damage9damaged (7), destroyed (2),
default_language4ps (1), tg (1), uz (1), zh (1),
delivery15no (11), yes (4),
demolished:amenity6bank (2), bicycle_parking (1), cinema (1), college (1), hospital (1),
demolished:barrier1toll_booth (1),
demolished:building7public (1), yes (6),
demolished:highway4footway (4),
demolished:leisure1sports_centre (1),
demolished:natural1wood (1),
demolished:tourism1artwork (1),
denomination230catholic (2), ismaili (1), muslim (1), orthodox (2), russian_orthodox (12), shia (7), sunni (205),
denomination_11muslim (1),
denotation5landmark (1), natural_monument (3), urban (1),
departures_board2no (2),
depth30 (3),
description375 The market sells computers, fills up cartridges, printers and etc (1), The small store sells washing and cleaning items, like shampoos soap toiletries and many more (1), Лаккон Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 39 (1), "Located near to train station From 8AM till 18PM The place look like green park" (1), "Works from 8AM till 20PM Located near to train station Big market Everything is sales. Food, powder for washing, medicine." (1), #ishahr#osmintajikistan (1), +992 92 600 1124 :+996 555 68 11 92 (1), 15 to 20 Somoni for a seat in a shared car to Dushanbe's Sakhovat bazaar. (1), 19 микрорайон (1), 32 кв. (2), 360s for double bed. 180s for single. nice rooms (1), 4-wheel drive only (1), 5800, перед взлётом на Раздельную; есть много места по палатки (1), 60 кв. (2), 7 am- 23 pm Ice cream maker machine Located in front of the Rudaki Plaza, Rudaki Ave and easy to find (1), 7.3 km Gravel Road and Construction of Drainage Structures From Nusay to Shiki-RRD/ WB/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 058-rehabilitated by NRAP-MRRD (1), 8 маршрут (1), 8 маршрутка; 8 автобус (1), 8 мкр д 53 (1), A house wiith one bedroom, terrace, kitchen, bathroom and a wing. (1), A local shared taxi location. No regular bus stops here. (1), A place where you can get WiFi by paying (1), A small drugstore located along the street. Easy to find as public transportation like #44, 67 drives by. Works from 8 am-10pm everyday (1), ATM in Rudaki plaza ATM (1), Abandoned. (2), Abandoned. Alternative names: Dekhi-Poyen, Didegi-Poen, Didegi-Poyen, Didengi-Poyen, Didengi-Poyën (1), Ajina-Teppa Buddhist monastery excavation site. (1), Alinazar's house (1), Amonatbank’s branch on Rudaki Avenue (1), Apparently the place to ask for a car lift - shared taxi. Was told by the restaurant 20m away. (1), Approximate location. (1), Artists colony of individual art studios, primarily painters (1), Balkh Province (1), Bank and ATM (1), Bank office to pay for the Iranian visa (1), Based on photos, this pass is used in late spring to early summer by shepherds going south. There is a trail in the snow on the glacier. However, it seems (from satellite images) that later in the summer the crevasses on the glacier open up. (1), Beautiful view on Afghanistan and on the mountains in Gunt valley. The access might be a bit tricky and the elevation is around 4200m a.s.l. (1), Best hot dog (1), Best osh in town. Restaurant is upstairs. (1), Best service Hotel (1), Bilateral crossing only (Kyrgyz and Tajiks only). (1), Bilateral crossing only (Tajiks and Kyrgyz only). (2), Borborduk its new name old name was Arka-1 (1), Building contains individual artists' studios, where works of art are produced and may be purchased. Hours are irregular. (1), Building in construction (2), Buri's house (1), Camp 7 (1), Camp site 4100 (1), Chelyabinsk - Kostanay - Zapadnoe (Toksan bi) - Buzuluk - Derzhavinsk - Arkalyk - Zhezkazgan - Kyzylorda - Shymkent - Tashkent - Aini - Dushanbe - Nizhny Pyanj (1), Chiluchar Chasma Springs (1), Choykhona Loiq is one of the most delicious teahouse close to the Mirzo Tursunzoda’s House Choykhona (1), Clear water from waterfall. Flat, sandy ground. Not visible from the road. (1), Constructed/Rehabilitated By NRAp/MRRD Rehabilitation of 10 km gravel surfaced road and drainage structures of Koldaman Afghanya Ring Road of Imam Sahib District of Kunduz Province (1), Constructed/Rehabilitated by NRAP/MRRD Construction of 11.4 km gravel Road and drainage structure from qalay zal to halqa cool (3), Constructed/Rehabilitated by NRAP/MRRD Rehabilitation of 8.1 km Gravel Road and Construction of Drainage Structurees, Sarak-e-Afghani Imam Sahib Main Road ot Daftani Village (1), Construction of Gravel Road Badakhshan- From Shahr-e-Buzurg to Ashkashim Badakhshan Province. Constructed/ MOF/NRAP/MRRD (9), Construction of Gravel Road Badakhshan- From Shahr-e-Buzurg to Ashkashim Badakhshan Province. Constructed/ MOF/NRAP/MRRD (14), Construction/Rehabilitated of NRAP/MRRD Rehabilitation of 10 km gravel surfaced road and drainage structures from Klokh Tapa to Baghicha Village of Qala-I-Zal District of Kunduz Province (1), Convenient place New modern bus-stop (1), Cross over on large stones in river. (1), Daytime shared taxis to Dushanbe (15 to 20 Somoni). (1), Disaster area (1), Dorm rooms from 80 TJS (1), First climbed 1946 by Evgeniy Beletskiy et al. (USSR) (1), Flowers (1), Formula55.TJ (1), French sweets (1), From District Center to Sabz Dasht-RRD/ DF/ NEEPRA/ BKN/ BKN/ 009-rehabilitated or constructed by NRAP-MRRD (1), From Kuf Ab to Shiki-Darwaz-RRD/ WB/ NEEPRA/ BKN/ BKN/ 008-rehabilitated or constructed by NRAP-MRRD (1), Gallery of contemporary Tajik artists; some items are for sale. Offers master classes, also framing and graphic services. (1), Gate permanently closed in the off-season (~September 6 to June 19). (1), Good food and good service (1), Good one (1), Good place for manting phones (1), Good teachers (1), Good value, friendly homestay. Bathroom with shower, sink and adjacent toilet. (1), Government institution for providing in-service training to public school teachers and improving the quality of learning (1), Gulnazar's house (1), Hardware Bazaar (1), Here you can find cheap resources for school/university supplies No (1), Here you can find clothes and make up for women Shop for women (1), Hot dog (1), Intermittent Stream Bed (1), It is a house owned by Olimnazar khirnazarov (1), It is a national restaurant where fresh baked sambusa is sold (1), It is easy to find cause it is located not far from Agrarian University's dormitory From 6 am- 11pm is open every day This is a small shop for food and other necessary things for everyday (1), It is not an ATM. It is a Paying terminal for mobile or other services. (1), It's the courtyard behind my apartment building. (1), Ivan the Russian caretaker does not let strangers use the aerial crossing. He may allow those who are familiar with him. (1), Largest mud hut or 'dom' in the immediate area. These huts and the surrounding area are property of the village of Jilandi (1), Lazzat (1), Learning foreign language (1), Lenin Peak Basecamp Road (1), Livestock pond. Very muddy, (1), Local gemstones, jewellery and handcrafts (1), Mastercard did not work (Aug. 18) (1), Meaning of (Kyrgyz) name from "булуң" [bulung] = angle, corner, and көл/köl = lake => the "lake in the corner". (1), Men's salon (1), Micro deposit organization (1), Multiple parallel tracks (1), Nice place to eat, if you camp overnight, you can order a fresh fish for the breakfast (1), Not operating for walk-in customers. A caretaker may be on duty, or a Russian climbing group may have rented it out for training. Unpredictable. (1), On week days works from7 am-8pm On weekends is shut The salon is situated next to Pedagogical University's dormitory and easy to find It a small salon for making hairstyles for men (1), On weekdays 8 am-5pm Lunch time is from 12pm -1 pm On weekends is shut The key duplicates maker is located next to Amonatbonk bench and ATM, Rudaki Ave as well in front of the post office "Tajik post office" (1), One seat in a share taxi to Dushanbe (Sakhovat Bazaar): 15 to 20 Somoni. (1), One seat in a shared taxi to Dushanbe (Sakhovat Bazaar): 15 to 20 Somoni. (1), Only ATM machine where you can get Dollars (1), Organized hiking groups who know Ivan visit here. However, independent groups and individuals may be very unwelcome by Ivan, who is here to be alone. (1), Orienbank’s ATM is accepting VISA and MasterCard it is located in Rudaki Plaza complex (1), Outdoor sleeping spaces on mattresses available. Mattress, pillows and blankets are given. (1), Oxbow lake: left over from when the river changed course. Likely in restricted border zone. (1), Panda Entertainment place for kids Entertaining place (1), Path across the stream (1), Pay for Pamir Permit here (1), Printing services and Wi-Fi (1), RB04 M41/A385 Dusanbe - Kulab - Khorog - Murgob - Kul'ma pass - China 1015,6 km (1), RB04 M41/A385 Dusanbe - Kulab - Khorog - Murgob - Kul'ma pass - China 1015,6km (2), RB08 route Guliston - Farkhor - Panj 90, 5 km (1), RB13 (A376) Kanibadam - Khudzand - Khovast - Spitamen - Uzbekistan border 135 km (4), RB19 route Gafurov - Kyrkkuduk - Uzbekistan (Pungon) (1), RJ041 Khorog - Rostkala - Tukuzbulok 154,5 km (1), RJ071 route Kanibadam - Kim - Isfara 27km (1), Rehabilitation 10.37 Km Road From Payane Shirkat to Eski Wasat of Imam Shahib, Kunduz Province, RRD/ DF/ NEEPRA/ NRHE/ KNZ/ 010, Constructed/ Rehabilitated by NRAP/MRRD (4), Rehabilitation 9.98 Km Road From Imam Sahib to End of Mohmand, RRD/ WB/ NEEPRA/ NRHE/ KNZ/ 003, Constructed/ Rehabilitated by NRAP/MRRD (5), Rehabilitation of 10 km Road and Construction of Drainage Structures from Sabz Dasht to Khwahan Road, RRD/ WB/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 009, Rehabilitated/ Constructed by NRAP/MRRD (1), Rehabilitation of 10 km gravel surfaced road and drainage structures from Sesaraka-e-Samti to Anjeer Village of Chah Ab District of Takhar Province-RRD/WB/ARAP/NRHE/TKR/030/C2/001-rehabilitated by NRAP-MRRD (1), Rehabilitation of 12.9 km Gravel Road From Shahr-e-Buzurg to Khwahan, RRD/ TF/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 060, Rehabilitated / Constructed by NRAP/MRRD (1), Rehabilitation of 20 km gravel surfaced road and drainage structures from Khwahan District to Shahre Buzurg District of Badakhshan Province,RRD/WB/ARAP/BKN/BKN/088/C1/001-0015,Construced-Rehabilitated by NRAP-MRRD (1), Rehabilitation of 22.5 Km Road From Maymay to Nusai, RRD/ TF/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 017, Rehabilitated/ Constructed by NRAP/MRRD (1), Rehabilitation of 7 km gravel surfaced road and drainage structures from District Center to Shahre Kohna Yangi Qala of Khwaja Bahawuddin District of Takhar Province-RRD/WB/ARAP/NRHE/TKR/042/C2/001-rehabilitated by NRAP-MRRD (4), Report in Russian here: (1), Restricted Border Guard Road. (1), Restricted high security road. (1), Road From Dehmurghan to Korange-RRD/ WB/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 018-rehabilitated or constructed by NRAP-MRRD (1), Road From Kuf Ab to Amu River-RRD/ TF/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 062-rehabilitated or constructed by NRAP-MRRD (3), Road From Kuf Ab to Amu River-RRD/ WB/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 024-rehabilitated or constructed by NRAP-MRRD (1), Road From Mamay to Nusay-RRD/ WB/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 057-rehabilitated or constructed by NRAP-MRRD (1), Road From Nusay to Shiki (Related Villages)-RRD/ TF/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 015-rehabilitated or constructed by NRAP-MRRD (1), Road From Shahr-e-Buzurg to Khwahan-RRD/ TF/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 019-rehabilitated or constructed by NRAP-MRRD (1), Road From Shahri Buzurg to Khwahan-RRD/ WB/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 056-rehabilitated or constructed by NRAP-MRRD (1), Road From Shiki to Nosay-RRD/ WB/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 016-rehabilitated or constructed by NRAP-MRRD (1), Road From Shiki to Nusay-RRD/ WB/ NERAP/ BKN/ BKN/ 059-rehabilitated or constructed by NRAP-MRRD (1), Roofed football playing ground (1), Round pool next to empty square house. About 25°C (1), Russian building from 1899 (1), Russian climbers discovered true elevation after summiting. They insist the topographic map elevation is incorrect. (1), Saidnazar's house (1), School resources and university (1), Second floor barbershop (1), Second floor institution for English as a Second Language, supported by US State Department (1), Selection of tools available here (1), Shared taxis for Khujand and Dushanbe (1), Shared taxis for Khujand and Dushanbe 4 hours (1), Sir Darya river (1), Small and simple hotel. Also serves food and sells basic food stuff. (1), Small hut for Tajik border guards (1), Small museum (three rooms) of musical instruments from around the world, focusing on Central and South Asia (1), Small shop (1), Snow/ice bridge until late summer. (1), Snow/ice bridge until middle of summer. (1), Sohibkorbank’s branch is in Rudaki Plaza (1), Soviet summer colony (1), Spelling in Yaghnobi alphabet: Хишортоw (1), Spring (weak) (1), Stop of Panjshanbe Market, Gulijahon building, the first floor (истгоҳи Панҷшанбе, здание Гулиҷаҳон, 1 ошёна) (1), Tahoratxona (1), Tajikistan enclave in Kyrgyzstan (1), Taxis from here will go to the Qurghonteppa Vokzal and central bazaar (one seat: 15 to 20 Somoni). (1), Tentative rating. One unsuccessful attempt (Название дано группой П.Б. Крахмального во время безуспешной попытки первопрохождения в 1991г. Отчет о походе находится в Ташкенте.) (1), The cafe is located next to the Sadbarg mall. Open 7am-6pm (1), The cafe is placed in the first floor of Dushanbe hotel. Works from 6am-11pm (1), The cafe located in Loik Sherali Street. It is a small cafe with desserts and ice cream shop outside of it Opens 7am-9pm (1), The camp is open from June 20 to September 5. (1), The fast food is located next to the Sadbarg Mall. The place is small and serves via ice cream, hotdogs, shaurma and etc. Opens on week days 8am-6pm and on weekends 8am-5pm (1), The longest river in Central Asia (1), The longest river in Central Asia. (3), The market is big and with a variety of products, snacks, bread, ice cream and etc. Location is across the street from Agrarian University' dormitory (1), The market located next to the Agrarian University's Dormitory. The market has banners and easy to find. Works 24 hours (1), The marketplace is located Reil Road. Opens 8am-10pm. The market sells milk products, snacks and etc. (1), The marketplace is located in the Reilly Road, in the southern side from Sadbarg Mall. Opens 7am-7pm (1), The place is easy to find. Location is across the street from Hotel Oriyo. The cafe-bar serves with national food and European food. Has WiFi Cafe-bar (1), The place is located on the first floor of Sadbarg Mall. Opens 8am-9pm (1), The place look like green market near to hookah Yves rocher .salon for womens.location from 11AM till 18PM.Professional workers (1), The place sells gold. The shop is located on the first floor of Sadbarg. Open 8am-6:30 on week days. On weekends is shut (1), The restaurant makes national food as plov, soup, Manti, sambusa and many more Opens 9 am-9pm (1), The salon is located by Rudaki Ave. in the southern side from Agrarian University. The salon is small and on the first floor of the apartments. Open 7am-9pm Salon for women (1), The salon is located on the first floor of Dushanbe Hotel. Opens 7am -8pm Salon for men (1), The shop is located on the first floor of Sadbarg. Opens 8am-9pm Gold's shop (1), The works 24 hours. Located next to the Agrarian University's dormitory. The pharmacy sells eyeglasses as well. (1), This boutique and atelye is located opposite to the Pedagogical University. (1), This matches the elevation and (visually) by satellite the height and difficulty rating for Piyozor Pass, which may be in the wrong location (it's on the may to the north-west). (1), This road is no longer maintained. In summertime after the snow melts it is possible to cycle or walk. Reportedly very difficult (or even now impossible) for motorcycles. For cars it is impossible (washouts and slides obstruct the way). (2), Trail Alaudin Lake - Mutnoye Lake (1), Trail Alplager Vertical Alaudin - Laudan Pass - Kulikalon Basin (1), Trail Kulikalon Basin - Alaudin Pass - Alaudin Lake (1), Train bridge (1), Tributary of the Panj River (1), Tributary of the Panj River and forms the international Tajikistan/Afghanistan border. (5), Two soaring pillars, west of which is a T-34 tank from WWII. See Mapillary imagery. (1), UAZik 4x4 cars and GAZ-66 trucks to Sari Khosor and other locations up the river. (1), USSR built irrigation canal (defunct) (1), Vafo's house (1), Vakhdat - Rast - Dzirgatal - Kyrgyzstan border (1), Vakhsh River Rock Beach (1), Very helpful and good English. You can get a free Tcell SIM card here. (1), Via Interna (1), Via interna (1), Water crossing (1), Water tap at the exit of the gas station (1), Welcome to the hotel «Lotte Palace Dushanbe» "Home away from home" The hotel is conveniently located in 5-6 minutes’ drive from the central Dushanbe, and 16 minutes from the Dushanbe International airport. (1), Well hidden shop, just go through the wooden gate and knock on the green door. (1), Yaghnobi spelling: Алоԝмайн or Олоԝмайн (1), Yaghnobi spelling: Дүмзой (1), Yaghnobi spelling: Пулла Роԝут or Пулла Роԝт (1), Yaghnobi spelling: Хисоки Даԝр (1), Yormamad's house (1), basic compost toilet (1), beer, drinks, chips, cookies (1), building in construction (3), building in construction (1), construction of building (1), dedicated to Islam’s victory over Zoroastrism (1), false, but the most popular summit (1), fixme! (4), food and Homestay close by (1), free green area. with fireplaces (1), heisse Quellen (2), (3), (1), (1), (1), ie Qah-Qaha-Festung ist ein Denkmal aus dem 4. Jahrhundert nach Christus, das aus der Kushan-Zeit stammt. Es ist die zweite bemerkenswerte Festung, die in Wakhan gebaut wurde, um westliche Pamirs nach der Festung Yamchun zu sichern. Die Festung Kaahka ist (2), medpunkt (1), mud hut (10), multiple parallel tracks (1), nice rooms great breakfasts friendly English speaking staff 24 hours Information parking space free Wi-Fi (1), no commission (1), not visible from the road. good wind shelter. start point to hike the Ak Baital peak. (1), old aqueduct, now dry (3), old building (1), only 4*4 (1), only accessible with bicycle, camping between the trees (1), part of Rehabilitation of 10 km gravel surfaced road and drainage structures from Sesaraka-e-Samti to Anjeer Village of Chah Ab District of Takhar Province-RRD/WB/ARAP/NRHE/TKR/030/C2/001-rehabilitated or constructed by MRAP-MRRD (1), part of house (1), true summit (1), via interna (1), via interna a parcelas (3), vía interna de parcelas (1), yellow door private house (1), А навои 11\8 (1), Абрикос (1), Базар Запчастей (1), Баткенское областное управление п градостроительству и архитектуре (1), В основном продаются лепешки и фрукты. (1), Вкусная жареная курочка в Худжанде (1), Вроде КПП на дороге в анклав Чон-Гара (1), Дворец спорта и культуры города Сарбанд. (1), Доставка пиццы по городу. Для подробнейшей информации звоните на номер +992 901 22 4545 или 2354242 Pizza Delivery on site. For additional information please get contacted by telephone number +992 901 22 4545 or 235 4242 (1), Душ (2), Запчасти для Автомобилей на заказ и в наличии (1), Интернационал, Киргизия (1), Истироҳатгоҳи истеҳсолӣ таҷрибавии "Истиқлол" (2), Кабристони Сари Осиё (1), Кишлоқи Троиҳо (1), Кондитерский цех (1), Круги бахор (1), Кулунду.В.И.Ленин мектебии. (1), Мактаби асоси №45 (1), Медь, молибден, золото, серебро, сера, селен, телур (1), Н М №64\1 (1), Налоговая (1), Ош - Баткен - Исфана - Кайрагач (граница с Республикой Таджикистан) ЭМ-16 (1), Пикет 20 (1), Площадки 4400 м (1), РБ01 (М34) Душанбе - Худжанд 311,2 (1), РБ02 (М41) Душанбе- Шахринав -Турсунзода - до границы Узбекистан 66,3km (1), РБ04(М41) Душанбе - Куляб - Хорог- Мургоб - перевал Кульма -до гр. Китай 1015,6 km (1), РБ11(12Р14) Курган -Тюбе - Колхозабад - Кумсангир - ниж.Пяндж – до границы Афганистана (1), Румон (1), Самый большой памятник В. И. Ленину;Le plus grand monument à V.I. Lénine (1), Свадебный салон (1), Свежие продукты (fresh food): - коржик (cake) - пряники - молоко (milk) (1), Срочное фото (1), Туркмен (1), Футбольные мини поля (3), абрикосовые поля (1), вариант маршрута через скалы Липкина (1), горное кафе (1), место под палатки, но воды нет (1), могила (3), мост разрушен, но остался металлический трос (1), полуостров (1), после обеда обычно проще переходить выше по течению (1), село имени Калинина на село Дехконобод сёл имени Тельмана (1), Қабристони (Кладбище) Ургут махалла (1), “Camp 4500m” under Chimtarga Pass (1),
description:en8Rd to Kulma Pass and China (5), The water of the mountain spring is high in calcium and has a sweetish taste of chilled milk. The groto was constructed in the first half of the 20th century for convenience of travelers and tourists. (1), meaning of Dakkhana = Post Office (1), partly new constructed opening Aug 2016 (1),
description:fr6E 006 Aini - Kokand (1), E 007 Tachkent - Irkeshtam (1), E 008 Douchanbé - Frontière chinoise (1), E 009 Jirgatol - Frontière chinoise (1), E 123 Tcheliabinsk - Nizhny Panj (1), E 60 Brest - Irkeshtam (1),
description:ky1мечет (1),
description:ru2Вода горного родника Шер-булак, из-за высокого содержания кальция, имеет сладковатый вкус охлажденного молока. Для удобства отдыхающих и туристов в первой половине XX века здесь был построен грот. (1), Мемориальный комплекс создан по инициативе Хавастского вагоноремнотного депо (1),
description:uz2Bu tog‘ bulog‘ining suvi tarkibida kalsiy moddasining yuqoriligi uchun undan sovutilgan sutning shirin ta'mi keladi. Dam oluvchilar va sayyohlar uchun qulaylik yaratish maqsadida 20-asrning birinchi yarmida kichik g‘or shaklidagi inshoot qurilgan. (1), Yodgorlik majmuasi Xovos vagonlarni ta'mirlash deposi tomonidan barpo etilgan (1),
design310monopolar (282), portal (26), y-frame (2),
designation199-эт (3), Cafe (1), Document check (1), Hotel (1), Kyrg Customs (1), Kyrgyz Border crossing (1), Military permit check (1), Old (1), Super (1), University (1), Диагностический Центр Нурафзо (1), Магазин (1), Магазин АлоЭкспресс (1), Мактаби Миёнаи Раками 16 (1), Мактаби миёнаи раками 75 (1), Супермаркет 112 (1), гастроэнтерология (1),
destination6(Aral Sea) (1), Amudaryo (1), Aral Sea (1), Газойл (1), Панҷ (2),
destroyed1yes (1),
destroyed:bridge1yes (1),
diet:vegan1yes (1),
diet:vegetarian4yes (4),
diplomatic22consulate (2), embassy (19), liaison (1),
diplomatic:services:citizen_services1yes (1),
diplomatic:services:immigrant_visas1yes (1),
diplomatic:services:non-immigrant_visas1yes (1),
direction440 (2), 10 (1), 135 (1), 150 (2), 160 (1), 162 (1), 164 (1), 170 (2), 180 (5), 210 (1), 250 (1), 255 (1), 270 (1), 285 (1), 30 (1), 300 (1), 315 (1), 325 (1), 340 (1), 345 (1), 350 (1), 360 (1), 70-110;250-290 (9), 75 (1), 90 (3), S (1), backward (1),
dispensing59yes (58), Дорухона (1),
distance2144 (1), 5868 km (1),
disused44yes (44),
disused:aerialway3cable_car (1), station (2),
disused:amenity17bank (4), bureau_de_change (1), cafe (2), embassy (1), marketplace (2), restaurant (6), school (1),
disused:barrier1border_control (1),
disused:bridge1yes (1),
disused:highway5bus_stop (2), path (1), service (2),
disused:landuse13disused:residential (6), residential (7),
disused:military1barracks (1),
disused:name2110-й микрорайон (1), 102-юм микрорайон (1), 104-й микрорайон (1), 112 микрорайон (1), 13 Микрорайён (1), 14-й микрорайон (1), 15-й микрорайон (1), 31-й микрорайон (1), 33-й микрорайон (1), 34-й микрорайон (1), 46-й микрорайон (1), 52-й микрорайон (1), 61-й микрорайон (1), 62-й микрорайон (1), 63-й микрорайон (1), 64-й микрарайон (1), 65-й микрорайон (1), 82-й микрорайон (1), 91-й микрорайон (1), 92-й микрорайон (1), Мясокомбинат (1),
disused:name:ru215 микрорайон (1), 33-й микрорайон (1),
disused:natural2spring (1), water (1),
disused:office1financial (1),
disused:operator1Бозори Чоршанбе (1),
disused:place7suburb (5), village (2),
disused:public_transport1platform (1),
disused:shop19convenience (11), greengrocer (2), kiosk (2), supermarket (3), yes (1),
disused:tourism8alpine_hut (2), guest_house (3), hotel (2), information (1),
division_code4653000 (1), 653022 (1), 653100 (1), 653131 (1),
donkey4yes (4),
door6garage (1), loadingdock (1), manual (1), opening (1), yes (1), yes/manual/main_entrance (1),
drinking_water8no (2), yes (6),
drive_through13no (10), yes (3),
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