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description418 Inga Hotel Yerevan was built in September 2018, all rooms are elegant and wide (25-40 square meter) furnished with new furniture and appliances. (1), "Armenian Pizza" (1), "SKF" ընկերության (Շվեդիա) առանցքակալների ներմուծում (1), "SONSATION" HANDMADE ACCESSORIES AND GIFT SHOP (1), "Waterfall,_about_10_m_high" - Was mapped as an 'water area', now it's more appropriatedly made as a point on the stream. But still needs fixing. (1), (անանուն վայր, որտեղ, ըստ ավանդության, առաջներում գետնին անց կար, որից լույս էր ճառագում) (2), +37455999670 - Viber, WhatsApp. (1), . St. Gevorg is the larger of the two churches and had previously been used as a storehouse in Soviet times. The first attempt to restore the church was made in the early 1990s. (1), 1 bedroom apt studio. Hosts up to 3 person 2х комнатная кв. до 3х человек (1), 16 Paronyan street, 2nd floor, apart. 4. улица Пароняна 16, 2 этаж квартира 4. (1), 2 bedrooms, modern apt. Hosts up to 5 person / 2х комнатная кв. До 5 человек (1), 2 этажа. Беседка над р.Домбед. (1), 2-րդ կոոպերատիվ (1), 200 AMD (7), 250m, 30° incline (1), 50-см рефлектор (установлен около 1952 года) (1), 50m, 25° incline (1), 700m, 10° incline (1), A lot of picnic tables with benches. Some with roofs. (1), A small shop with all the basic things you need. With some sheltered tables and chairs in front of it. (1), ARK Armenia Eco-Tourism NGO Headquarters. (1), Abandoned school (1), Actual campsite that is used often by the locals and visitors. Crossing the river is easier in this area, a little further along the road towards Poqr Sepasar village from this point. (1), Admission is 1500 AMD, the last Saturday of the month is free. (1), Airbag service (1), Alaverdyan's house open for his friends all time day and night ... (1), Also Programme Office (1), Alyat - Saatli - Mehgri - Ordubad - Djulfa - Nakhchivan - Sadarak (1), Arishta is an Armenian noodle house, with new flavors and approaches to the traditional Armenian noodle. (1), Artavan, Kapuyt, alternative Kapuyt (1), Artur Artemyan (1), At Ohm Energy, high quality is our mission. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re committed to bringing you exactly what you need, when you need it. (1), Avdal is a village in the municipality of Əhmədabad in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan. (1), Ağdərə (also, Agdere) is a village in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan. The village forms part of the municipality of İsakənd. (1), Aşırallar is a village and municipality in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan. (1), Bala Şamlıq is a village in the municipality of Qəribli in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan (1), Bank+ATM (1), Branch "Mashtots" (1), Bus to Tatev on Monday and Friday at 15:00 (1), Bus to Yerevan 9:00 & 15:00 (1), Böyük Şamlıq (also, Bëyuk Shamlyk) is a village in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan. The village forms part of the municipality of Qəribli. (1), CHAIN STORE FOR KITCHEN FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES (1), CHAMPAGNE WINES FACTORY OF YEREVAN (1), Campsite (1), Car service, electric, oil change, engine (1), Car: Electricity, Wiring, Diagnostic, Mechanical ... etc. (1), Children's Cafe (1), Climbing area (1), Consular Department: +374 10 22 76 10 (1), Contact: 093113334 (1), Delivery +374 10 53 40 26 (1), Dessert Cafe Bar & Shop (1), Development of complex electronic systems (1), Diagnostic center (1), Dilijan4 dproc (1), Dinnerware/Посуда (1), Don’t worry—there haven’t been bandits in these parts for a long time. This trail, thought to once have been part of the Silk Road, connects the villages of Gomk and Artavan. (1), Düz Rəsullu (also, Düzrəsullu and Dyuzrasullu) is a village and municipality in the Gadabay Rayon of Azerbaijan (1), Düz Rəsullu kəndi, "Mahir" market (1), Eco-Route 11 map, descrition and information (1), Eco-Route map, descrition and information (1), Embassy of Egypt in Armenia Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary H.E. Mr. Tareq Maaty (1), Emergency Medical Service: 8119 , +374 10 47 70 70 Reception Room: +374 10 47 06 00 (1), Engineering consulting services (1), English Language Teaching and Training Institution (1), Entrance 1000 AMD / Вход 1000 драм (1), Entrance 1000 AMD, Excursion 2000 AMD / Вход 1000 драм, экскурсия 2000 драм (1), Equipment rental services (Armenian, English and Russian) (1), Every type of furniture at very high quality (1), Experts in complex heterogeneous parallel systems development. (1), FDA Laboratory (1), FYCA is the biggest youth NGO in Armenia (1), Famous Gyumri residents lived in this street, and this street was named after Varsantsyans street (1), Fee is 200 AMD/hour For night 500 AMD (1), First Smart Park in Armenia (1), Foot path leading from bottom to top of canyon wall, with Surb Grigor Bardzrakash Monastery ruins along the way. (4), Footprints (2), For Hrazdan take bus #278 (1), Fora is the official representative of the Ford, Land Rover, Volvo, SIXT in Armenia. For rent call +374 10 61 55 99 (1), Former Z. Sarkavag 32a (3), Free Information Center in Yerevan (Yerevan Card support center) provides the information about public transport, tours, events, activities in Yerevan! (1), Free open-air cold water bathing pool with small changing room & shower (1), Full address is 42, Charents street, apart. 28 (1), Gyumri-Vahramaberd (1), HOME (1), Hacılar (also, Gadzhylar and Gadzhilar) is a village and municipality in the Gadabay Rayon of Azerbaijan. The municipality consists of the villages of Hacılar, Qaravəlilər, Əyridərə, Sonalar, and Məmmədcəfərli (1), Hadrut - Togh - Azokh - Karmir Shuka - Avetaranots - Karintak - Shushi - Stepanakert - Patara - Kolatak - Gandzasar - Vaghuhas - Dadivank - Zuar - Karvachar - Tsar - Vardenis (1), Harichavank is known as one of the most famous monastic centers in Armenia and was especially renowned for its school and scriptorium. (1), Head of Service Division: +374 235 3 94 01 (1), Homes for sale and rent (1), Hotline: 104 (1), Hətəmlər (also, Khatamalar and Khatamlar) is a village in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan. The village forms part of the municipality of Qəribli (1), Inside "Tashir Mall" (1), Internet and TV provider (6), Inviting visitor to maintain clean (1), It is Wings of Tatev - the longest cableway in the world. Wings of Tatev is a 5.7 km cableway between Halidzor and the Tatev monastery. (1), It is located about 2.5 km from the Haykadzor village, In the Akhurian River gorge, in front of Horomos monastery. The settlement was built in medieval economic life and consisted of one or two-story handmade, separate cave complexes. (1), It was a gift from the Drambler family regarding their daughter Javahir Drambyan's marriage, from which the name of the building came from. The fiancé was Gegham Ter-Petrosyan, who became the mayor of Alexandrapol and used the building as a municipality. (1), Iğdır-Erzurum yolu (1), Jrapi rebuilt an 11th c. Silk Road caravanserai when the Akhurian reservoir was constructed. A “caravanserai” was a roadside inn built to shelter people, goods and animals along ancient caravan routes. (1), Juniper (1), Just a little pond under the Blind Boy Waterfall (seasonal waterfall) (1), Kars-Iğdır yolu (1), Keep Nature Clean And Green (1), Khor Virap: #453, #467, #468 ... 350-400 dram. Artashat: #452 ... 250 dram. (1), Kiran (also, Kiran and Kiran) is a village in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan. (1), Köçəsgər (also, Köçəskər, Kechasker, and Köçäsgär) is a village and municipality in the Agstafa Rayon of Azerbaijan. (1), Lake Arpi National Park Tourist Trail (1), Larsi – Mtskheta – Tbilisi – Sadakhlo – Bagratashen – Vanadjor – Ashtarak – Yerevan – Eraskh – Sadarak – Nakhchivan – Julfa (– Jolfa) – Ordubad – Agarak – MeghriAghband – Goradiz – Gazi Mammed – Alat – Baku –ferry– Aktau (1), Lazılar (also, Lazylar) is a village in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan. The village forms part of the municipality of Ağbaşlar (1), Lichens description (Armenian and English) (1), Little cafe and gallery of handmade crafts (1), Located at Tumanyan St., 8 Building, 2nd Floor, Room 217 (1), Located in a tiny Sarnaghbyur river gorge, the complex consists of a cruciform type 11th c. church and the foundations of a series of 4th-6th and 7th c. nave churches that were replaced by the monastery. (1), MAP company's head office and firm shop. Producer of Armenian wine, brandy and canned food. Factory: Lenughi village, Armavir marz, Armenia (1), Made in Armenia (1), Marley's Pub, Cafe, PlayHouse A place to relax and have fun with friends (1), Medical Lab · Veterinarian · Pet Service (1), Menswear store (1), Mesrop Mashtots Avenue (1), Metal cross inside of stone of an oval-like shape, with open top. (1), Middle Eastern Ciusine (1), Minibus 74 (1), Mobile office (1), Modern design with a rich heritage, extensive facilities and incomparable service levels extend their welcome to the most luxurios Hotel Forum in the heart of the Yerevan City, conveniently located only 20 minutes from Zvartnots Armenian International Air (1), Mountain bike route information (1), Musical instruments, accessories, souvenirs and stationery. (1), NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF ARMENIA (1), National Central Bureau of Interpol in Armenia (1), Nina B&B is located in Dilijan. Free WiFi access is available. The private and dormitory rooms are simply decorated, and some include a private bathroom, while other have access to the shared facilities. Guests can cook their own meals. (1), Non govermental organization (1), Not functional! (1), Novosaratovka (also, Novaya Saratovka) is a village and municipality in the Gadabay Rayon of Azerbaijan. (1), Nowadays people from Vahagni village use it only in warm season as grazing area, where they also stay for months. (1), Observation point (1), Office furniture (1), Old Hrazdan Road (1), Old Sevan-Yerevan Road (3), Old church near the caravan site. The church was moved stone by stone up the hill, when the Soviets created a large lake as a natural border with Turkey. (1), On Yervand Kochar street (3), Online store (2), Open from: 20 April and closed since 20 October (1), Open-air (1), POI (1), Paty Beauty Hall (1), Place for two tents. Better ask for permission at the nearby building. There you can also get drinking water. (1), Post 3401 (1), Print, Photo, Design (1), Professional Graphic Design & Photography (1), Qoşa yatağında hələ Sovet dövründən qalmış 6 km-dən çox məsafəsi olan mədən dəhlizləri yer alır, ən zəngin minerallaşdırılmış zonanın dəhlizində isə damar tipli perspektiv qızıl filiz yatağı vardır. (1), Railway line from Çetinkaya via Erzincan, Erzurum, Kars to Armenia border (1), Repair of any device at time and place convenient to you. (1), Residential Building of Cinematographers (1), Restaurant and Hotel Complex (1), Road to Odzun Monastery (3), Route 27, 76 (1), Route description and map (Armenian, English and Russian) (1), Route from Tekkale (D 950) - Göle - Akçakale (D010) to Armenia (M7) (1), Sadıqlı (also, Sadykhly) is a village in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan. The village forms part of the municipality of Yanıqlı (1), Saint Astvatsatsin Church, builtin the 5th century, and Saint Gevorg Church, built in the 7th century, are located close to Artik’s central square. Both churches are partially in ruins, with restoration interrupted by the collapse of the USSR. (1), Saratovka kəndi, Market (1), Section of road between Kurtan and Dzoraget1 (5), Self service (1), Skype - akhtamartour (1), Skype- dolce.travel1 (1), Small rocky escarpment (1), Small, very clean, western standard hotel. (1), Specialized sales point (Komitasi Ave. 60/2) (1), Squat toilets (1), St. Gregory the Illuminator Church is located on the western edge of the Akhuryan River on the left bank. Ruins of the constructions of rectangular layouts have been preserved, built with small and medium-sized rust and stones. (1), St. Stepanos is located on a southwest hillside of Artik, Shirak. It was constructed in the 7th Century and was dedicated to St Gregory, hence how its name came about. (1), Starting in the village of Kapuyt, this trail will take you up a canyon, where both natural and man-made wonders await. The route is also rumored to be a part of the old Silk Road! (1), Starting on a historic road, this hike will take you from the idyllic village of Gomk, through valleys and past lakes to the beautiful Martirosats Monastery in Old Martiors. Local legend says this holy site is a place where miracles occur. (1), State Non-Commercial Organization (1), Statue of three players in tho movie Mimino (RU). (1), The 9th century BC citadel is considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites in Armenia because of its unique architecture. (1), The Akhurian River runs along and acts as a natural border between Armenian and Turkey. This is the closest spot in Armenia that you can see the ruins now in Turkey of Old Western Armenia (1), The B&B is located in the beautiful downtown of Goris. It has epic views of mountains and old cave city. They offer wine from their own winery, delicious local dishes—meals need to be ordered in advance. English, Russian and other languages are spoken. (1), The Caucasian Albanian monastery (1), The Church in Azatakan The Stepanos Pecavica Apostolic Church was built in 1865. in the center of the village, from the thick black stone and the bell tower adjacent to the church in 1880. (1), The Dilijan Community Center, (former Dilijan Youth Center) was established in May 2014. Our main goal is to assist in forming a caring community ready to combine efforts in order to change the surrounding reality. During previous year we provided the opp (1), The E 117 starts from Mineralnye Vody, Russia, via the Georgian Military Road to Georgia's capital Tbilisi, via the Armenian capital Yerevan and on to Megri on the border of Iran. (1), The Good Life Family-run B&B in Chiva.Friendly, big, clean, airy, extensive accommodation, just what you've been looking for in a Bed & Breakfast. (1), The Lake Arpi National Park is located to the north of Shirak, next to the border with Georgia and Turkey. It is an important lake for the ecosystem of the region because you can find many endangered bird species living there. (1), The Yereruyk Basilica is a 4th to 5th century church. It was most likely built through the efforts of the Kamsarakan princes, who owned this land at the time. It is one of the earliest Christian monuments in Armenia. (1), The bus goes further for a little tip if there are enough tourists. (1), The famous pagan shrine, Tsak Kar near Hatsik village is a huge stone with a hole just big enough for a person to squeeze through. Legend says that a horse created this hole and now the stone has healing powers. (1), The first church in Azatan village of Shirak province was built in V-VI centuries, it was semi-enclosed and buried. It is said that this church was destroyed in 1795, when Agha Mahmed Khan fled to Transcaucasia. (1), The last bus leaves at 17:30 Последний автобус отходит в 17:30 Վերջին ավտոբուսը մեկնում է 17: 30-ին (1), The ruins of a medieval fort made of black tuff can be seen in the center of the Gusanagyugh village, 18 km south-west of Gyumri. An information panel in 5 languages with data about the village’s cultural heritage is installed next to it. (1), The shrine with sacred water is placed in a cave, which is reputed to have been visited by St. Gregory, the Illuminator. (1), The single nave Arakelots Vank is situated on the eastern side of the village of Pemzashen. The other buildings of the monastery are in ruins, except for the lower fragment of the bell tower. The structures are built from red tuff stone. (1), There is no service but there are always some free candles and matches, the door is not locked (1), This church is dated back to 1883 AD. It is one of the few churches still functioning in Sarnaghpyur today. (1), This guidepost is currently removed most likely by vandals and the people often miss the right turn (1), This house is the family house of Vardumyans built by Suren Vardumyan and Yevgine his wife in 1930s, then donated by Yevgine to their son Derenik Vardumyan in 1989. (1), This is an amazing spot with a big number of encient Khachkars, which are a clear evidence showing that a big community existed here some time in Medieval past. The area is not yet excavated enough and keeps a lot of secrets under your feet. (1), This is an old beautiful bridge built in 1850's, but it unfortunately started crushing in 2017, and there is no significant effort to prevent complete collapse. It is still in use with no restrictions but can be risky. Locals call it Krasar Bridge. (1), This is monument is for the Azatians who died in the Great Patriotic War (Architect Hakob Jivanyan) It was built in 1971-1974; at present within the monument there is a museum, where war-related materials are stored. (1), This is the family land of Vardumyans, that belongs to Derenik Vardumyan. There are a number of apple trees, walnut trees, plum trees, cherry trees, some bushes and a small swimming pool. (1), This is the house and garden of the current mayor of Mets Parni village of Lori region. This village is now being promoted as a new tourist/ecotourist destination and more data will be added gradually, along the way of developing the tourist offers. (1), This is the house of the current mayor of Mets Parni village of Lori region. This village is now being promoted as a new tourist/ecotourist destination and more data will be added gradually, along the way of developing the tourist offers. (1), This is the place where the water flows up instead of down. They say. (1), This place is currently being modified to become an outdoor climbing venue. (1), This scenic trail starts and ends in the village of Artavan, with two off-shoots: one that will take you to a beautiful waterfall, and another to a mysterious fortress. (1), This short hike takes you from the quaint village of Gomk to a true natural wonder unlike any other in Armenia: a natural basalt rock arch with a small river flowing through it! We know, sounds too good to be true. Guess you'll have to see for yourself! (1), This toilet is broken at the moment, only a 1 meter pit is there. (1), This trail was built in 2018 by the initiative of IDeA Foundation with EU funding. Built by Trails for Change NGO. Trail explorer: Vahagn Vardumyan (IDeA Foundation), trail designers: Emma Petrosyan and Arthur Karapetyan (BOO Mountain Bike Park NGO). (1), Tiravor Church of Mayisyan of the 7th century is a beautiful place to visit, especially in the summer months with the cherry trees in full bloom. (1), To Vallex Mining Processing plant (2), Tools Factory (2), Trail description and map (1), Trail reaching the Andranik's forest, above the Karmir Lake. Side trail of the Karmir Lake Loop. (1), Trailhead information and map for the hiking trail from Devil's Bridge to Tandzatap (1), Turtle Stone near Dzorakap village is a natural stone monument. There are many interesting legends regarding its natural turtle shape (1), U-Com (1), Ucom склад (1), Unknown big rusty round tank which could have been used as water reservoir, but not sure. (1), Urartian city. Also known as Odzaberd. (1), VOLVO TRUCKS technical service center (1), Vardumyans' Parking Area (1), View of mt. Ararat (1), We help our customers in buying and shipping cars from USA and Russia to Armenia. Cargo Shipping (1), Wedding Salon and Hotel (1), Xınnakirən (also, Xınna Kirən and Khynnakiran) is a village and municipality in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan (1), Yanıqlı (also, Yanykhly, historically Khaghkhagh or Xałxał) is a village and municipality in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan. (1), Yerevan Hrazdan Gorge, near Wine Factory (1), Yerevan records and examinations division. Driver's License Department: +374 11 43 03 69 (1), Yerevan's norther bus station, departing to most cities in the northeast of Armenia, such as Sevan, Dilijan, Ijevan and Vardenis. (1), You can camp here for 2€ if it's bad weather, since it has some shelters agains the rain. (1), ZinTaxi Ընկերություն (1), a large picnic table with a new roof. (1), a long table with benches, partly covered by a roof (1), a small bakery with a sheltered table outside and good wifi (1), a small table with benches around it and a roof (1), a table with two benches under a walnut tree (1), a very old waterless toilet (1), at bookstore of Mother Cathedral (1), construction hypermarket (1), free/wild place for several tents (1), guesthouse with local family, food dinner and breakfast (1), (1), karoxutyun (1), marked by Տիգրան Սարգսյան +37455599969 (1), old sowjetic monument (1), place for several tents directly at a stream, well hidden from the road. (1), r. in Gyumri (1), rd. to Marmashen Monastery (1), road to Ardvi Monastery (6), road to Karenis (6), road to Khoranashat Monastery (1), road to Matosavank and Jukhtak (4), section of road (10), shelter with fountain and table (1), (1), this is a short cut on the hike trail from Kapan to Aradjazor (1), two picnic tables with chairs and benches shaded by willow trees, directly at a stream. (1), (1), «АЗТ-10» Метровый Шмидт (D = 1020/1350 мм, F = 2130 мм) зеркально-линзовый телескоп системы Шмидта (произведен в «ЛОМО»; установлен в 1960 году. (1), «АЗТ-14» — D = 480 мм, F = 7715 мм, рефлектор параболический (начало наблюдений с 1964 года) (1), «ЗТА-2.6» (D = 2640 мм, F = 10164 мм) рефлектор. Произведен в «ЛОМО» по проекту Баграта Иоаниссиани; в октябре 1976 года первый свет. (1), «Թումանյան» մասնաճյուղ (1), Öskən (also, Öksən, Osgyan, and Oskyan) is a village in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan. The village forms part of the municipality of Qəribli (1), Şanlıurfa - Diyarbakır - Bitlis - Doğubeyazit - Iğdır - Dilucu - Sadarak (1), Əhmədabad (also, Akhmedabad) is a village and municipality in the Tovuz Rayon of Azerbaijan. (1), Əyrivəng (also, Eyrivank) is a village in the Gadabay Rayon of Azerbaijan. The village forms part of the municipality of Arıqıran (1), Гостевой дом «В Меградзоре» расположен в селе Меградзор, в 49 км от Еревана и в 20 км от термального источника в Анкаване. К услугам гостей бесплатная частная парковка на территории.Из некоторых номеров открывается вид на горы или сад. (1), Гостиничный комплекс расположен на берегу высокогорного озера Севан. Комплекс занимает 17 га и имеет собственный Аквапарк, Клуб верховой езды, тенисные корты, волейбольную и баскетбольную площадки, Фитнесс клуб, закрытый бассейн с сауной. Вход в аквапарк (1), Завтрак, Обед, Ужин, Кофе и Напитки (1), Месторождение связано с верхнемеловой вулканогенно-осадочной толщей пород, образующей вытянутую более чем на 100 км полосу. В разрезе этой толщи выделяются отложения коньякского, сантонского, кампанского, иногда маастрихтского и датского ярусов. (1), ОВИР (1), РОТ-54/2.6 или Зеркальный радиотелескоп Геруни — первый в мире радио-оптический телескоп. Создан советским учёным Парисом Мисаковичем Геруни в 1985 году (1), Раздан Ереван такси (1), Школа (1), минеральный источник (1), Ալեքսան Մուշեղի Զաքարյան, տնօրեն (1), Այգեստան-Բերդիկ ճանապարհ (1), Այս հատվածը տեղաբնակներն այսպես են կոչել՝ ճանապարհի կտրուկ վերուվար բնույթի պատճառով (1), Այստեղից վերև այսպես կոչվող Քյամար-քարի գլխին շատ համով ջրով բնական աղբյուր կա (1), Առինջ մոլ 249 տաղավար (1), Ավտոմեքենայի իտալական Lovato գազաբալոնային համակարգերի տեղադրում և սպասարկում (1), Արամի մեղվանոցը (1), Բեռնատարների և շին. տեխնիկայի պահեստամասերի խանութ-սրահ (1), Բյուրավան-Այգեստան ճանապարհ (3), Բուրաստան-Բյուրավան ճանապարհ (1), ԳԵՂԵՑԿՈՒԹՅԱՆ ՍՐԱՀ Վարսահարդարում Դիմահարդարում Դաջում՝ դեմքի վրա (տատուաժ) Մատնահարդարում Ոտնահարդարում ԱՏԵԼԻԵ Վերակարում՝ հագուստի (1), Գտնվում է նկուղ (1), Դալար-Արտաշատ ճանապարհ (12), Դեռ երթևեկելի չէ. Ճանապարհը անհրաժեշտ է մաքրել. (2), Երևում են տեղանքի գրեթե բոլոր կարևոր հատվածները, նաև՝ Թռչկանի ջրվեժի մերձակայքը: (1), Ըստ տեղաբնակների պատմածի՝ այստեղ բուժիչ Դալար-ղլդար կոչվող բույսն է աճում (1), Ինֆոտունը կազմակերպում և իրականացնում է տեղեկատվական տեխնոլոգիաների ոլորտում բազմաթիվ միջոցառումներ, դասընթացներ և այլ ճանաչողական հանդիպումներ: (1), Իրավագիտության ֆակուլտետ / Faculty of Law / Юридический факультет (1), Իրավական Տեղեկատվական Կենտրոն ԻՐՏԵԿ ՓԲԸ (1), Լիճն ունի խառնարանային ծագում: (1), Լոռու մարզ, Ստեփանավանի տարածաշրջան, Վարդաբլուր գյուղ (1), Լոռու մարզի Վարդաբլուր գյուղում է գտնվում արհեստական ճանապարհով ստեղծված մի քանի լճեր, դրանցից գլխավորը Կղզի կոչված լիճն է։ Այն իր անվանումը ստացել է լճում առկա փոքր կղզյակի առկայության հիման վրա։ (1), ԽԱՉՔԱՐ ՀՀ ԼՈՌՈՒ ՄԱՐԶ - ԹՈՒՄԱՆՅԱՆ քաղաք Հուշարձանի N ՝ 5.4.3 Հուշարձանախումբ ՝ Խաչքար (1), ԽԱՉՔԱՐ ՀՀ ԼՈՌՈՒ ՄԱՐԶ - ԹՈՒՄԱՆՅԱՆ քաղաք Հուշարձանի N ՝ 5.4.4 Հուշարձանախումբ ՝ Խաչքար (1), Խաչաղբյուր-Ակունք ճանապարհ (2), Խաչաղբյուր-Գեղաքար ճանապարհ (4), Խմելու ջրի աղբյուր (1), Խմելու սառնորակ լեռնային ջրի աղբյուր (1), Ծակքարի խճուղի (1), Կենցաղային Շտապ Օգնություն (1), ՀԵԾԱՆԻՎՆԵՐԻ ՎԱՐՁՈԻՅԹ ПРОКАТ ВЕЛОСИПЕДОВ RENT A BICYCLE (1), ՀՀ Նախագահի Նստավայր (1), ՀՀ Ոստիկանության ՊՊԾ գունդ: (1), Հայաստանի կինեմատոգրաֆիստների միություն (1), Հավանաբար այդպես է կոչվել սեզոնային սառնորակ աղբյուրի պատճառով, որը տարբեր ամիսների տարբեր ուժգնությամբ է հոսում (1), Հովիգի Ռազուալի կէտը (1), Մատուռ Սուրբ Խաչ Վարդաբլուր գյուղի հարավային մասում, Գարգառ Չայ վտակի աջ ափին՝ բարձրունքի վրա։ (1), Մխչյան-Բյուրավան ճանապարհ (2), Նախկին՝ Կասյան նրբանցք (1), Շինարմատ (Շիրամադ) կոչվող հին բնակատեղիի ավերակները (1), Ոստան - Բերդիկ - Այգեստան ճանապարհ (6), Սա հին գետնափոր տան նմուշ է, որ հավանաբար մինչև վերջերս օգտագործվել է որպես սեզոնային դաշտային գիշերակացի վայր՝ սարվորների համար: Այժմ տանիք չունի, սակայն գեղեցիկ շարված պատերով դասական գետնափոր տուն է ու կարող է ցանկության դեպքում օգտագործվել: (1), Սբ. Աստվածածին մատուռը / St. Astvatsatsin Chapel (1), Սոցիոլոգիայի և ինֆորմատիկայի ֆակուլտետ / Faculty of Sociology and Informatics / Факультет социологии и информатики (1), Սուպերմարկետ (1), ՎԱՆԱԿԱՆ ՀԱՄԱԼԻՐ ՔՈԲԱՅՐ (ՔՈԲԵՐ) ՀՀ ԼՈՌՈՒ ՄԱՐԶ - ՔՈԲԵՐ կայարանի գյուղ Հուշարձանի N ՝ Հուշարձանախումբ ՝ Վանական համալիր (1), Վահան Նազարյանի մեղվանոցը (1), Վանաձորի Կոմիտասի անվան արվեստի դպրոց Vanadzor Art School after Komitas (1), Վարդաբլուրի մշակույթի տուն։ (1), Վարդումյանների տոհմական գոմերը՝ մերձակա արոտավայրերում անասնապահությամբ զբաղվելու համար: Այժմ տարվա տաք սեզոնին այստեղ են գալիս Վահագնի գյուղի մի խումբ բնակիչներ՝ անասնապահության ու մեղվապահության նպատակով: (1), Վեոլիա Ջուր (2), Վերին հարկերը անբնակ են։ (1), Վթարային շենք։ Չունի բնակիչներ։ (1), Վթարային շինություն։ Բնակելի չէ։ (1), Տնօրեն Սպարտակ Պարույրի Գասպարյան (1), Տնօրեն: Սմբատ Դաղբաշյան (1), Փաստաթղթային հսկողության թիվ 1 բաժին`+374 11 80 11 05; Բացթողնման թիվ 1 բաժին` +374 11 80 11 07 (1), Քյասինյանների պապական գոմերը՝ ըստ տեղաբնակների (1), ՕՀԱՆ ՉՈՒԲԱՐՅԱՆԻ ԱՆՎԱՆ ԱՐԱՐԱՏԻ ՄԱՐԶԱՅԻՆ ԳՐԱԴԱՐԱՆ /Араратская областная библиотека им. О. Чубаряна. (1), այժմ արջեր չկան, հնում են եղել (1), կարիք ունի վերանվանման՝ հայերենի (1), ձգվող առաստաղներ, ֆոտոպաստառներ, մոդուլային նկարներ, գիպսե սալիկներ, դեկորատիվ ներկեր, ինտերիեր (1), “I. Am. Centaur” is the first and only animal-assisted therapy center in Armenia. (1), “X Planet” children’s restaurant and café complex (1), “Yerevan 2.0” is unifying project. (1),
description:en22-nd Kooperativ (1), At 09:00 & 15:00. Price: 2,500 dram. (1),
description:fr6E 001 Tbilissi - Vanadzor (1), E 002 Alyat - Sadarak (1), E 117 Mineralnye Vody - Meghri (1), E 60 Brest - Irkeshtam (1), E 691 Achtarak - Horasan (1), E 99 Şanlıurfa - Sadarak (1),
description:hy12-րդ կոոպերատիվ (1),
description:payment20AMD2,500 (single) (1), AMD2500 (1), AMD4,000 (single) (1), AMD4,000-10,000 (single with breakfast) (1), AMD4,500 (single) (1), AMD4,800 (single) (1), AMD5,000 (single) (1), AMD5,000-10,000 (1), AMD5,100 (single) (1), AMD5,440 (single) (1), AMD5,500 (single) (2), AMD5,750 (single) (1), AMD5,900 (single) (1), AMD6,000 (single) (2), AMD8,000 (single) (1), AMD8,250 (single) (1), AMD8,500 (single) (1), from AMD2,500 (1),
description:ru1Вход 1500 драм, последняя суббота месяца вход бесплатный. (1),
description:zh1到埃里温的车 9点 15点两班 2500德拉姆 (1),
design26delta (24), h-frame (2),
designation26170 dr. kg/m3 (1), 3 (1), Apartment (1), Apartment Building/ Բնակելի շենք (1), Areg hotel (1), Avan District Police Station (1), Cardiac Surgery (1), Cinema production (1), Gynecology and obstetrics (1), Higher Medical Education (1), Hostel (1), Irrigation reservoir No1 (Idle) (1), Municipality (1), Parlament (1), Secondary School (1), Silver ART (1), hayjrmugh (1), house of Culture (1), lake (1), old factory (1), post service (1), reservoir No 2 (Idle) (1), school (1), Լիլվալդա (1), Չափագրման ծառայություններ (1), ՎիվաՍել (1),
destination1Aras (1),
destination:ref8H-13 (2), Մ-1 (2), Մ-5 (4),
destination:street2Լենինգրադյան փողոց (1), Ծիծեռնակաբերդի խճուղի (1),
diameter16 ft (1),
diaper3no (3),
diet:vegan1yes (1),
diet:vegetarian3yes (3),
diplomatic6consulate (1), embassy (5),
diplomatic:sending_country3GE (1), IN (1), KUW (1),
diplomatic:services:immigrant_visas1yes (1),
diplomatic:services:non-immigrant_visas1yes (1),
direction3010 (2), 10 (2), 100 (1), 105 (2), 105;285 (1), 110 (2), 110;290 (1), 115 (1), 115;295 (1), 117;297 (1), 120 (2), 127 (1), 130 (2), 130;310 (1), 130;312 (1), 133;313 (1), 135;315 (2), 140 (1), 140;320 (2), 143 (1), 145;325 (2), 147 (1), 15 (2), 150;330 (1), 155 (2), 155;335 (1), 157 (1), 158 (1), 15;195 (1), 15;200 (1), 165;345 (1), 167;343 (2), 170 (1), 172;350 (1), 173;345 (1), 173;353 (1), 175 (1), 180 (1), 185 (1), 190 (1), 190;9 (1), 193 (1), 195 (1), 20 (1), 200 (1), 205 (3), 208 (1), 20;195 (1), 21 (1), 210 (1), 215 (1), 220 (1), 224 (1), 227;47 (1), 230 (3), 235 (4), 237 (1), 240 (2), 243 (1), 244 (1), 245 (1), 25 (1), 250 (1), 255 (1), 257 (1), 25;205 (1), 265 (1), 270 (1), 275 (1), 280 (1), 290 (2), 290;110 (1), 295 (1), 30 (2), 300 (2), 307 (1), 310 (2), 323 (1), 330 (1), 335 (3), 337 (2), 347 (1), 35 (1), 355 (1), 35;215 (2), 40 (3), 40;220 (1), 42 (1), 43;223 (1), 45;225 (2), 50 (3), 55 (6), 55;235 (1), 60 (4), 60;240 (1), 63 (1), 65;245 (1), 70 (1), 70;250 (1), 73;253 (1), 75 (1), 85 (2), 85;265 (2), 87;267 (1), 90 (1), 90;270 (4), 93;273 (1), 95 (2), N (1), NE (1), NW (2), S (1), backward (32), both (20), forward (89),
dispensing63no (4), yes (59),
display7analog (7),
distance61364 (1), 15 (2), 4.2 (1), 6.9 km (1), 9 (1),
disused5no (1), yes (4),
disused:man_made1tower (1),
disused:railway8halt (2), station (6),
drink:wine1retail (1),
drinkable1no (1),
drinking_water25no (3), yes (22),
drive_through41no (40), unknown (1),
driveable64x4 (5), no (1),
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