а территория помечена как 81 (1), говорит что ЗАГС на 80 квартале, а территория помечена по другому (2), incomplete (7), is this exact? (3), landuse unknown (1), location (1), lower boundary of the glacier is probably wrong; glacier movement is not visible on available imagery (1), make relation (12), man-made (1), merge with crossing node? (1), name (5), name, name:ar mismatch. (1), name? (1), need GPS tracks to complete the path (1), not clear on the imagery where the path is going. GPS tracks needed (1), not sure (67), only partial (1), only temporary to fix coastline error (1), opening_hours (1), possibly bridge (1), probably wrong through Ringgold, north of Resaca (1), refine (1), resurvey (7), rough outline (1), survey (17), survey exact position (1), the schedule claims it serves Broken Land P&R east lot (1), this is quite big and has different landuses, should be split and refined (1), to be continued (21), totally broken (1), track unclear on the aerial picture (1), unklar ob Name (auf Wegweisern) und Markierung äquivalent sind (1), verify all details, especially at Downtown Transit Center (1), verify all details, especially at Downtown Transit Center and Mojave (1), verify route at Lakewood, Dupont (2), verify route between Ladds and Cartersville (1), verify route in Dunnellon (1), verify route in Perry, between Ocilla and Douglas (1), verify that this is signed (if not perhaps it should be state=proposed) (1), verify west end of Jubilee Pass section (1), where is it? (not visible on DigitalGlobe) (2), work-in-progress (2), wurde das hier als crossing=unmarked erfasst, da der nach Norden führende Weg noch nicht erfasst war, und kann nun weg? vgl (1), zdvojený úsek u Řimic (1), Ўзбекистон мфй (2), Ўсмат ШФЙ, Калтатой қишлоғи (1), Ўсмат ШФЙ, Юмалоқбош қишлоғи, А.Худайбахтов кўчаси 16 (1), Бирдамлик мфй (1), Бобур Мирзо мфй (1), Боёвут ШФЙ, Ижодкор МФЙ, Омонов кўчаси. (1), Боёвут ШФЙ, Наврўз МФЙ, А.Мамажонов 9. (1), Булунғур тумани Мўғол маҳалласи (1), Бунёдкор мфй (1), Бўстон мфй (1), Гулбаҳор ШФЙ, Қайирма қишлоғи (1), Даштобод ш., Бахт МФЙ, Тикланиш кўчаси (1), Деҳқонобод мфй (1), Деҳқонобод тумани, Оқтош МФЙ, Пирсикай қишлоғи (1), Дўстлик МФЙ, Жарбулоқ Уяс қишлоғи (1), Дўстлик мфй (1), Зомин тумани, Даштобод шахарчаси, Хамза МФЙ (1), Зомин тумани, Даштобод шаҳарчаси, Отақулова кўчаси 6 (1), Зомин тумани, Чапарашли қишлоғи (1), Зомин тумани, Янги хаёт МФЙ (1), Зомин тумани,Беш юз қишлоғи (1), Исфара мфй (1), Карвонсарой МФЙ, Янги турмуш кўч. 4 (1), Кўкорол мфй (1), Мингчинор ҚФЙ, Сармич МФЙ (1), Мустақиллик МФЙ Қатортол қишлоғи (1), Муғол ҚФЙ, Муғол қишлоғи (1), Муқумий мфй (1), Надо уточнят (1), Новқа МФЙ, Новқа қишлоғи (1), Ойқор ҚФЙ, Тангатопти қишлоғи (2), Памятник убрали, теперь там площадь героев. Снимок карты старая (1), Пахтакор ҚФЙ, Оқчангал МФЙ (1), Похоже на кладбище (2), Саврак мфй (1), Саид обод мфй (1), Сарюз мфй (1), Соҳибкор ҚФЙ, Нурматов кўч. 2 (1), Тараққиёт мфй (1), Узунбулоқ ҚФЙ, Ўрта қишлоғи (1), Узунбулоқ ҚФЙ, Узунбулоқ қишлоғи (1), Ургут тумани Жарқишлоқ МФЙ (1), Ургут тумани Муродқишлоқ МФЙ (1), Ургут тумани Мўминобод МФЙ (1), Ургут тумани Сарой МФЙ (1), Ургут тумани Тўрткўл МФЙ (1), Ургут тумани Чеп МФЙ (1), Ургут тумани Чумчуқли МФЙ (1), Ургут тумани Қинғир МФЙ (1), Уточните местоположение (1), Уточнить местоположение (1), Фарход мфй (1), Фарход ҚФЙ, Навоий МФЙ (1), Хамза мфй (1), Ховос тумани, Бунёдкор маҳалласи, Тошкент кўчаси (1), Холиқберди мфй (1), Хос мфй (1), Шаҳрисабз тумани, Кўл МФЙ, Кўл қишлоғи (1), Ширин МФЙ, Навоий кўчаси (1), Ширин ш. "Фарход" МФЙ, Беруний кўчаси. (1), Янгиобод Туман Сармич МФЙ (2), Янгиобод туман Пучугой махалласи (1), Янгиобод тумани Баландчакир МФЙ (1), Янгиову мфй л (1), был hamlet снесли (1), вроде кладбище (1), может и не водокачка (2), мост или труба? (1), на снимке проктически нечего не видно из за облаков, все прорисовываю реки и горы по высотам (1), надо уточнить название (1), не уверен esr:user (1), не уверен за СУВОНОБОД и ЕСР (1), незнаю что это такое. (1), похоже на кладбище (14), похоже на кладбищн (1), скорее не башня но судя по тени чт-то высокое (1), тут чтото не так, врятли улица Узакова так разворачивается (1), уточнить religion= (2), Қорақўйли мфй (1), Қутлуғобод МФЙ, Йўлдошбой қишлоғи (1), Қуштамғали мфй (1), Қўрғон мфй (1), Ҳавотоғ ҚФЙ, Ҳовос қишлоғи кўчаси 14 (1),
fixme:maxspeed1Check (post-roadworks) that this speed limit is still true. (1),
fixme:relation1Please sort stops (1),
flag5 (1), (1), (1), (1), (1),
flashing_lights1yes (1),
flood_prone2yes (2),
food1yes (1),
foot938designated (22), driveway (1), guessed aryk from satellite images, possibly wrong (1), no (77), official (3), permissive (2), private (1), use_sidepath (2), yes (829),
footway277crossing (77), sidewalk (200),
footway:surface1paving_stones:30 (1),
ford793intermittent (3), level_crossing (4), seasonal (2), stepping_stones (14), stream (3), yes (767),
frequency1850 (20), 16.67 (1), 16.7 (2), 50 (161), 60 (1),
from714's-Hertogenbosch Centraal Station (1), 's-Hertogenbosch, Centraal Station (2), 163rd St Mall (1), AIRBUS (Werksgelände) (3), Aalsmeer, Hortensiaplein (2), Aarschot Station perron 1 (2), Aartswoud, Zuiderzeestraat (1), Aerdenhout Boekenroodeweg (1), Aerdt, Schoolstraat (1), Aix-en-Provence - Europe Gare Routière (1), Aix-en-Provence - Gare Routière (1), Aldenhoven (1), Aldwych / Somerset House (2), Alkmaar, Koelmalaan (1), Alkmaar, Station (3), Allach (1), Almkerk, Altenahove (2), Alphen aan de Rijn (1), Am Burghof (1), Ameide Open Vensters (1), Amstelveen, Westwijk (1), Amstelveen, Ziekenhuis (1), Amsterdam Louweshoek (1), Amsterdam Sloterdijk (5), Amsterdam Sloterdijk/Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport (1), Amsterdam Station Holendrecht (1), Amsterdam Station Noord (1), Amsterdam Station Sloterdijk (1), Amsterdam, Amstelstation (1), Amsterdam, Busstation Elandsgracht (1), Amsterdam, Centraal Station (4), Amsterdam, Leidseplein (3), Amsterdam, Station Lelylaan (1), Amsterdam, Station Zuid (1), Andel, Prinsentuin College (3), Andijk, Gedeputeerde Laanweg (2), Antwerpen, Konigin Astridplein (2), Apeldoorn Station (1), Apt - Gare Routière (1), Arkel, Station (2), Arlon TEC - Rue des Genêts (3), Arlon, Rond-Point du Knappchen (1), Arlon, TEC - Rue Sainte-Croix (1), Arnhem Kleefse Waard (1), Arnhem, Centraal Station (4), Arnhem, Elsweide / HAN (1), Arnhem, Geitenkamp (1), Arnhem, Rijkerswoerd (1), Arnhem, Willemsplein (1), Ashington (1), Assendelft Festina Lente (1), Assendelft Station (1), Assendelft Station Krommenie-Assendelft (1), Athus Gare (1), Athus Écoles (1), Attnang-Puchheim (1), Atzmännig, Schutt (1), Aure (1), BOURG, Blachères (1), Baggot Street (1), Baggot Street Lower (4), Bar Hill (1), Barneveld Station Centrum (1), Bavel, Schoutenlaan (1), Baylis Road / Lower Marsh (1), Bd. Basarabia (2), Beek en Donk, Piet van Thielplein (1), Benken SG, Post (2), Berg en Dal, Hamerlaan (1), Bergen busstasjon (1), Berlin ZOB (1), Best, Station (1), Beuningen, Tiberiuslaan (1), Bf. Buxtehude (Süd) (1), Bf. Buxtehude (Vorplatz) (1), Biebernseeweg (3), Bilthoven Station (1), Blanchardstown Centre (1), Bocholt, Bustreff (1), Bodegraven, Station (2), Bordeaux, Parking Descas (2), Borken, Bahnhof (1), Bournemouth (1), Bourtange De Vesting (1), Bratislava, ZOB (2), Breda, Breepark (3), Breda, Centraal Station (5), Breda, Groenedijkplein (1), Breda, Loevesteinstraat (1), Bressoux Centre Funéraire Robermont (1), Brest, Rond-Point Henri Rol-Tanguy (2), Breukelen Station (1), Briffaut (1), Brussel-Noord (1), Bruxelles Gare Du Nord (1), Brügge, Kiss and Ride (1), Brüssel, Gare Du Nord (1), Budel, Rubenslaan (1), Burgers' Zoo (1), Buxtehude, Böschenweg (1), Břeclav (1), Cadenet - Rond-Point de la Gare (1), Calais Zentrum (1), Cambridge (5), Campeon West (1), Canillas (2), Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral (1), Castricum, Station (1), Cavaillon - Gare Routière (1), Charleroi, Rue de la Villette (2), Charpennes - Charles Hernu (1), Chatuzange Chatuparc (1), Cibeles (1), Civic Centre (1), Clapham Junction Station (1), Cockfosters Station (1), Coesfeld, Bahnhof (4), Coesfeld, Dieselstraße/Erlenweg (1), Columbia (1), Cranzer Elbdeich (1), Crystal Palace Parade (1), Cucuron - Centre (1), Cucuron - Centre / Cave Coopérative (1), Culemborg, Station (1), Curtis Bay (3), Damastown (3), De Beukelaerlaan (3), De Laar West/Bredasingel (1), De Noord, Middenweg (1), Delfzijl Sikkel (1), Den Haag, Centraal (1), Den Haag, Leyenburg (1), Deurne, Hoofdingang Ziekenhuis (1), Deventer (1), Diego de León (1), Dokkum Busstation (3), Dongen Mgr Nolenslaan (1), Drachten Transferium Oost (1), Dragvoll (1), Drimnagh Road (1), Drispenstedt (1), Druten, Busstation (1), Duisburg-Baerl (1), Dulwich / The Plough (1), Dunblane (1), Eemshaven Datacenter (1), Eichelhäherstraße (1), Eindhoven, Centraal Station (3), Erith Town Centre / Cross Street (1), Euston Station (1), FAUR (1), Fijnaart, Busstation (1), Finsbury Square (2), Flatåsen (1), Florenville Gare (4), Flurstraße (1), Forest Hill Tavern (1), Fort William (1), Freistadt (4), Fürth Bahnhof (1), GUILHERAND, C. Commercial (1), Gadernheim Linde (1), Garmisch-Partenkirchen (1), Geertruidenberg, Strijenlaan (1), Geldermalsen, Centrum (1), Geldermalsen, Rode Kruis Gebouw (1), Geldermalsen, Station (3), Geldrop, Hoofdingang Ziekenhuis (1), Geldrop, Ziekenhuis Hoofdingang (1), Gilze, AZC (1), Giæverbukta (1), Glasgow Queen Street (1), Glyn Road (1), Gorinchem, Jagerslaan (1), Gorinchem, Station (8), Gorinchem, Viaduct A15/Gomarus (3), Gouda, Station (4), Grave Busstation (1), Great Central Street (1), Grenoble, Busbahnhof (1), Grilstad (1), Groningen Beijum (1), Groningen Hoofdstation (1), Gulpen, Busstation (1), Halliwick Park (1), Hamburg ZOB (4), Hamburg-Altona (1), Hank, Kerkstraat (1), Harwich (2), Havstad (1), Heerenveen Busstation (2), Heerlen, Station (1), Heeze, Station (1), Helensburgh Central (1), Hellevoetsluis, Kickersbloem (1), Helmond, Station (1), Herentals Station Perron 8 (1), Herentals Station perron 8 (1), Hersel (1), Hersel Bahnhof (1), Herwen, Aerdtsedijk (1), Herzogenbuchsee (2), Het Duifje (1), Heultje Kerk dorp (1), Highgate School / Hampstead Lane (1), Hildesheimer Wald (1), Hilversum Station (1), Himmelsthür (1), Hinwil / Rapperswil (1), Hoboken Terminal (1), Hochfilzen Bahnhof (1), Hoek van Holland (1), Hommelvik Stasjon (1), Hoofddorp Centrum (2), Hoofddorp Station (1), Hoorn Station (1), Hoorn, Station (2), Hoornx Station (1), Hütteldorf (2), IJmuiden aan Zee Strand (1), Innsbruck (1), Innsbruck Hbf (1), Inverness (2), Itzum (1), Jumpers Hole (1), Järvenpää / Träskända (1), Jülich (1), Jülich Bahnhof/ZOB (1), KVG-Betriebshof Werftstraße (1), Kalogries (1), Kanlapaphruek Depot (1), Kanne, Plaats (1), Kent Station (1), Kentish Town (2), Klundert, Oranjestraat (2), Koelmalaan (1), Kopenhagen Ingerslevsgade (1), Korbitz/Schletta (1), Kristiansund (1), Kromme Nol (2), Kudelstaart, Bilderdammerweg (1), Köln Porz Markt (2), Laar, De Raak (1), Lage Zwaluwe, Station (1), Laubach (1), Laurent Bonnevay - Astroballe (3), Lauwersoog Dorp (2), Leerdam Station (4), Leerdam, Huis ter Leede (1), Leerdam, Lingepolikliniek (1), Leeuwarden Busstation (1), Leeuwarden, Andringastate (Camminghaburen) (1), Leeuwarden, Busbahnhof (1), Leeuwarden, Busstation (1), Leeuwarden, Caparis Orionweg (1), Leeuwarden, Dragoonsplein (Vrijheidswijk) (1), Leeuwarden, Friese Poort/Wilaarderburen (2), Leiden, Leiden Centraal (1), Lelystad Airport (1), Lelystad Bataviastad (1), Lelystad Boterbloemhof (1), Lelystad Buitenhof (1), Lelystad Duinbeek (1), Lelystad Haven (1), Lelystad Lelycentre (2), Lelystad Monnickendamstraat (1), Lelystad Oostvaardersbrug (1), Lelystad Station Centrum (1), Lelystad Winkelcentrum Kempenaar (1), Lelystad, Station Centrum (3), Lent, Thermion Oost (3), Leverkusen Chempark (2), Lewisham Centre (1), Lexmond Driemolensweg (1), Lexmond Medisch Centrum (1), Lille, Boulevard de Turin (1), Linnich (2), Lisse, Keukenhof (1), Lobede (1), London (1), London Bridge Station (2), London Paddington (5), London Victoria Coach Station (2), Loon op Zand Busstation (1), Lorient, Gare d'Échanges (2), Lower Marsh (1), Luxembourg Gare - Poste (1), Luxembourg Rue Reuter (1), Maarheeze, Station (2), Maastricht, P&R Noord (1), Maastricht, Potteriestraat (1), Mainhausen (2), Malden, Heidezoom (1), Marbach Bahnhof (1), Marbehan Gare (1), Marché des Coteaux (Argenteuil) (1), Marienborg (1), Marley Neck (1), Medemblik Busstation (1), Meerkerk Knooppunt A27 (1), Meerkerk, Knooppunt A27 (1), Meißen, Busbahnhof (2), Michaelibad (1), Mijdrecht Centrum (1), Mijdrecht Kogger (2), Mikulovice CZ/PL (1), Milngavie (1), Molde (2), Mondawmin (1), Moosach (1), Moretusburg (6), Mossebo (1), Munsterscheveld Brug (1), München Hbf (2), Münchner Freiheit (1), Natters Landeskrankenhaus (1), Nederweert, Sint Rochusstraat (1), New Oxford Street (4), New York Penn Station (3), Newington Green (1), Niederlahnstein (rechts der Lahn) (1), Nieuw Vennep, Station (1), Nijmegen, Centraal Station (8), Nijmegen, Hatert-Delsenhof (1), Nijmegen, Kannunik Mijllinckstraat (1), Nijmegen, Plein 1944 (1), Nijmegen, Polkastraat (1), Nijmegen, Poort Neerbosch P en R (1), Nijmegen, Sint Maartenskliniek (1), Nijmegen, Station Dukenburg (1), Nijmegen, Weezenhof (1), Nizza, Flughafen Terminal 2 (1), Nordstadt (1), Nuenen, Laan ter Catten (1), Nuenen, Nuenen Centrum (1), OEZ Dessauerstraße (1), Oakington (1), Oakwood Station (1), Odda (1), Ongar (2), Oosterhout, Het Goorke (1), Ospel, Centrum (1), Ostbahnhof (2), Oudenbosch, Velletriweg (2), Oxford Circus Station / Margaret Street (1), Pareklessia - Village Square (1), Paris, Bercy Seine (4), Parkhaven (1), Partenza (1), Passau (1), Pirbadet (1), Plaza Lima (1), Portes, Jean Macé (1), Prag, ÚAN Florenc (1), Prince Consort Road (1), Purmerend Neckerstraat (2), Putzbrunn, Michael-Haslbeck-Straße (1), Pôle d'Activités (1), Quinta Drive (1), Rapperswil SG (2), Reading (1), Reichenburg, Bahnhof (1), Reinoldikirche (2), Retranchement NL/BE (1), Rietschoot (1), Risdam (1), Roden Kastelenlaan (1), Roermond, Station (1), Roggel, Brugstraat (1), Romans Hôpital (1), Romans, Gare Multimodale (1), Romolslia (1), Rotterdam Centraal (2), Rotterdam, Centraal Station (2), Rotterdam, Rotterdam Airport (1), Royal Free Hospital (1), Russell Square (1), Rüti ZH, Bahnhof (1), S Hennigsdorf (1), Saalfelden Postamt (2), Saint-Mard Centre Sportif (2), Saint-Mard Gare (10), Sandmoen (1), Sassenheim, Station (1), Scherpenzeel Holevoetplein (1), Schiphol Buitenweg (1), Schiphol, Airport (1), Schletta/Korbitz (1), Schotten (1), Sechtem Bahnhof (1), Sevilla (1), Sierra Road & Piedmont Road (1), Sliedrecht, Ziekenhuis (1), Someren, De Meer (1), South Baltimore Park & Ride (1), South Grove (1), Spijkenisse, De Schouw (1), Spijkenisse, De Vier Werelden (1), Spijkenisse, Metro Centrum (1), St. Johann i.T. Bahnhof (1), St. Olavs Hospital (1), Stainach-Irdning (1), Station (1), Sterksel, Kerk (1), Stockem IMP (1), Stramproy, Oude Trambaan (1), Strindheim (1), Sutton (1), Svendborg (1), Südfriedhof (1), Tamsweg Bahnhof (1), Tilburg, Centraal Station (1), Tottenhall Road (1), Tottenham Court Road Station (1), Tottenham Hale Bus Station (1), Toulouse, Busbahnhof (1), Tricht, Dorpshuis (1), Trondheim (5), Tutzing (2), UCD Belfield (1), Ubach over Worms, Pastoor Scheepersstraat (1), Uden, Busstation (1), Uetikon am See (1), Uitgeest, Station (1), Uithoorn Busstation (2), Uithuizen Station (1), Uster (2), Utrecht Centraal (3), Utrecht, Centraal Jaarbeurszijde (1), Uznach, Bahnhof (1), VALENCE, Gare Routière (1), Valkenburg, Station Arriva (1), Valkenswaard, Markt (1), Valkenswaard, Merendreef (1), Vaulx-en-Velin - Le Bourg (1), Vaulx-en-Velin Marcel Cachin (1), Velp, Velp Zuid (1), Velp, Ziekenhuis (1), Venlo, Station (3), Victoria Station (1), Vlaardingen, Station Vlaardingen West (2), Vlagtwedde (1), Vlagtwedde Marke (1), Vlijmen Vijfhoevenlaan (1), Volkstuinlei (3), Voss (1), Voss stasjon (1), Vreden, Busbahnhof (1), Vreden, Gymnasium (1), Völs EKZ-Cyta (4), Waalwijk, Burgemeester Van Casterenstraat (1), Waalwijk, De Els (1), Waldhof Industriegebiet (2), Waldperlach (2), Waterfront (1), Weert, Boshoverweg (1), Weert, Het College (1), Weert, Middelstestraat (1), Weert, Station (8), Werkendam (1), West Hampstead (1), Westminster (2), Wetzikon ZH (1), White City Bus Station (1), Whitehall / Horseguards Avenue (1), Wien Siebenhirten (2), Wijchen, Kraaijenberg 83e straat (3), Wijdewormer P&R A7/afrit 2 (1), Wijk en Aalburg, Anjelierstraat (1), Willemstad Steenpad (1), Wimbledon (1), Winnenden ZOB (1), Woerden Kalsbeek College (2), Woerden Station (3), Woerden station (1), Wormer Zandweg (1), Wuppertal Am Eckbusch (1), Wuppertal Barmen Bahnhof (1), Wuppertal Elberfeld Campus Freudenberg (1), Wuppertal Elberfeld VillaMedia (1), Wuppertal Hahnerberg Schulzentrum Süd (1), Wuppertal Hauptbahnhof (2), Wuppertal Uellendahl Sonnenblume (1), Wynigen (1), ZA Briffaut-Rabelais (1), Zaandam De Vlinder (1), Zaandam Fontuinkruidweg (1), Zaandam Station (2), Zaandam Voorsterbeek (1), Zaandam Zaans Medisch Centrum (1), Zaandam, Station (3), Zaandam, Zaanse Schans (1), Zaandijk Oud Heinstraat (1), Zandvoort Centrum (1), Zeist Busstation (1), Zellhausen Blumenweg (2), Zevenaar, Tol (1), Zevenaar, Ziekenhuis Hoofdingang (1), Zwanenburg Kinheim (1), Zwanenburg Seevank (1), Zwanenburg, Kinheim (1), Zürich (1), Zürich HB (1), Ålesund (1), Ückesdorf (2), Браће Јерковић (1), Дорћол /Дунавска/ (1), Метро «Маяковская» (1), Павелецкий вокзал (1), Самотёчная площадь (1),
from:sr-Latn2Braće Jerković (1), Dorćol /Dunavska/ (1),
fuel:91UL1yes (1),
fuel:autogas1yes (1),
fuel:biodiesel1yes (1),
fuel:biogas1yes (1),
fuel:cng7yes (7),
fuel:diesel25no (1), yes (24),
fuel:gasoline2yes (2),
fuel:lpg10no (1), yes (9),
fuel:octane_1001yes (1),
fuel:octane_8017yes (17),
fuel:octane_9111no (1), yes (10),
fuel:octane_9220yes (20),
fuel:octane_9513yes (13),
fuel:octane_984no (1), yes (3),
fuel:propane1yes (1),
full_name1Niedersächsische Mühlenstraße im Landkreis Stade (1),
future_ref1540 (1),
fuzzy3500 (3),
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