2tag9Baby diaper changing table (2), Mototaxi (1), Office supplies (2), Shop = bed mattress (1), Training center (1), diaper changing table (1), photo_studio (1),
4wd3yes (3),
4wd_only2116no (3), recommended (71), yes (2042),
4x4_only10yes (10),
Casa1Hacienda La Dalia (1),
FIXME192Improve geometry - imagery is available via Mapbox satellite! (1), Location approximate. Adjust location with no knowledge, when highres imagery available or survey. (97), Location estimated from website description (1), Needs a better classifying tag! (1), The boundary with residential landuse is just a very rough estimation (1), This bit of the new road needs to be verified. But this is more or less approximately how it goes.. (2), This might not even connect. .. Check. (1), This restaurant doesn't seem to be in the exactly right place (looking at the imagery) .. Someone who knows this place: Could you verify the location, please? (and then remove this tag) (1), This was in the middle of the road. Survey / edit exact location (1), What do these nodes with name only tag on them refer to? Not milestones I assume? Name alone is not good tagging. (10), What is this kind of local wetland? Reedbed? What? (1), What would be appropriate tag? (1), boundaries of the residential area are a bit approximate (1), boundary is an approximation based on driving by (1), boundary is roght estimate based on bing (1), check exact location (1), check rd class on ground (1), check rd class. Doesn't show clearly enough in Bing to classify better - but cetainly not unclassified. (1), check that it actually goes through in West end (1), check the shop class (1), check where this begins and ends. Name was marked at intersection w/ Av. Universitaria (4), correct tag for this? (1), does this piece of road actually exist? Imagery would imply that there's a canal/drain which the road would not cross.. (1), end of imagery image from bing (1), exact location (and floor, other details) unknown (1), exact location to be adjusted (1), fix alignment - area covered by Bing -- didn't have the time to fix the whole road before. (1), geometry is inaccurate due to cloudy Bing (1), improve geometry & verify rd class (when better imagery accessible - with a better connection) (5), is there a connection between these? (1), is there a gate here or just an entrance? .. (Didn't mark this in my survey notes..) (1), is there a road here? What class? (1), is this a comm tower or what - nothing? (3), is this a road? .. not visible in Bing? (1), location approximate due to Bing clouds. get GPS trace (1), location approximate, remember that it's in this block (when drove by) (1), location approximate, survey details or wait for new imagery (1), location slightly approximate (1), name was by the gate - what would be the appropriate classification for the location/place type? (1), name? from? to? (2), no wind turbine on bing and mapbox images but a building (1), rd continues (1), road continues (1), rough estimate - survey details (1), rough estimate from driving on the ground. Need to adjust route/geometry with GPS trace (once it's been uploaded) (1), sketched from developer's description (2), survey detailed path of stream; Bing partially covered by vegetation (1), survey detailed perimeters (1), survey detailed road/track classification (only noted as track in North end, estimated from Bing) (1), survey details (2), survey exact geometry (1), survey exact route/path/geometry of the trail (5), survey further (2), survey if this connects - it would seem so per logic (and not impossible per imagery = tree cover) (1), survey if this is a road/path and what class + where it actually runs. (1), survey name (1), the boundaries of this should be drawn but that needs survey as the imagery is fully covered with clouds (1), the position of this is not very good (per the anon map note..) (2), this doesn't seem to be in the right place... Ask around where La Pepesca is exactly... (1), this is a guesstimate based on survey (because of clouds in Bing) (1), this should be surveyed to map it well as there is too much tree coverage (1), trace further (1), track continues (1), verify existence (1), verify if this is actually a road or not (.. seems like so in Bing) (1), verify that this is correct (some doubt in survey) (1), verify. Information based on description by someone who supposedly knows the name and location (1), what is the area? Fenced? Walled? Structure (building=?)? Other? (1),
FIXME:addr:housenumber1Donde fue el hospital Velez Paiz 200 metros al oeste (1),
GNS:id1-1113564 (1),
ISO3166-15CR (1), FR (1), HN (1), NI (1), SV (1),
ISO3166-1:alpha26CR (1), FR (1), HN (1), NI (2), SV (1),
ISO3166-1:alpha35CRI (1), FRA (1), HND (1), NIC (1), SLV (1),
ISO3166-1:numeric5188 (1), 222 (1), 250 (1), 340 (1), 558 (1),
ISO3166-226CR-A (1), CR-G (1), CR-H (1), CR-L (1), HN-CH (1), HN-EP (1), HN-GD (1), HN-OL (1), NI-AN (1), NI-AS (1), NI-BO (1), NI-CA (1), NI-CI (1), NI-CO (1), NI-ES (1), NI-GR (1), NI-JI (1), NI-LE (1), NI-MD (1), NI-MN (2), NI-MS (1), NI-MT (1), NI-NS (1), NI-RI (1), NI-SJ (1),
San1Andrés (1),
V41La melonera (1),
WDPA_ID:ref134671 (1),
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