CEMT10 (1),
Dunkellin_river_ref11419NWK023 (1),
Easting IG m1333277.998 (1),
Elevation OD m130.476 (1),
FIXME15351-36? signposts vandalised. Also, confirm name. (2), 120 zone doesn't go right up to roundabout in either direction (6), A second sign says this is L2260 (sign on Collon end) (2), Added as part of ED boundaries, not sure exactly how it maps in, but will work on figuring it out (1), Am I tertiary or unclassified? (9), Autogenerated, should be adjusted to match any official documentation (2), Based on old historic maps, needs to be verified with better imagery or on the ground (1), Beach extends east, but no more Big, please extend (1), Becomes the Edenmore Road somewhere near Tempo (12), Best guess is one is L21125 and the other is L21126, but don't know which (2), Bing-traced, not surveyed. Can probably cut through forest to reach village. (1), Both numbers cannot be true (3), Brown's Railway (1), Burtonhall Demesne is in two Carlow parishes and one Kildare (3), Bus route 14 might take a different route (1), By default the speed limit here should be 80 but the 100 signs are still up. Keep an eye on this one. (10), CP of BallyAndrew check which parish for GSGS used to be two parts Ferns & Kilrush (1), Can't figure out the path of this townland boundary section. (1), Certainly no cycleway. mtb maybe ? (3), Change between L20063 and L20064 unclear (2), Check CP for Moyeady (1), Check access status (3), Check acreage of kilbrican split, should be 191 and 28 (2), Check correct extent (division with Huntstown Glen) (1), Check details (1), Check details. Name doesn't seem to match usage (1), Check direction (1), Check direction of flow (32), Check full extent, but certainly a Cul de sac (1), Check heights and level count (1), Check how close this now comes to N52 (1), Check if name has changed (1), Check if this connection is correct (2), Check irish name, photo was glary (4), Check is this name still correct? (1), Check location and type (1), Check operator. The Department only runs Model Schools, most other schools are run by local boards of management, with supervision from a patron. (2), Check ref (3), Check ref! (2), Check road number (2), Check road number. Sign could be referring to the other unclassified road near this junction (2), Check route: Described as passing through Kilcredan and Garryvoe (12), Check status of this "road" (1), Check that old road really does go under new one (1), Check that these connections are correct (2), Check tie-in with bypass (1), Coarsely mapped, please improve (4), Confirm precise end of R550 (described simply as "Terminal point at Srón Bhroin") (2), Confirm ref (1), Confirm ref (probably right, but still a guess) (5), Confirm ref! (1), Confirm ref, may be L79552 (1), Confirm tags (1), Confirm this actually is the R180 (based on NLS Historic Maps and SI) (6), Confirm this actually is the R193 (based on NLS Historic Maps and SI) (3), Confirm this actually is the R582 (traced from NLS historic maps and route based on reading of Regional Routes SI) (4), Confirm this is all the R247, route traced from NLS Historic Maps along with Regional Roads SI (6), Confirm this is the end of R488 (described as "terminal point at New Quay Carrigaholt Point") (1), Confirm this road still exists since motorway was built (1), Confirm where sub-sections on L3930 divide (4), Currently located at a group of trees (1), Determine true extent at new Bypass end (1), Differs hugely from Bing (4), Does this 60 zone really exist? (1), Does this bridge carry vehicles? (1), Does this connection really exist? (1), Does this road still exist? The rightmost part is definitely broken! (1), Doesn't appear to be a place of worship here. Could be a "wayside shrine" or similar. (1), Double-check this name. (1), Dublin city boundary, please adjust based on better knowledge (6), Estimated building extent, please survey (2), Exact location need confirming (1), Extend to source (1), Fixme please (1), Geometry is approximate (2), Geometry looks too rough to be accurate (2), Help fixing shape, size etc. (1), How does this cross to the island? Bridge? Causeway? A combination? (4), I can't tell from imagery whether this is one terrace or 3 pairs of semi-D. And there is complexity in the back that needs refining. (3), If this is an old cemetery rather than active this may not be appropriate tagging (3), Incomplete (12), Is the road blocked here? (1), Is there a bridge here? (1), Is there a roundabout here? (1), Is there really a speed limit on this road? (1), Is this L10362? (1), Is this L10363? (1), Is this L10777? (1), Is this L15122? (1), Is this L15127? (1), Is this L15751? (1), Is this L16525? (1), Is this L20182? (1), Is this L26802? (3), Is this L27782? (1), Is this L27783? (1), Is this L30017? (1), Is this L38963? (1), Is this L55501? (2), Is this L55502? (1), Is this L56111? (1), Is this L56611? (3), Is this L60082? (1), Is this L60901? (2), Is this L67182? (1), Is this L78601? (2), Is this a B road? What number? (2), Is this a Translink Metro stop, not a Translink Ulsterbus stop? (1), Is this a bridge or a 'barrow crossing'? (1), Is this part of Emo National School, or a different school? (1), Is this passable by car? (3), Is this real? (1), Is this really a road for cars? (2), Is this really connected? (1), Is this really highway=tertiary? Need to check wicklow schedule for other side (1), Is this section passable? (1), Is this section really a bridge? If so, over what, and why is there a level crossing tagged? (1), Is this the true location and extent? (1), L10101? (1), L3204 given twice to roads joining R688? (5), L38392 not complete;see schedule (1), L50305? (1), L57571? (1), L60083? (1), L60231? (1), L60451? (1), L71341? (1), Location estimated (4), Looks like a canal, is it? (2), Looks like a private road. Setting maxspeed might not be appropriate. (1), Looks like this may not be passable by traffic (3), Looks really likely that this is a church (1), Misplaced, where is this really? (1), My GPS track showed a massive deviation from the map / Bing's image / Google's 2009 image. I have no way of checking if there really has been a major layout change since the photos were taken or if my GPS had a "seisure", as I won't be back until 2016. (1), Name looks mis-spelled (1), Name may need local correction (2), Name needed (2), Need a name or reference for this road (12), Need to choose the difference between mud and land (1), Needs GPS trace (7), Needs extending (2), Needs name and ref (12), Needs ref and name (7), Needs ref and name tags (1), Needs surveyed (4), Needs to be surveyed (3), Needs to be surveyed, this section is purely from memory (2), Neither Kildare nor Carlow schedules seem to claim this stretch of road (1), No Max speed as this is a school zone. (1), No sign of residential usage of the land, and no obvious reason to use the name given, why is this here? (1), No sign of this on aerial imagery (1), Not surveyed, and bad Bing visibility (19), Not useful tagging, review, what is this? (1), Offaly Border No other point to link to (1), On the day of the survey, there were road works. 50 zone may be smaller than indicated here (2), Oneway, but which way? Tagging was broken (1), Only pedestrians are allowed but it leads to a slipway and a car park? Seems wrong. (2), Partial survey (3), Pier or quay (1), Please adjust Carlow Kildare border in this area (9), Please check this node from GSGS when available (2), Please move this to better reflect reality. (21), Position estimated - Shadow on Bing Image (1), Possible that this ref is for the road aprallel to the N4 (6), Probably the wrong tagging, since you wouldn't stay here with a caravan. And it shouldn't be positioned at the front gate either, where is it really? (1), R661 routing in Tipp city is incorrect, real R661 missing (19), Raheen may be split between Haroldstown and Clonmore CPs (1), Really a stop sign? Bing shows yield mark on tarmac. (1), Red car park covers some of this area also (1), Ref (1), Ref may be off (4), Road name is suspicious. Is this a townland? If so, it's not the road name. (1), Roads Service documents refer to this as C430, Im not sure about this, needs to be double checked! (1), Roughly mapped (4), Seems likely to allow bikes, check this (1), Seems wrongly located (1), Should be L70241? Missing from schedule (1), Sign refers to "Pheasants Run", other signs in estate do not??? (4), So if this is a B road, what's its number? (2), Some of these roads are not the R689. Please fix. (1), Some of this might still be normal public road (1), Somewhere along here the road name changes from Murley Road to Ecclesville Road (3), Suggested parish boundary tbc. (1), The bin is probably not inside the building (1), The height limit cannot surely apply on this whole section of road (4), The part closest to Cavan is probably a 50 zone (5), The road is way off!! (6), There's probably a bridge here (1), These two roads are probably L38972 and L38973, but not sure which is which (1), This is certainly not a public road, nor any more than a track (1), This is not good tagging, should fix (16), This is supposed to end on L8126, so which road is that? (1), This is the architectural extension of the front of the building - should it be made part of the building or not? (1), This line looks remarkably bendy for a former railway. (1), To which building does this belong? (1), Traced from old maps, needs survey (1), True extent? (1), Unable to find Road Service U number, veried this is the Cloghtate Road via LPS records (1), Unable to find road name and number as in Tyrone District (7), Uncertain where R162 ends and R192 starts at southern end (R162 turns up towards Ballybay) (9), Unclassified or service? It's gated off... (1), Unsure of correct spelling (1), Unsure of road name. (1), Very inaccurately mapped (10), Very rough GPS trace used (1), Very rough mapping (3), Very roughly mapped (16), Very roughly mapped, better GPS trace exists (5), Western extent not known (1), What B road is this? (6), What is the operating University (operator tag)? (1), What is this called? (1), What is this really? Passable by what modes? (1), What is this? (1), Where is the change from Park to Crescent? (2), Where is this in relational to MHWS (1), Which building? (1), Why is the name of this garage "2"? (1), Will this section be removed? (1), a hamlet in the water? (1), a one way country road? Not impossible, but odd (2), access? (1), approximate (7), approximate needs survey (1), approximate route (1), approximation close to footpath (1), area is approximate (1), bad tagging (68), based on landsat and local knowledge. need to trace it (3), bing-traced, not surveyed, tags may be wrong (1), binge-traced, not surveyed (4), bridge height needed (1), building depth from parking is estimate (1), check (1), check Irish name (1), check L number (1), check Name (1), check direction (10), check direction of flow (7), check direction;add name (2), check for direction of flow (9), check maxspeed 80 at north exit of Kilmac (2), check name:ga for first letters (1), check refernce (4), check spelling (1), check use of this building now (1), confirm street name (no signs) (1), confirm this is the R473 (7), confirm, is this L70095 or L70096. My survey notes say L70096 but Teester has it as L70095, he is local so have left his tagging in place (1), continue (4), corrected this as it was almost completely wrong. Please check sidewalk tagging and connection to road network (1), delete other trunk (1), describe area of grounds (1), direction of flow unknown (51), direction unknown (17), dirt track for motorcycles. find correct tagging (1), does this cross the river? (5), double-check L-number (5), double-check L-numbers (2), estimate (18), estimated (1), finish road (1), fixed (2), flow direction unknown (9), flow direction unknown, only bridge surveyed (3), foxed (1), from landuse only (1), further (1), geometry is imperfect (2), guessed (1), height and width needed (1), height needed (1), importedPosition-Data were not correct (1), incomplete (55), incomplete, joins Ahascragh River just north of Ahascragh village (2), is the the correct location? (1), is this a passing place (1), is this an old small church or something, its shown on GSGS 3906 maps but there is a roof, indicating useage, but evidence of a worn trail to it (1), is this correct location for peak. (1), is this in the middle of the road? (1), is this the right location on the map? (2), joining one bit from bing with another bit that was isolated. (2), just estimated from both ends (1), length is wrong according to road schedule but otherwise ref looks correct (1), location approximate (1), mapped to edge of image (1), maxspeed not verified north of Thornback (4), maxspeed of 60 seems temporary, signs seem to be in place for an 80 limit once works are complete (2), maybe a townland boundary, dont delete (1), missing part of NCN9 (1), missing road (1), missing segment to toome (4), missing track (1), moved this off road, what is the proper location for this office? (1), name (2), name needed (40), name needed, check denoomination (1), name to checked (1), name unknown (8), names needed (25), need re survey (3), need to complete L-number (4), need to verify this is the L4143 (5), needs adjusting (23), needs adjustment (1), needs fixing in trees (2), needs refinement (11), needs survey (2), needs to be adjusted (1), needs to be aligned to bing (1), needs to be surveyed (6), no background mapping (1), no clue how to further classify those. There's a guide book about this area, should get a hold of it. (6), nos 107-124? resurvey (1), nos 30-1? resurvey (1), nos 30-41? signposts vandalised. Also, confirm name. (1), nos 70-31? resurvey (1), not machine but lady sells tickets here. (1), not really a islet, more of an exposed rock above water surface (1), not sure about the existing alignment of the A371 ? (1), numbering may need to be reversed (8), obscured by cloud, traced from map. (1), old N20, still signed as N20, no R signs (5), old N20, still signed as N20, no R signs / in 2017 new sign, just drove along the N20 - no idea if ref. is correct for complete path (2), other side of enclosure needs survey (1), placeholer - literally (1), please close townland (1), please combine townland line with forest (2), please survey exact position of the bridge (1), poor resolution (3), poor trace (2), poorly drawn; needs refinement (17), possible split between Dunleckney and Myshall of Garryhill to be decided for Donore (1), possible split between Lorum and sliguff to be decided for Ballycormick (2), possibly reduced speed limit (9), really unclassified? blocking looks like very small. (2), redraw (48), ref is correct on north end (near N67); not sure how far south it goes. (11), ref needed (1), resolution poor (1), resurvey - where do L6461/L2493 join? (4), resurvey Highfields 30-25 / Welwyn 71-106 boundary (2), river needs to be redrawn (14), road continues (2), road is split at maxspeed 50 but I had no record where it becomes 80 again (9), road number needed (4), road ref number needed (153), road unmapped (1), rough estimate (7), rough guess (1), rough outline, can't get good gps trace (1), roughly drawn, some of this is not a road (5), roughly mapped (29), route approximate think this is the old route (3), shore to be revised (1), southern boundary needs survey (1), split bwtween Dunleckney and Myshall to be decided for Garryhill (1), stream marked tunnel=bridge does this mean the stream is culverted? (4), stub (31), stub part of NCN 91 (2), supposed to follow watercourse, offset GSGS to bing (1), survey needed (1), survey or image needed (5), suspicious spelling, please check (3), tagged as university. it is an agricultural college. (1), this was a guess based on photos, I didnt trace it (1), track continues (1), unfinished waterway (4), unknown flow direction (7), unknown house number (1), waypoint from bus, needs precise location (1), what does this connect to? (2), whatever.. (1), where are 1-8? (1), where does stream go. (1),
FixMe2not on Bing (2019), seen the house only from various positions along the sidewalk over the wall. Will leave Dundalk tomorrow. (1), when drivig by, saw a big sign "For Sale/to Let". Will be leaving Dundalk tomorrow. (1),
Fixme1The road layout has changed quite massively here and about a kilometre on either side. I drove by here twice, but could not clearly make out what happened to the old road.Someone from the region should check. (1),
GEOID Alt m186.629 (1),
Gaeltacht5no (5),
HSE_code391 (1), 100 (1), 101 (1), 103 (1), 104 (1), 105 (1), 14 (1), 202 (1), 203 (1), 206 (1), 207 (1), 21 (1), 22 (1), 235 (1), 236 (1), 24 (1), 3 (1), 304 (1), 305 (1), 307 (1), 308 (1), 4 (1), 401 (1), 403 (1), 404 (1), 405 (1), 41 (1), 5 (1), 501 (1), 503 (1), 506 (1), 601 (1), 602 (1), 7 (2), 701 (1), 702 (1), 703 (1), 705 (1),
HSE_hgid391 (6), 2 (9), 3 (5), 4 (4), 5 (9), 6 (4), 7 (2),
HSE_hgroup39Children's Hospital Group (2), Dublin Midlands Hospital Group (5), Ireland East Hospital Group (9), RCSI Hospitals Group (4), Saolta University Health Care Group (6), South/South West Hospital Group (9), University of Limerick Hospital Group (4),
HSE_region38Dublin East (9), Dublin North East (4), Midlands (4), Midwest (4), North West (6), Paediatrics (2), South West (9),
ID1ME024-017001 (1),
ISO3166-14GB (1), IE (2), IM (1),
ISO3166-1:alpha24GB (1), IE (2), IM (1),
ISO3166-1:alpha34GBR (1), IMN (1), IRL (2),
ISO3166-1:numeric4372 (2), 826 (1), 833 (1),
ISO3166-240GB-NIR (1), GB-SCT (1), IE-C (1), IE-CE (2), IE-CN (1), IE-CO (1), IE-CW (1), IE-D (1), IE-DL (2), IE-G (1), IE-KE (1), IE-KK (1), IE-KY (1), IE-L (1), IE-LD (2), IE-LH (1), IE-LK (2), IE-LM (2), IE-LS (1), IE-M (1), IE-MH (1), IE-MN (1), IE-MO (2), IE-OY (1), IE-RN (2), IE-SO (2), IE-TA (1), IE-WD (1), IE-WH (2), IE-WW (1), IE-WX (1),
Kopje1Glendassan (1),
LLU_enabled1False (1),
MCC27272 (25), Ireland (2),
MNC301 (1), 02;05 (1), 03 (1),
NAS_ref3KK008-033 (1), KK009-003 (1), KK009-004 (1),
NIAH:url1 (1),
Name1Saint Lukes Catholic Pastoral Centre (1),
Northing IG m1372736.322 (1),
OD Datum1Belfast Lough (1),
PACR3yes (3),
PC2Dell Optiplex 745 (1), Dell Optiplex GX260 (1),
PDF_closed1yes (1),
PDF_layer31 (2), 4 (1),
PDF_lineColor3#000000 (1), #bfbfbf (2),
PDF_nr317 (1), 239 (1), 255 (1),
Ped-crossing-post2yes (2),
SAC_ref1002121 (1),
SK53:townland_segment3bridge_river (3),
SSN10867546 (1),
Sk53:fixme6check for dups (6),
Source1495DigitalGlobe (1494), bing (1),
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